Hurricane In Siauw Lim Sie Chapter 06

Volume 06

SEEing Tong Miauw Liang's attitude, also seeing that Tong Miauw Liang is only a cripple without having both hands, the person in yellow in one or two attacks of course he can knock down Tong Miauw Liang. So as soon as he saw Tong Miauw Liang turn around to leave, he immediately moved his sword to stab Tong Miauw Liang's back.

Tong Miauw Liang heard the rush of the attack wind. Even though he has a disability without having both hands, he still has sharp hearing, and his body can move agilely. The ginkang didn't disappear, both legs were still intact. So his body swiftly moved aside to avoid being struck by the yellow clothed man's sword.

Three times in a row the man in the yellow shirt stabbed and stabbed, and during that time he failed with his attacks, because Tong Miauw Liang was able to dodge him easily.

Because he didn't have a pair of hands, Tong Miauw Liang couldn't put up a fight. He thought the only way was to get rid of himself. After dodging two more stabs from the man in yellow, Tong Miauw Liang then stomped his feet, his body had slid into mid-air and soared high, then he mustered his Ginkang to escape.

The man in yellow let out a vicious snarl, he chased. Instead, the sword flashed again, striking with a deadly stab to Tong Miauw Liang's back,

This time Tong Miauw Liang was forced to dodge himself by bending down along with it, Tong Miauw Liang tried to use his right foot to kick the wrist of the person in yellow. But his shot failed, because his opponent had quickly withdrawn his hand, and his sword suddenly slashed into Tong Miauw Liang's stomach very quickly. The attack this time came so fast, that the wind from the sword roared very strongly.

Tong Miauw Liang couldn't avoid the blade, because if he dodged to the side, the blade would continue to strike. So the only way to save himself, Tong Miauw Liang had thrown himself to the ground and rolled several times.

The person who was dressed in a yellow shirt had let out a cold laugh, he snapped: "Indeed I have no appetite and do not have the heart to destroy a crippled human like you. It is wiser if you give up your money and goods, don't force me to use violence, I have to lower the hand of death."

Tong Miauw Liang had jumped up but at that time he was no longer willing to serve that person, once again he had turned his body to run.

But the man in yellow had chased after again by moving his sword through the blade several times. Thus, the two of them had chased each other in the grass that grew quite high.

But what made Tong Miauw Liang so busy, this man in yellow apparently did have a decent sword skill, even though Tong Miauw Liang's body movements were very agile, in fact the man in yellow was always able to chase and attack him, over time it made Tong Miauw Liang become very urgent. Try if both hands are not stumped, obviously he can put up a fight and maybe in just a few moves he will be able to knock down his opponent.

Tong Miauw Liang desperately relied on the agility of his body to dodge here and there incessantly, while the man in yellow had been attacking incessantly, dozens of moves had passed quickly and Tong Miauw Liang's body was injured in two places, namely in the thigh left and near his shoulder.

“Are you stubbornly refusing to hand over your goods and money?” snapped the man in yellow

Tong Miauw Liang was just jumping around to avoid the stabs of the yellow clothed man's sword, and was looking for an opportunity to escape. Unfortunately, the man in yellow had used his sword vigorously to stab and slash towards Tong Miauw Liang, so Tong Miauw Liang didn't get the chance to escape at all, avoiding the person.

Tong Miauw Liang secretly thought hard if he managed to get away from the person in yellow, of course he could use this opportunity to escape. He had several times tried to push the man in yellow with his chain kicks, but because his opponent was using a sword, it was clear that his leg was kicking freely, several times his leg was almost cut by a sword. By itself, Tong Miauw Liang did not get a chance to get rid of himself.

Tong Miauw Liang while dodging from the attacks launched by his opponent, he thought hard trying to save himself. But instead of getting a chance to escape, he had been stabbed again twice.

Thus, Tong Miauw Liang's body was covered in blood. Meanwhile, the man in yellow attacked even more violently, because his spirit was awakened to see that Tong Miauw Liang had been injured like that, and he was sure that in a short time he would succeed in knocking him down.

Tong Miauw Liang's situation at that time was very threatened, just once if he was careless and failed to avoid being struck by his opponent's sword, he could be immediately injured.

The man in yellow had attacked more and more intensely several times, and had used all his might to move his sword, stab and slash. Even though his attempts always failed with that stab, he always attacked back even more ferociously.

When Tong Miauw Liang was in danger of dying, suddenly in the distance a bokkie was gently tapped. But the clear voice, as if infiltrating the ear, clear and sharp, slowly but clearly. Followed then seemed to be approaching a priest in a white robe, with a face decorated with a smile. That was a priest in his thirties and over, his attitude was very patient. .

Even when he saw that the crippled battle was going on, he had said in a patient voice: “Why fight like that? Ohhhhh what a shame… it's a shame to attack an unarmed person!”

The face of the person in yellow turned red, he had restrained the movement of his sword and then turned his body to watch the census.

“Rotten priest, who are you, why would you want to meddle in our business? Or do you want to die at the end of my sword?” snapped the man in yellow harshly.

"Siancai! Siancai! How fierce! How fierce!" said the priest.

But the man in yellow had approached the priest, he said, "If you really want to interfere in my business, here, I will give you two stabs!" suddenly the sword of the man in yellow had grabbed and was about to stab at the priest.

But the priest was patiently and calmly waiting for the blade to arrive, he quickly clasped his hands together, his bokkie bat was knocked on the yellow sabaju sword, which knocked slowly, but in the end the sword broke! The man in yellow was watching in astonishment with his eyes wide open. “You… you. ”

he stammered.

The Hweshio smiled patiently. "Now go Siecu, in the future you must change your behavior, because if you happen to meet someone who has high intelligence, one day Siecu's soul will certainly be threatened with death" the priest's voice was very patient,

Meanwhile the man in yellow, who knew that the priest was not an arbitrary priest and had high intelligence, had thrown away his stumped sword, and twisted his body, then ran as fast as he could to leave the place.

Tong Miauw Liang when he saw that he had been helped by the priest, he approached, bowed his body in respect.

He had also said "ah, ah, ah, ah, ah," several times.

The priest had watched Tong Miauw Liang for a while, then said: “Siancai! It seems that Siecu is an unfortunate person. Can Siecu really not speak?”

Tong Miauw Liang had opened his mouth, so his tongue was cut short, so he couldn't speak. And the priest had nodded several times with his face shining with pity on Tong Miauw Liang And the priest had also seen that both of Tong Miauw Liang's hands had been cut off, so he said again in a voice that slowly contained pity: “Siancai! Siancai! The robber was outrageous. It turns out that Siecu doesn't have both hands! I don't know what disaster happened to Siecu?”

But since Tong Miauw Liang couldn't speak, he could only say “ah, ah. uh, hell, uh," The priest took a deep breath.

“Is there anything Siauwceng can help with “Siecu?” asked the priest.

Tong Miauw Liang bowed again as if to thank the priest for being his helper.

The priest had said patiently: “There is no need for Siecu to have so many customs like this. Let Siecu come with Siauwceng, of course on the way Siecu will not be bothered by rotten human beings like that person!”

Tong Miauw Liang was happy, his face was radiant, he nodded several times, and also bowed his body to express his gratitude.

The priest was also happy, because he saw that Tong Miauw Liang was indeed willing to come with him.

Thus, Tong Miauw Liang had traveled together with the priest.

Along the way the priest had told him that he was a priest from Siauw Lim Sie who was traveling to seek experience and additional knowledge. Wandering around, said the priest, he wanted to experience how difficult it is to live by relying solely on the charity and mercy of those who would give him a small donation. By suffering and suffering according to the priest, of course he will be much more steadfast in his faith, so that the lessons of Buddhism that he has learned can be more firmly and strongly absorbed by him.

Knowing that this priest was from Siauw Lim Sie, Tong Miauw Liang was somewhat surprised. Because he also often hears lately about the greatness of Siauw Lim Sie, who has those students who are smart and always act on virtue. Also about the forerunner of Siauw Lim Sie, namely Tat Mo Cauwsu, who is a professor of martial arts in mainland China. had been heard by Tong Miauw Liang many times. So on one occasion, when they stopped at an old temple that had not been taken care of, with a stick of wood in his mouth he wrote on the ground, recounting his experiences and history until he was so crippled, he wrote a lot, and the priest, who turned out to have the title Wan Tang Hweshio, had read it carefully.

In the end, Tong Miauw Liang also wrote that he intended to follow the priest to Siauw Lim Sie, to live in peace in the temple, because he intended to study at Siauw Lim Sie.

With such a deformed body condition, he wants to learn Siauw Lim Sie's high-level martial arts, so that in the future, even if he is disabled, he can have high special intelligence, which can be used to defend himself if he wanders again to look for traces of Auwyang Toanio and Sung. -jie.

When Wan Tang Hweshio saw that Auwyang Toanio and Sung-jie's names were written, he was shocked. Immediately he said “Are the Auwyang Toanio and Sung-jie you mean the mother and daughter who have experienced a disaster on their family? Tong Siecu?” Tong Miauw Liang was also surprised, he wrote on the ground in not very good letters, which read among other things: “Does Taisu know about them? Auwyang Toanio's husband is Auwyang Fung Tang."

Wan Tang Hweshio nodded. "Right. They are now in Siauw Lim Sie, they are protected and are not lacking in anything.”

It was no wonder that Tong Miauw Liang had written on the ground so that he could be immediately invited to Siauw Lim Sie, because Tong Miauw Liang wanted to quickly meet Auwyang Toanio and Sung-jie.

Wan Tang Hweshio didn't mind either. He felt pity and pity to see Tong Miauw Liang's condition. Especially after he read the story about the history of the she Tong, who had to be handicapped due to his duty to protect Auwyang Toanio and Sung-jie, while the mother and daughter were now in Siauw Lim Sie.

Thus, Wan Tang Hweshio had invited Tong Miauw Liang to travel together to Siauw Lim Sie.

When Tong Miauw Liang usurped in Siauw Lim Sie, he found out that Auwyang Toinio and Sung-jie were indeed in good health and not lacking in anything. He was grateful to Thian that this mother and child had been sheltered and protected. Such coldness meant that Sung-jie was spared the disturbance of the Im-mo-kouw and other people who were hostile to Auwyang Fung Tang. Moreover, by being in Siauw Lim Sie, the safety of the mother and child is absolutely guaranteed, because all of Siauw Lim Sie's priests generally have high intelligence.

Tong Miauw Liang stated to Wan Tang Hweshio that he intended to shave his head and enter to purify himself as a hweshio at Siauw Lim Sie. Wan Tang Hweshio conveyed his wish to Tat Mo Cauwsu, and it was granted.

So by performing the proper ceremony, Tong Miauw Liang performed a hair-shaving ceremony, and in the following days he became Siauw Lim Sie's priest.

Although his hands were stumped and his tongue cut off forever, he still became a priest who was very diligent in studying the teachings of the Buddha. Even with the guidance and instructions of Wan Tang Hweshio, he has obtained martial arts training specifically for him, namely several kinds of martial arts that rely on a pair of legs. Also the unusually tall Ginkang had been passed down to him.

(Later Tong Miauw Liang in Jungle Persilatan is known as a prominent figure who has extraordinary intelligence, namely Jie Lay Hiap Khek, a character with both hand defects that is absent and dumb, but his skill in chain kicks is extraordinary and difficult to match. Jie Lay Hiap Khek will also be known by the Kangouw people in the future as Mie Seng Hweshio, but because of his disability, where he does not have a pair of hands and is also dumb, the Kangouw people are more familiar with his nickname Jie Lay Hiap Khek.)

Auwyang Toanio, who knew about Thiam Sim Kiam's sword falling in the hands of Tong Kak Taisu and Say Ong Kiam, thought that the matter ended there, because Tong Miauw Liang had made all the notes. what he had experienced, also mentioned that Tong Kak Taisu only kept the sword, waiting for Sung-jie to grow up, the child could take it from the priest's hand.

In the days that followed, Tong Miauw Liang, who had adopted his new title, namely Mie Seng Hweshio and became a disciple of Wan Tang Hweshio, who was the twenty-ninth student of Tat Mo Cauwsu, had studied Buddhism and first-class martial arts. high. His time was spent on the exercises he did diligently and diligently.


SUNG-JIE or Auwyang Sung turned out to be a very intelligent child and made rapid progress. Within five years, he had become an agile boy and had excellent hitting skills. Because during those five years, Sung-jie had succeeded in inheriting all of Wan Sin Hweshio's intelligence, the only thing lacking was training and experience in addition to his lack of strength, because at that time he was only ten years old.

Wan Sin Hweshio is sure, if Sung-jie really wants to study hard and diligently all the skills she has inherited, Sung-jie will surely become a warrior who is difficult to match.

During those five years, he also received many direct instructions from Tat Mo Cauwsu, because the Grand Master liked him. It was true that Sung-jie was not the grandson of the official disciple of Tat Mo Cauwsu, as he was not the official disciple of Wan Sin Hweshio, but this child did have talent and good bones.

Tat Mo Cauwsu who knew about it, had passed down some special skills to him, besides giving him valuable clues, where Sung-jie at the age of ten had become a child who had quite high intelligence.

Auwyang Toanio himself still helps in the kitchen and also collects firewood, where he has been staying at Siauw Lim Sie with his son, so he can only help with energy, to cook the meals of the temple priests.

Time has flown by, during that time Auwyang Toanio only hoped that Sung-jie would grow up quickly, whereupon he would tell the full story of the disaster that had befallen their family, telling how Im-mo-kauw's people had harmed Sung-jie's father, and how they Finally it was lost and also Thiam Sim Kiam's mustika sword had to disappear from their hands, which is now in the hands of Tong Kak Taisu.

But Auywang Toanio didn't think at all, in fact, after five years, a storm began to hit Siauw Lim Sie, because you could say, all Kangouw people in mainland China knew that Auw-yang Toanio and his son, Sung-jie, were in Siauw Lim Sie. Even the experts of Jungle Persilatan suspected that Thiam Sim Kiam's sword was still in their hands.

-oodwoo- THAT MORNING the air is still cold, the sun's light is not shining yet. The trees are still covered with drops of dew, and the birds are still chirping merrily at the arrival of the morning...

On a small road in the belly of Hoa-san's mountain, a person seems to be on a journey. But that person's condition is rather extraordinary, because the way he dresses is not the same as the mainland Chinese people, even that person's face is not like the face of the Chinese people in general, because he has blue eyes, a very sharp nose, and a very thick beard and mustache. . He is a priest with a bald head, a foreign priest, who, judging by the way he dresses, where his robe extends to the right, and is yellow in color, he is a priest from Thian-tiok (India).

Traveling on a small road in the belly of Mount Hoasan is not easy, because beside the small road, the mouth of a very wide and deep ravine appears, if someone slips and falls into the abyss, it will surely bring death for him. Therefore, it is rare for people to travel to take a small path in the bowels of Mount Hoasan.

But amazingly, the foreign priest traveled quietly, having no trouble at all. Also his footsteps were so light he had made the journey without looking left or right, and both his feet were walking lightly as if his body was floating and his pair of feet did not touch the ground

This proves that this foreign priest has Ginkang (the science of lightening the body) which has really reached the perfect level. While the priest was traveling alone, in the stillness and silence of such a morning, he suddenly heard a terrible growl, the snarling sound of a wild beast. Instead, the priest, who was probably over sixty years old, held back his footsteps and furrowed his brows. He watched his surroundings.

"That growl sounds like a tiger!" he thought then.

And just as the priest thought so, at the end of the path, from the front, there was a tiger running, whose body was striped and running wildly fast towards him!

The foreign priest was not surprised but smiled. "Ah, in the morning like this. You want to invite Lolap to play around” he said in a low voice.

And the priest had stood still in his place with a calm attitude waiting for the tiger to arrive.

Meanwhile, the wild beast has come running very fast, and in the near future has approached in front of the priest. Accompanied by a very scary growl, where the sound of his growl seemed to shake the place, the tiger's body had jumped into the air and pounced on the priest fiercely and a pair of front legs stretched out with sharp pointed claws.

The priest had smiled and just watched the tiger pounce on him. Once close, only half a spear apart, the priestess nimbly had tilted her body leaping to the side. The tiger hit an empty spot. But the beast was curious, agile and fierce, opening its mouth to reveal sharp pointed fangs. The tiger twisted its body, crouched with its forelegs bent, then it jumped again and lunged at the priest.

The tiger's bite was not just an ordinary attack, because the tiger was very large, almost twice the size of a human body, so the shampoo's legs were very strong. This time the second attack was dodged by the priest too easily and the tiger crashed into an empty space, its left forelegs hitting a large protruding mountain rock. The rock slipped and rolled down into the abyss.

The foreign priest had smiled upon seeing this, saying: “Friend, you seem very hungry. So vicious and so cruel too."

The tiger seemed to understand that he was being ridiculed, so with a loud growl, the tiger returned curiously to pounce on the priest.

This time the foreign priest did not try to escape. Only when the tiger crashed into him, the priest had bent his legs, whereupon his body became crouched, and his arms stretched out upwards. Knowing that the priest had managed to catch the two front legs of the tiger.

The tiger didn't know anything yet, when its body was thrown by the priest into the midst of the mouth of the abyss, the beast's body soared in mid-air, and slid down and down into the abyss. Only the sound of his loud roar filled the surroundings, a roar that brought death to him, as the beast slammed into the bottom of the abyss.

The foreign priest was smiling, with his index finger he flicked his robes, as if to brush off the dust that had stuck to his robes. Then continue the journey again.

But walking a few steps, suddenly the priest heard a rumbling sound from above. The priest had raised his head, he looked up. His heart was shocked, because from above had rolled a large stone, rolling down, towards him.

But this priest did indeed have the perfect ginkang, although he was surprised, he didn't get nervous anyway. Seeing the stone rolling towards him and not far away, only a few spears left, the foreign registrar set his feet.

His body was like an arrow darting out of a bow, having flown forward six spears. When both his feet landed on the ground, he stomped again, his body darting again six more spears, as he repeated four times, to get away from where the boulder would fall.

The priest did manage to escape from the heavy rock, which had been slammed down violently, the place around it and also the rock had rolled steadily into the abyss.

The priestess took a deep breath, and then raised her head to look up. He saw, a human body was standing on the tip of the mountain rock protruding above, which at that time was laughing giggling. "Great? Great?" Praise the person above. “Tigers are only paralyzed by moving both hands, and big rocks are only dodged by jumping! That's the perfected skill!”

The foreign priest clasped his hands together, he had said. "Actually, what business did Siecu have to drop the big rock, which would surely harm Lolap, if Lolap didn't get out of the way?"

The person on top of the cliff, who was standing on the edge of a protruding mountain rock, was a tall, thin man like a pole, his face was thin with a pair of sunken eyes. At that time, he had jumped down, his right hand was holding a copio hat (a round, drooping hat) above his head, and when his body floated down very lightly, he also let out a long laugh.

The foreign priest was surprised too, he saw this person's Ginkang very tall, because his body floated very lightly, like the sliding of dry leaves. In fact, every time a rock protruded, the person was stuck with the tips of his feet, his body sliding down faster and faster. Earlier he had jumped down from a height of forty spears, and it was not easy for a person of half-smart intelligence to jump in such a way, because one or the other of his body could be crushed to death in the lane.

But the tall, thin, pole-like man had lightly and quickly arrived before the priest.

2 The foreign priest was actually angry because he knew the person in front of him was rolling this stone. But the priestess has been quietly watching intently

The tall, skinny person had said laughingly "Hoanceng (foreign priest), apparently is a newcomer to this area, isn't he?"

The foreign priest had clasped his hands in praise of the greatness of the Buddha.

"Omitohud! Omitohud!" he said. “It is true what Siecu said. Who is Siecu and why are you trying to harm Lolap?',

"Hahahahaha," laughed the man who was thin and tall like a pole. “Harm you, Hoanceng? Hahaha, same. absolutely not! I'm only interested in seeing you have a very high ginkang, where a tiger so big you have faced easily and you managed to paralyze it, then throw it into the abyss with ease! Thus it has shown that you are a Hoanceng who has very high intelligence! Indeed, I deliberately rolled the stone down, but that was only to prove how far the extraordinary ginkang was, it made me so amazed. It was extraordinary and very amazing."

The foreign priest's face had changed, he then said: "Does Siecu find joking like that funny?"

The tall, skinny man laughed out loud again, then he replied: "Indeed I only meant to joke, because I believe, that a person who has high intelligence and perfect ginkang like you, of course it is impossible to die under the crush of that stone. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ”

"That's a very expensive joke," said the priest. "Siancai! Lolap hope, next time Siecu don't joke like that to other people! Thank goodness if the person who was joking with him could avoid and save himself from being crushed by the big rock, if he failed to get out of the way, what would happen?”

But the tall, skinny person had laughed coldly. “Hoanceng! You have reprimanded me like that, are you really not satisfied with being invited to joke with me?” His demeanor had changed, his eyes had fixed his gaze and his laughter had disappeared.

The foreign priest was very patient, he replied: "Of course what Siecu did was not a commendable act, and if Lolap did rebuke, that was the proper reprimand. Why should Siecu be so angry?"

"Who are you and where are you from, Hoanceng?" said the tall, skinny man. "Seeing your decent intelligence, of course your coming to the mainland of China has a certain purpose, right?

The foreign priest nodded slowly, then after praising the greatness of the Buddha, he replied: "Indeed Lolap is from Thian-tiok, from the Lolap country which is quite far away, Lolap has traveled to mainland China, and intends to find a friend, while Lolap has the title Bianlu Syamar. !”

"Bianlu Syamar?" asked, a tall and thin as gala. "Hmmmm who is Hoanceng looking for?" The foreign priest remained patient, even though this tall and thin person always showed an impudent and rancid attitude, and said “Actually Lolap is looking for a friend, who Siecu may not know. !And if Siecu doesn't mind, may Lolap know Siecu's noble name?”

“Hmmmm, I am the one in power in this Hoasan. I'm she Thio and my name is Yang Lin. People give me the title Tiger Selaksa Kati! Hmmmm, everyone who passes by this place, of course will meet me first, to show respect. And you Hoanceng, you are a foreign priest, but you just like your stomach, pass this place, even dare to give a warning to me when I only invite you to joke"

The foreign priest was smiling, he said patiently: “Thio Siecu, Lolap see that Siecu's intelligence is not low, besides, it seems that Thio Siecu also has extensive knowledge, why is all the intelligence that Siecu has not used to do noble deeds and benevolence? Isn't that more happy and brings no small benefit to other human beings, compared to staying in a quiet and lonely place like this?"

Thio Yang Lin's face turned unsightly, he instead shouted: "Hoanceng you are too talkative! You don't need to control me! Hmm, I'm the one who wanted to check on you, of course your coming to this mainland China, by traveling so far from Thian-tiok to China, you have bad intentions. You have to admit honestly, otherwise, I certainly won't hesitate to force you to give a statement."

Hearing the words of Thio Yang Lin, the foreign priest, Bianlu Syamar was smiling, patient, he said in a patient and friendly voice “If indeed Thio Siecu said that, indeed Lolap did not dare to speak too much to give instructions. However, Lolap needs to emphasize once again, that Siecu's actions, who deliberately rolled the mountain rock, to test someone's knowledge, are not commendable actions and should not be repeated again."

“Oh rotten priest with a lot of mouth.... You accept this!” snapped Thio Yang Lifi.

He did have the title Tiger Selaksa Kati, because of that, his attack power was extraordinary. His body is indeed thin and tall, and also like a pole, but the internal energy he uses is very strong. The energy caused a very strong howling wind. Quickly, the wind of blow had made the priest unable to remain silent, in which case Bianlu Syamar had to dodge to the side several times, because Thio Yang Lin had attacked him so hard.

At that time, it was clear that it was Thio Yang Lin who failed with his multiple punches, so he was curious.

"Hemm, indeed you have decent intelligence, but by relying on such intelligence, don't expect you to be able to set foot on mainland China! Or do you really want to emulate Tat Mo Cauwsu's behavior, it's Hoanceng from Thian-tiok who has been so impudent, dares to build a temple in Siauw Sit San, where he pretends to want to broadcast his religious lessons, but besides that he has also built a door. new college, accepting a lot of students? Hahahaha, don't expect you to be the second person of Tat Mo Cauwsu!"

Hearing the mention of Tat Mo Cauwsu, Bianlu Syamar's face changed, he dodged the hit of Thio Yang Lin's right hand as he jumped back two steps backwards shouting "Thio Siecu, hold it!"

Thio Yang Lin didn't push any further, but he had laughed coldly as he asked: "What do you want to say?"

"There's something Lolap wants to ask!" replied Bianlu Syamar.

"Say!" said Thio Yang Lin.

"Regarding the Indian priest that Thio Siecu said earlier, if I'm not mistaken it's called Tat Mo Cauwsu...." Bianlu Syamar said again.

"Hmmm, is Tat Mo Cauwsu your best friend, the friend you are looking for like you said before?" asked Thio Yang Lin then.

"Maybe it's true, maybe it's not," said Bianlu Syamar.

"Why so?" asked Thio Yang Lin, now it was his turn to be surprised. "Why might it be true or it might not be true?"

"Because maybe the Indian priest who uses the name Tat Mo Cauwsu is the friend Lolap is looking for, or maybe not the friend Lolap is looking for," replied Bianlu Syamar. "Hmmm, do you know, who really is Tat Mo Cauwcu?" asked Thio Yang Lin. “He is an Indian priest who has wandered and roamed this Chinese land! With various magic tricks he influences the Kangouw masters, so that he is considered a Great Teacher! Hahahahahahahaha! I'm not sure he has such high intelligence! In fact, if I have the opportunity in the future, of course I will look for him, to ask for teachings from him to prove whether he is actually a blank name or indeed he has high and extraordinary intelligence. It really needs to be proven!”

Bianlu Syamar had replied while clasping his hands together: “Omitohud! Omitohud! Lolap guess, there is not a single priest from Thian-tiok, who just wanders the mainland of China by preaching magic! Because of course by traveling far, it is for the sake of big business as well as to spread Buddhism. If indeed Thio Siecu said that Tat Mo Cauwcu had only come to show off magic, what was the point of that?”

But Thio Yang Lin had laughed coldly, he said mockingly: “Hmmm but I don't want to trust the Hoancengs who come from Thian-tiok, because generally they are only good at using magic to influence Chinese people with sheer trickery! Well, if you also say that your arrival to mainland China is not just for a small business, it means that you also have reliable intelligence, so I also want to ask you for a thousand moves! You certainly don't mind accompanying my request, do you?'

The foreign priest had said “Omitohud!” twice, then smiled as he said: “Indeed, during the journey to China, Lolap has encountered many incidents and people like Thio Siecu. Has Thio Siecu thought carefully, that all will not bring any benefit to Thio Siecu himself?”

"But I want to prove, whether the Hoanceng who came to mainland China really have high intelligence, so Tat Mo Cauwsu is so big-headed and he has considered himself a Great Teacher, just as in mainland China there are no more intelligent people. means and only he alone as the Great Teacher”

Hearing Thio Yang Lin's words, Bianlu Syamar had praised the greatness of the Buddha, then he said: "Is it really Tat Mo Cauwsu himself who declared himself a Great Teacher?"

“Hemmmm, even though he didn't claim to be a Great Teacher, and only his followers called him a Great Master, he should have refused and not used such a nickname! By appointing himself as a Great Teacher, doesn't it mean that he really doesn't look down on these Chinese masters at all?”

After saying that, Thio Yang Lin laughed coldly, then continued his words "And you Hoanceng, did you also come to this mainland of China to develop influence and set foot in mainland China to obtain the title of Great Teacher?"

Hearing Thio Yang Lin's question, Bianlu Syamar had a friendly laugh, he said. “Loiap has absolutely no mind like Thio Siecu said! Siancai. In fact, Lolap came to mainland China to look for a friend, who had been traveling in mainland China for a dozen years and had not yet returned to our country, so Lolap intended to look for him, to take him home."

"Hmmmm. So you don't want to set foot on mainland China like Tat Mo Cauwsu?" asked Thio Yang Lin in a mocking voice. "Isn't that just a far-fetched excuse?"

Bianlu Syamar had laughed again, saying: "Why make up empty excuses?" his words were accompanied by a pair of folded hands, and then he continued to continue with a patient attitude: “If indeed Thio Siecu intends to play around with a few moves, Lolap also doesn't mind accompanying him. Because, if Thio Siecu's request is not fulfilled, of course, Thio Siecu will forever think that the priests of Thian-tiok are only good at witchcraft…!”

Thio Yang Lin laughed mockingly. "Very nice! Very nice! I didn't think that you Hoanceng could have the courage too" he said and he too was ready to attack, then continued his words: "Now you get ready"

Bianlu Syamar nodded patiently "Yes, Thio Siecu can start...!" he said with a calm demeanor and stood still in place to await the arrival of this opponent's attack.

Thio Yang Lin had shifted his foot one step, then he quickly moved his right hand, whereupon he hit hard. His punching intent was indeed very strong. Not in vain he earned the nickname as the Tiger Selaksa Kati.

Letting out a howling wind, the blow flew very fast.

But did Bianlu Syamar not dodge or try to dodge the blow? for quickly his hands were clasped together, and he responded to the blow with both hands on his chest,

"Bukkkkkk" Thio Yang Lin was like hitting a layer or plate of iron and steel, because the defensive power of this foreign priest was so strong, that his body didn't budge in the slightest and his legs seemed to have been firmly planted on the ground. In fact, Thio Yang Lin himself felt that his fist hurt a little.

In between the pain, Thio Yang Lin was curious, and launched another hand, hitting again. Just like before, Bianlu Syamar did not parry at all, he only received a blow from his opponent and the blow landed on Bianlu Syamar's palm.

There was a loud crash, this time Thio Yang Lin hit even harder but Bianlu Syamar's body didn't budge.

Thus, Thio Yang Lin had to feel his fist suffer pain as well. But as a person who does have a fairly high intelligence and has been dubbed the Tiger Selaksa Kati, he did not end his punches there, suddenly his two hands had slid together and immediately hit with a very powerful force. That punch might have a pressure or power of five hundred catties!

Bianlu Syamar was also aware of the prowess of his opponent's punch.

This time Bianlu Syamar did not want to accept the blow by standing still, he had shifted his foot position, his body was swayed to the side and then he had stepped aside with such a nimble movement that it was as if his opponent could not see how he was moving, because he knew his body. was behind Thio Yang Lin.

ThioYang Lin was shocked beyond play. because at that time he was hitting with all his might and when he lost his target, causing his body to fall and move forward and lose his balance.

In fact, if Bianlu Syamar really wanted to harm him, it would be as easy as turning his palms over, because when Thio Yang Lin's body slumped forward, he lost the balance of his legs and only added palms to his back, of course Thio Yang Lin would fall down.

But Bianlu Syamar didn't do that, he just stood there with a smile.

Thio Yang Lin had managed to master his body and the stance of his two legs, so he didn't arrive

2 fell forward. Then he turned his body, and laughed coldly as he said: "Hmmm, apparently you also have stealth, where you rely on your magic as much as Tat Mo Cauwsu. !”

"Siancai! Siancai! Lolap has never used magic at all,” said Bianlu Syamar with a friendly smile. “Earlier, Thio Siesu moved less agilely, so Thio Siecu lost his target and was hit by Thio Siecu's two legs because the attack power was too big and Thio Siecu's composure was not fully collected. Please note, that's why Thio Siecu's horses were hit, so it's not because Lolap used magic.”

But Thio Yang Lin was irritated and very curious, he couldn't believe that Bianlu Syamar didn't use magic. He also wanted to try to attack the priest once again, of course now he was acting much more wary.

Strengthening his two legs, Thio Yang Lin approached Bianlu Syamar, then struck again with both hands. The move he uses is the "Dragon Hits the Coral" stance, the power he uses is very strong, his energy is roaring roaring. The pair of hands that glided in unison did resemble a dragon on a rampage, so that the wind that hit Bianlu Syamar was extraordinary, dust and small stones, as well as being struck by a hurricane's waves, had been blown away.

Bianlu Syamar looked calmly at Thio Yang Lin who was attacking him fiercely like that, and when his opponent's blow was almost here, Bianlu Syamar had shifted his foot position again, his body moved very swiftly, suddenly he had jumped out of front of Thio Yang Lin.

But now that Thio Yang Lin had indeed been prepared, he had acted cautiously. And when he attacked, indeed he had thought that this priest would surely slash out of sight. Therefore, as soon as he saw the priest's shoulder move, immediately Thio Yang Lin attacked, opening his eyes wide, so that he could see that Bianlu Syamar had jumped to the right.

Without pulling back the force of the blow, and without changing the position of his legs, his hands were bent to the right, to continue hitting the priest. His punching power didn't decrease either.

Bianlu Syamar saw that now his opponent was smarter than before, he smiled. However, Bianlu Syamar basically has a very high intelligence, as soon as the punch from Thio Yang Lin grabbed him close, he set his body down, which immediately flashed away again from Thio Yang Lin's eyes.

Whereas Thio Yang Lin was really curious because he felt that he was being toyed with by Bianlu Syamar, with a thunderous shout, he had jumped behind him, his body floated in mid-air and while floating like that, he twisted his body while hitting with his right hand, expecting his enemy. has jumped back.

The blowing wind was very strong, Thio Yang Lin's guess was not wrong, because Bianlu Syamar was right behind him, so the wind hit the foreign priest very hard. Bianlu Syamar had taken the hit with his shoulder, because he was in no hurry to dodge anymore, other than channeling his pure air into his shoulder, taking the hit.

Bianlu Syamar's body shook and swayed, but the stance of his legs did not change, and he still stood where he was. And this time Bianlu Syamar also did not remain silent, because he had used his right hand to strike the ribs of Thio Yang Ling.

Thio Yang Lin when his right fist hit the priest's shoulder hard, he felt his hands hurt like hell as well as the bones of his fingers had been broken. He jumped back, and because of jumping backwards like that, Bianlu Syamar's punch had fallen on the empty spot.

Bianlu Syamar had clasped his hands together, he said, "Thio Siecu, Lolap, I think there is no point in continuing this way of playing."

“Hemmmm, indeed this way of playing is no longer suitable for us! I want to ask you for guidance in using sharp weapons.” While saying that, Thio Yang Lin's right hand quickly touched his waist, he had drawn his sword which was shining very sharply, he had slashed through the empty air, where the sword buzzed loudly.

Bianlu Syamar has rubbed his right hand. “Thio Siecu, you misunderstood. It's not Lolap's intention to play with sharp weapons!” he said quickly. "Lolap's intention was to end all this, because it would be of no use to either of us." "For you, it's useless, but for me, it's very useful, to find out if the Hoancengs who came to China really have significant intelligence! Look at the sword!” and closed his words, it seemed that Thio Yang Lin's body had jumped very nimbly, the sword in his hand also flashed and stabbed the foreign priest's heart.

Biaulu Syamar sighed. He dodged Thio Yang Lin's two stabs he said: “Thio Siecu, is it really that you don't want to end all these games?''

"Not! Take out your weapons, so we can play around until we are satisfied" shouted Thio Yang Sin, and his sword had flashed again very quickly, he had stabbed three more times, then continued his words: "If you still don't want to pull out your sharp weapon, let me will destroy you, don't expect me to feel sorry for a Hoanceng like you!"

And indeed, Thio Yang Lin proved what he said, he didn't hesitate to directly stab Bianlu Syamar several times, even though his opponent did not hold a sharp weapon at all.

Bianlu Syamar has been dodging here and there nimbly, until one time when his opponent's blade grabbed his right arm, Bianlu Syamar was forced to launch an attack on his opponent with a flick of his index finger.

“Tringgg,” the sword had been flicked sideways, shaking violently.

“Thio Siecu, if indeed Thio Siecu doesn't want to stop your attacks, I'm sorry, Lolap can't stay silent anymore. Lolap has never used sharp weapons, but if Lolap did intervene, of course, Thio Siecu's weapons would be damaged by it."

“Hahahaha” Thio Yang Lin laughed heartily. "In fact I want to see with your magic, if you want to damage my weapon. this is very interesting, watch out for attacks!” and indeed Thio Yang Lin had attacked Bianlu Syamar so hard, his sword had struck very fast at the deadliest parts of the body.

Bianlu Syamar sighed, he dodged a few times, and when one time the sword struck his ribs, that's when the priest had stretched out his right hand, opened his index finger and thumb, he clamped it. Once Thio Yang Lin's sword was clamped, it couldn't move, even if Thio Yang Lin stabbed with all his might or pulled it with all his might, the sword that had been pinched by the priest's index finger and thumb, couldn't budge anymore!

Thio Yang Lin drew his sword with all his strength, the sword did not budge, he immediately realized that this priest must have used a very powerful Lwekang to clamp the sword. Even though Thio Yang Lin had repeatedly stabbed with intense force pressure on his thrusts, his sword couldn't move forward at all. You can't go forward and you can't go back for this She Thio person. And the only way is to let go of the sword. But the prohibition for the Kangouw people to let go of their weapons fell into the hands of the opponent. When Thio Yang Lin was in such a doubtful state, he saw that the Indian priest had smiled and said, “Thio Siecu. do you want to continue?”

Thio Yang Lin was curious and annoyed, he let out a loud snarl while stabbing again with all his might, but still failed, his sword didn't budge at all.

In fact, to his surprise, Thio Yang Lin felt from his sword thrusting into his palm a hot air, too hot like the heat of a fire burning his palm. In fact, the longer the more powerful it just crashed into the palm of his hand through his sword.

Thio Yang Lin desperately concentrated all of his Lwekang power in his palms, and he tried to suppress the heat that burst into his palms from his sword, because he realized that the heat must be the priest's inner energy being channeled through his sword which was being clamped by Bianlu Syamar. that.

But as time went on, the heat was getting more intense in his palms through his sword, the more intense Thio Yang Lin's body was.

Bianlu Syamar was smiling, he said: "Lolap I think that's enough...!" and the Indian priest had released his grip on Thio Yang Lin's sword. Only then could the she Thio breathe.

“Well, Thio Siecu, Siecu has seen that Lolap doesn't use magic, right? Hmmm, surely now Siecu will not think that all priests from Thian-tiok are only good at using magic to influence their opponents, right?” Thio Yang's face turned red, but he admitted that the priest's inner strength was indeed far higher than his intelligence and also truly amazing. Thus, it would obviously make him injured or harmed if he wanted to continue their battle!

"Well, Bianlu Syamar, apparently you do have an amazing intelligence, I admit your great intelligence" said Thio Yang Lin then "But later, if you are still in mainland China, of course I will look for you to ask for further instructions" while said so Thio Yang Lin put the sword in his frame and turned his body to leave.

But Bianlu Syamar had called out: “Hold on.

Don't let Thio Siecu go."

Thio Yang Lin turned his body, he had asked fiercely: "Are you going to push me further after knowing that my intelligence is below yours?" And after saying that Thio Yang Lin snorted: “Okay, fine let's continue the battle again”

Apparently from being irritated and curious, Thio Yang Lin became desperate, he pulled out his sword again, even though he realized that he was not the priest's opponent, but he was sure that he would definitely be able to deal with it, even though in the end it was most likely that he would be injured and fall at the priest's hands. . But he didn't want to be insulted!

Bianlu Syamar has shook his head repeatedly saying: “No, that's not what Lolap meant. Don't Thio Siecu misunderstand. There is something Lolop wants to ask Thio Siecu, namely about the Indian priest who Thio Siecu says wears the title Tat Mo Cauwsu and has established with great authority a gate of a silat college called Siauw Lim Pay."

Thio Yang Lin looked intently at Bianlu Syamar, then laughed lightly, saying, “You want information about Tat Mo Cauwsu from me? I think all Kangouw circles already know who Tat Mo Cauwsu, who is said to be the Great Teacher, is. If you ask anyone, of course you will get information about the Great Teacher!"

“But Thio Siecu, can Siecu give information about who Tat Mo Cauwsu really is and where he built his temple, then what skills does he have? How is the condition?" said Bianlu Syamar.

“Hemmmm, Tat Mo Cauwsu is an Indian priest, who is said to have extraordinary intelligence and is no longer matched. He came from India and traveled in mainland China, just wanted to investigate all the martial arts found on mainland China to be combined into a kind of extraordinary martial arts. According to the news that spread, he had indeed succeeded in his efforts, where all the core of the martial arts found in mainland China had been composed and put together, so as to create a kind of intelligence which he said was extraordinary and great. But to that extent, I myself have not yet proven, to what extent Tat Mo Cauwsu's supernatural powers are!"

Bianlu Syamar had nodded several times, then said: "Then where is Siauw Lim Sie?" “On Siauw Sit San mountain!” replied Thio Yang Lin.

“Is Thio Siecu going there too to meet Tat Mo Cauwsu?”

Thio Yang Lin didn't answer immediately, he seemed to be hesitating. but finally nodded anyway. “If I have a chance, I would really like to find Tat Mo Cauwsu, to see if he really has great intelligence or is just an empty name” replied Thio Yang Lin.

“What if the two of us went together to meet him, wouldn't Thio Siecu know about the situation in China, so that by walking with Thio Siecu, Lolap would not have to worry about getting lost. ”

Thio Yang Lin was silent for a moment, but then he finally said indecisively “Is that Tat Mo Cauwsu the friend you are looking for?”