Hurricane In Siauw Lim Sie Chapter 05

Volume 05

BUT he hadn't had time to speak yet, at that time Wan-sin Hweshio had said again.

"And, if you do not want to spend money, you find it difficult to spend a large amount of money, then just leave the woman and the little boy to Siauw-ceng, then the money of twenty silver tails, plus these fifteen silver tails, may You take it back! One cie or one bun, you don't have to spend any more money, and you can leave this place! ”

"Wan-sin Hweshio!" snapped the man who was the leader of the Im-mo-kauw people. "You're too pushy for us, you're too fabricated. In fact, you mean you only want these two of our prisoners, don't you ?! ”

"Oh no, no ........ Siauw-ceng just gives you a way out, if you do agree, thank God, if not, it's up to you ........!"

The people of Im-mo-kauw were irritated and angry, but they were irritated and angry helplessly. Because they have experienced, that they are unlikely to succeed in dealing with the pastor who seems to have a high level of intelligence. But now that makes it difficult for them, Hweshio doesn't really want their money, he only wants Auwyang Toanio and Sung-jie.

"Wan-sin Hweshio, what kind of college are you from, so I'm afraid you want to find a deal with us from Im-mo-kauw?"

“Omitohud. Siancai! Siancai! Indeed, Siauw-ceng is a meaningless disciple of Siauw-lim-sie! ”

Hearing the pastor's statement, the faces of all the Im-mo-kauw people had changed, they looked at each other.

"Hm, perhaps the student of Siauw-lim-sie, who is becoming famous now and the door of the college built by Tat-mo Cauwsu is a priest from India?"

Wan-sin Hweshio smiled, he nodded slowly, he replied. "Yes, not wrong, not wrong, indeed our glorious temperature comes from India!"

"Then, as a pious and pious worshiper, do you deserve to bother us ?!" asked the leader of the group of Im-mo-kauw people. "Or has Siauw-lim-sie considered himself to be the only great college door in mainland China ?!"

Wan-sin Hweshio was smiling.

“Oh, Siauw-ceng never dared to say that! Regarding intelligence and knowledge, throughout the ages it will not be completely understood, just as in a lifetime, we will never finish and finish learning knowledge! That is why, we do not know the word "greatest" or "highest".

"We know only" virtue "and" Glory in a pure soul. "

"If so, between us Im-mo-kauw and Siauw-lim-sie there is no affair and enmity, why do you seem to be looking for business with us ?!" asked the leader of Im-mo-kauw.

"Siauw-ceng is not looking for business, but in this business it has become Siauw-ceng's rule, whoever wants to enter this village must give a donation of one tail, and earlier you have also damaged Bok-khie Siauw-ceng's batsman. It's good that Siauw-ceng is only asking for a light compensation, because even though this Bok-kie hitter has been repaired, Siauw-ceng will still receive a reprimand from the temperature! ”

The leader of the Im-mo-kauw people was cold.

"Siauw-lim-sie was newly built and stood on the Chinese mainland, and was also built by his future claw who came from India, namely Tat-mo Cauwsu. Then why would a pastor who should be pious, have such a rude rule, which is to ask for donations by force? Is this an appropriate act? ”

According to what is often heard, Tat-mo Cauwsu, who is from India, strives to build a clean and straight college door, which requires each of his students to be pious and good human beings. Aren't you worried that we will report your actions to your temperature later ?! ”

Wan-sin Hweshio laughed, he said in a very patient voice.

"What did Siauw-ceng do with the permission of our temperature. Therefore, even if you want to report to our temperature, what is there to worry about ?! ”

"Oh, if that's the case, the big name Tat-mo Cauwsu that is adored by the people of Kang-ouw is just an empty name. We heard that Tat-mo Cauwsu was a great teacher who stood under the line of justice, virtue and humanity!

"But who knows, now it turns out that the Siauw-lim-sie he just built has produced a student like you, Wan-sin Hweshio!"

"Siauw-ceng is only asking for donations, not asking for you to swear and insult Siauw-ceng's temperature. If indeed you still stick to your attitude, hem, hmm of course Siauw-ceng will not hesitate to take firm action!

"Im-mo-kauw is indeed a very famous association, but its fame is in a dark and dirty world. Almost all members of Im-mo-kauw always commit crimes.

"Siauw-ceng has heard about that for a long time. Only today can Siauw-ceng meet directly with the people of Im-mo-kauw and Siauw-ceng has also proved that you are not good human beings.

"Because you play attack and play with the use of sharp weapons to destroy fellow human beings! Now just look, the woman to be pitied and the little boy who has not yet understood the affair, but they have been so bound!

“Is the act appropriate? Or do you really consider such deeds and actions to be the deeds of the Hoan (brave people)? ”

The face of the man who was the leader of the group of Im-mo-kauw people had turned red. But knowing Wan-sin Hweshio is a priest who has a very high level of intelligence, by themselves, despite their anger, they do not dare to step forward.

"How about Siauw-ceng's offer to donate money or indeed human donations?" Wan-sin Hweshio asked.

"We chose to donate money!" responded to the person who was the leader of the group of Im-mo-kauw people. He also reached into his pocket and took out twenty silver tails, throwing the money again near Wan-sin Hweshio.

But the pastor shook his head again. "Less!" he said.

"Less ?!"

"Obviously less!" replied Wan-sin Hweshio.

“Why less? Aren't you the one who asked for twenty more tails ?! ” asked the person who became the leader of Im-mo-kauw, angrily, until his chest seemed to explode.
Wan-sin Hweshio smiled.

"Of course less ......... because Siauw-ceng had told the origin of Siauw-ceng, for that you have to pay fifty silver tails. It is not easy for people to know the history and origins of Siauw-ceng, so fifty tails is a very cheap payment.

“Added to this is the tiredness of the swaying of Siauw-ceng's mouth, who has been telling stories! Shouldn't a mastermind of a puppet show also have to receive a fairly high salary?

"Similarly, for matchmaking work always receive a very high reward? Aren't they capitalized on mouths that are constantly swaying?

"It's the same with Siauw-ceng who has been talking with his mouth non-stop swaying. Must be added with fifty more tails! So you have to add a hundred silver tails! ”

"That's an outrageous thing!" shouted the man who was the leader. "You're pushing us too hard!" And having said so, he turned his horse to run away from the place.

But Wan Hweshio has said coldly. "Where are you going ?!"

Along with that, his right hand moved, and "wutttt" immediately a very strong wind grabbed the man. Mercilessly, the man felt like his body was hit very hard by something the weight of a mountain, maybe thousands of cats that hit his body, his body had fallen from the horse while making a startled scream.

His friends were so shocked, they had all jumped down from their respective horses. With a fierce and loud snort, the person who was the self-leader of the group of Im-mo-kauw people attacked Wan-sin Hweshio.

"Fucking pastor, you're so outrageous ........!" Both his fists moved in a row to hit. The energy it uses is also full.

Likewise, a dozen other Im-mo-kauw people had jumped on Wan-sin Hweshio. Their movements are also very determined.

While Wan-sin Hweshio was calmly sitting in his place, he did not move from his place at all, and only every time the men hit, the pastor always uttered the words, "Omitohud!"

And it was amazing the way the pastor welcomed the blows from the people because every time the Im-mo-kauw people hit, they hit, they themselves were in pain. Meanwhile, the pastor who was beaten, instead remained calmly in his place.

But the Im-mo-kauw people were really curious, they kept attacking with repeated blows. As a result of their clenching, it was their own fists that had been swollen. For every time they hit, just as they hit an iron or steel wall.

After being repeatedly beaten and always uttering the words “Omitohud!”, Then once Wan-sin Hweshio had said.

"Siauw-ceng thinks that's enough ........ Omitohud .........!" And after saying so, the pastor closed his eyes and breathed pure spirit and air into his body.

"Once issued the word" Omitohud! " again, then when the seven Im-mo-kauw people hit him hard, at that time also the seven hands sounded "kreeeekkkkk". Because the seven hands that hit Wan-sin Hweshio's body had broken his bones, they also jumped back with pale faces and grimaces, moaning in pain.

"Some of the rest have attacked with curiosity, they are not broken bones, only their bodies have bounced on their own, the time collapsed, the bones in their chests have shifted, and they, vomiting fresh blood, because they have been wounded inside quite badly!

Apparently Wan-sin Hweshio did have a great skill, even though he did not give a fight and just sat cross-legged to receive the blows, but his opponents were successfully knocked down without moving his hands!

Dozens of Im-mo-kauw also knew themselves. If indeed they are determined to continue, it means that they will suffer a greater disaster, therefore, they, after looking at each other with a grimace, then stretched a thousand steps, fled the place without paying any attention to their horses or their machete swords.

After the Im-mo-kauw people fled, with a small laugh the pastor jumped to his feet, with a slow and patient step, Wan-sin Hweshio approached Auwyang Toanio and Sung-jie who were still tied to one of the Im-people's horses. mo-kauw.

Wan-sin Hweshio immediately opened the bond between the mother and the child. After being released, Auwyang Toanio invited his son to kneel in front of Wan-sin Hweshio to express his gratitude.

But Wan-sin Hweshio has gotten rid of it.

"Don't mistress and little engko thank Siauw-ceng, but be grateful to the greatness of the Buddha who has sheltered you," said Wan-sin Hweshio with a smile. Then this priest had asked the reasons why the mother and child could be held captive by the Im-mo-kauw people.

Auwyang Toanio immediately narrates the beginning of their capture by the Im-mo-kauw people, where Auwyang Toanio narrates it from the time her husband was raped by the Im-mo-kauw people, until finally she and her son had to flee with Tong Miauw Liang, which in the end is not known. And how they were captured by a dozen Im-mo-kauw.

Hearing that Sung-jie is the son of Auwyang Fung Tang, Wan-sin Hweshio clasped his hands, he praised the greatness of the Buddha.

"Who would have thought, a prince of a great warrior in this age, Auwyang, Fung Tang, must live in vain covered by fear and misery chased by lowly human beings such as the Im-mo-kauw, Tok-liong-pian, Ming-kang Hweshio and others ........ Ai, ai, now where do you mothers and children want to go? ”

Auwyang Toanio was confused, because he didn't know where to go. Moreover, the sword of Thiam-sim-kiam was no longer in his hand and now it was somewhere. So he has also narrated his difficulty, which has no purpose.

Wan-sin Hweshio sighed.

“If you really feel threatened by evil and lowly humans like Tok-liong-pian, Ming-kang Hweshio and Im-mo-kauw's people, you'd better go with Siauw-ceng to Siauw-sit-san. There, Siauw-ceng will meet with our temperature, tell us about your difficulties, so that later our Cauwsu can give instructions.”

Auwyang Toanio was happy to hear that he would be invited to Siauw-lim-sie, so he immediately knelt down again. But back Wan-sin Hweshio avoids. That's how the three of them left.

Just one look, the first time he saw Sung-jie, Wan-sin Hweshio had noticed that there was something abnormal about Sung-jie, compared to other kids his age. That's why Wan-sin Hweshio, apart from helping the mother and child, also had another intention, which was to invite Sung-jie and her mother to meet Tat-mo Cauwsu, his teacher.

According to Wan-sin Hweshio, if I Sung-jie get a good upbringing and guidance, of course Sung-jie will be an extraordinary warrior. Wan-sin Hweshio himself is willing to educate him.

But since Sung-jie is not necessarily willing to become a priest's disciple, it must be difficult for him to take Sung-jie to be his disciple. At the very least, if he wants to pass his intelligence on to Sung-jie, where they are not tied to a teacher-student relationship, then he must also have permission from his teacher, namely Tat-mo Cauwsu.

That's how, accompanied by Wan-sin Hweshio, Auwyang Toanio and Sung-jie travel without getting any more difficulties. Indeed, they were often chased by the Im-mo-kauw people, but several times Wan-sin Hweshio was always able to repel the Im-mo-kauw people and the others.

But because Auwyang Toanio and Sung-jie followed Wan-sin Hweshio and the people of Im-mo-kauw had known that Wan-sin Hweshio was a disciple of Siauw-lim-sie, it was immediately spread among Kang-ouw that Thiam-sim-kiam's sword in Auwyang Toanio's hand, was on his way to Siauw-lim-sie.

And of course the nosy mouths in the martial jungle stated that Wan-sin Hweshio had deliberately taken Auwyang Toanio to Siauw-lim-sie, because the Thiam-sim-kiam sword would be owned and coveted by the people of Siauw-lim-sie. Thus, of course the people of Kang-ouw also do not want to remain silent.

Those who really aimed for the mustika sword, with various means and efforts, had several times confronted the three Wan-sin Hweshio in the middle of the journey. But because Wan-sin Hweshio's intelligence had indeed reached the highest level, he easily repelled his enemies.

Finally, Auwyang Toanio with Sung-jie and accompanied by Wan-sin Hweshio had arrived at Siauw-sit-san. At the top of the mountain stands a magnificent temple that has just been completed, where the walls and paint are still fresh and clean.

The temple stands majestically on the side of a waterfall that always flows its falling water causing a rhythmic sound as well as the rhythm of music that fills the tranquility around the place

Dimly also from inside the temple came the voice of the priest who was reading Liam-kheng. And also the sounds of Bok-khie accompanying the priests reading Liam-kheng.

Siauw-lim-sie Temple is indeed a temple that has just been completed. Not to mention more than five years.

This temple was built by Tat-mo Cauwsu, a Buddhist priest who came from Thiam-tiok (India), where Tat-mo Cauwsu does have high intelligence and besides he understands martial arts, he is also good at teaching Buddhism. His followers quickly numbered.

However, Tat-mo Cauwsu in accepting Siauw-lim-sie's students always researched him carefully. In addition to having a bright brain, fond of martial arts and diligent in studying martial arts.

Besides that, one must also have patience and honesty, compassion and generosity. One who has been accepted as a disciple of Siauw-lim-sie has to shave his head, to become a follower of the Buddha, to become a hweshio.

Tat-mo Cauwsu is so strict in choosing his prospective students, that he always has good prospective students and is a "superior seed". It is not too surprising that Siauw-lim-sie has skilled students, besides being pious and pious, he also has extraordinary martial arts skills.

Although it has only been five years since the establishment or completion of the Siauw-lim-sie temple, in reality the name of this new school door quickly spreads in Kang-ouw's world.

And so quickly people came to respect the greatness of Siauw-lim-sie, especially to Tat-mo Cauwsu, who has been regarded as. a great teacher, whose martial arts has reached the pinnacle of perfection, is difficult to measure as well.

Besides that, having completed the construction of the Siauw-lim-sie temple, in his spare time Tat-mo Cauwsu also wrote down his skills in a volume of books. Every day, Tat-mo Cauwsu fills out fifteen letters in his book, where Tat-mo Cauwsu intends that later the book he has written, when it is finished, will be a complete martial arts textbook of all his skills.

By writing the book, Tat-mo Cauwsu who wanted his martial arts knowledge would not be destroyed by his death, due to old age. The book written by Tat-mo Cauwsu will later be known as the greatest martial arts book among Kang-ouw, throughout the history of martial arts in mainland China.

The book is divided into two, namely "Kiu-im-cin-keng" and "Kiu-yang-cin-keng." Those are two really great heritage books, and anyone who can dive into the meaning and significance of Kiu-im-cin-keng and Kiu-yang-cin-keng, must have perfect intelligence and are very difficult to match.

Indeed, Tat-mo Cauwsu has limited him, he only writes fifteen letters a day and that too has a very broad meaning and meaning for each letter. For someone who still has mediocre intelligence, it is certainly difficult to understand the meaning and significance of the writings in the book.

Thus, Kiu-yang-cin-keng and Kiu-im-cin-keng are martial arts books that will be the heritage book, which although the content is short, but in it contains straight and clean skills. Both the science of using sharp weapons, as well as the training of inner energy, are all straightforward, far from error.

As a Master, by itself Tat-mo Cauwsu is also respected by the people of Kang-ouw, because it can be said that the great name of Tat-mo Cauwsu has shaken the Forest of Martial Arts. In addition, there are also many people who are jealous and envious of this Indian priest.

Because there are also many Kang-ouw figures who are experts who have high intelligence and are perfect, Tat-mo Cauwsu is not happy to establish a new martial arts school in mainland China, because it has increased with the emergence of this new genre.

Indeed, during the opening and inauguration of the Siauw-lim-sie temple, Tat-mo Cauwsu had invited Kang-ouw figures in mainland China. In his opening remarks, Tat-mo Cauwsu explained that his main aim and goal is to broadcast Buddhist teachings, where he will try to broadcast Buddhism as best he can in mainland China.

That is why Tat-mo Cauwsu had built the Siauw-lim-sie temple. Tat-mo Cauwsu had absolutely no intention of building the Siauw-lim-sie temple to put his foot in and protect the Kang-ouw circles with his college door. But the good intentions of Tat-mo Cauwsu were indeed doubted by Kang-ouw's figures.

They even suspected that Tat-mo Cauwsu wanted to accept a number of students, and later he would use him to cause riots in mainland China. Clearly, Tat-mo Cauwsu was an Indian priest, even though he tried his best to bring about improvement in the Kang-ouw circles of mainland China, he was still suspected of wanting to do something bad.

Meanwhile, Tat-mo Cauwsu himself is of the opinion that the priority is the broadcasting of Buddhist teachings. Indeed, as a person who has a very high skill and can also be said to be unmatched among Kang-ouw, so that among the 'Rimba Persilatan' Tat-mo Cauwsu obtained the title of a Headmaster, then he must clearly inherit his martial arts skills to students. -His student.

Indeed, Tat-mo Cauwsu has a very distant view. This professor thought, if someone only specializes in studying religion, without taking care of their physical health and not studying martial arts, then the religion they follow is difficult to protect if at any time there are bad intentions from a group.

Having perfect martial arts does not mean that martial arts will be used as a shield or weapon of the religion, but also to protect it. Martial arts will not be used if Siauw-lim-sie does not accept interference from outside.

As had happened to Wan-sin Hweshio, where he faced the attack of the Im-mo-kauw people, who numbered quite a few. At all Wan-sin Hweshio never retaliated by attacking. He just kept quiet.

However, because this priest has indeed obtained good training and also has high intelligence, by himself, without replying, he has succeeded in knocking down his opponents who attacked him. That was because every attack power that aimed at Wan-sin Hweshio, would be reversed again hitting the attacker.

Thus, Wan-sin Hweshio never retaliated, he only protected himself, and by protecting himself, relying on lwekang and high martial arts, Wan-sin Hweshio as a Buddhist priest did not have to be the target of ridicule and victim of human violence- the inferior man of the Im-mo-kauw.

Indeed, Tat-mo Cauwsu's ideals are very high. And who would have thought, that in the end Siauw-lim-sie is the door of the straightest, cleanest and most number one martial arts college in the era of the Persilatan Forest in the Chinese area!

Siauw-lim-sie's success in producing smart students who can finally raise Siauw-lim-sie's good name among Kang-ouw, there is one more reason. Generally, Siauw-lim-sie's students consist of priests. Apart from reading religious scriptures, their only activity is Liam-kheng, and they spend their time practicing their lwekang and silat.

Whenever there is an opportunity they also have the knowledge of silat that they have learned. In this way, any mistakes in their practice can be detected immediately and they can correct them.

And with perseverance, in the serenity of daily living as a pastor, by itself every disciple of Siauw-lim-sie obtains the result of a clean and high straight training reaching the pinnacle of perfection!

Coupled with the lessons of Buddhism, which generally have a very high meaning for the meaning of life and human life in this world. Thus, from the religious lessons they profess to be able to draw favorable aspects for learning silat, especially for their inner strength training or Lwekang.

Not infrequently also happened in the following era Siauw-lim-sie students can reach the level of "half-god". But it was precisely at the "birth" of the Siauw-lim-sie temple that there were many conflicts that arose, and also great upheavals arose in the world of Kang-ouw.

Not even a small storm roared violently in Siauw-lim-sie. ONLY because Tat-mo Cauwsu was an Indian who came to mainland China, besides that he also earned the nickname of the Great Teacher in the Kang-ouw circle, it made many martial arts figures in the Chinese area feel jealous and displeased with him.

First of all, a foreigner like Tat-mo Cauwsu, who is recognized as a Great Master. Second, because there are many silat figures in mainland China who feel that their real intelligence is not below that of Tat-mo Cauwsu.

Therefore, many are curious and have come to Siauw-lim-sie, to challenge Tat-mo Cauwsu pie-bu (competing intelligence). Tat-mo Cauwsu himself never served the challenges given by the martial arts jungle figures, he always refused and Tat-mo Cauwsu tried to awaken them from wrong views.

Yet there are also some people who are too pushy, even rudely attacking, even though Tat-mo Cauwsu generally just sneers or avoids himself without retaliating. Tokh the men suffered their own injuries by the energy of their blows which in turn struck upon themselves!

Thus, people who initially felt curious finally had to admit that Tat-mo Cauwsu's intelligence was truly extraordinary and that he deserved to be dubbed a Great Teacher. A position that is indeed balanced with the intelligence possessed by the forerunner of Siauw-lim-sie.

It was not only the white group who were hostile and curious about Tat-mo Cauwsu, because there were also many figures from the Sia (heretic) group. came to Tat-mo Cauwsu to measure knowledge. However, this is because Tat-mo Cauwsu is someone who already has intelligence that reaches the peak of perfection.

All those who wanted to “try out” his intelligence he could dispel without Tat-mo Cauwsu putting up a fight. Only by receiving the opponent's attack or also with slow hand speed, he always managed to knock down his opponents.

Thus Tat-mo Cauwsu is increasingly respected, because if not in a state of compulsion, he certainly will not use his martial arts to fight.

The Headmaster always tried to avoid fighting. Gradually, the people who patronized Siauw-lim-sie became fewer, for it was rare for anyone to dare to look down on Tat-mo Cauwsu. Although there are still people who are jealous and envious of Tat-mo Cauwsu, their tokh does not dare to show it openly.

However, the fact remains that there are still many people in the Chinese mainland Martial Arts who are unhappy with Tat-mo Cauwsu, both from the Whites and the Blacks. Only they meanwhile have not dared to hit Siauw-lim-sie, whose name is rising to the pinnacle of greatness, as a temple that spreads Buddhism, in addition to the skill of martial arts clean and straight flow ........

Wan-sin Hweshio is one of Tat-mo Cauwsu's twenty-seven students. And this student does have a rather extraordinary intelligence, in addition to being very smart to be able to receive every lesson well and quickly.

Besides that, Wan-sin Hweshio is also very diligent in studying science and religious lessons, so he is one of the Hweshio who is very obedient in addition to being pious.

The progress made by Wan-sin Hweshio pleased Tat-mo Cauwsu. Most importantly, Wan-sin Hweshio also has an honest, polite and respectful attitude towards people who are older than him, especially towards his teachers and suhengs.

In just over thirty years, Wan-sin Hweshio has succeeded in inheriting all the intelligence of Tat-mo Cauwsu. And during those five years he has been deepening his religious teachings very diligently.

To add to his experience and knowledge, Tat-mo Cauwsu deliberately ordered this one of his disciples to go down the mountain on a journey, in order to perform noble deeds of defending the weak in adversity. In addition, the most important thing is to spread their religion.

With the wandering of Wan-sin Hweshio, who always did noble deeds, the name of Siauw-lim-sie was increasingly respected by the people of the Martial Forest. But unexpectedly, by chance Wan-sin Hweshio has met Auwyang Toanio and Sung-jie, while the mother and child are being captured by the Im-mo-kauw people.

This priest was very interested in seeing Sung-jie, so besides helping the mother and child, because they heard that Auwyang Toanio and his son had no shelter and also Sung-jie, the son of Auwyang Fung Tang, seemed to have abnormalities from the usual children. , that is to have talent and good bones.

Wan-sin Hweshio fell in love with him and took him to Siauw-lim-sie, to see Tat-mo Cauwsu, to ask his teacher's permission to allow Wan-sin Hweshio to educate him.

During the journey, Wan-sin Hweshio often offends Auwyang Toanio and Sung-jie, is Sung-jie unwilling and interested to follow the path that Wan-sin Hweshio has taken, which is to purify himself to become a hweshio.

But Auwyang Toanio on one occasion explained to Wan-sin Hweshio, he was not unwilling or willing to allow his son to shave his hair to purify himself to become a Hweshio. But what makes his heart ache, is that his only son has a "task" that is quite heavy, namely his father's heartache has not yet been resolved.

Maybe when the child grows up, he will look for his father's opponents who have hurt his father. Thus, in a heart where there is embers and resentment of such deep heartache, it is clear Sung-jie is not fit to shave the hair of purifying himself to be a hweshio.

The reason given by Auwyang Toanio is indeed acceptable to Wan-sin Hweshio. So Wan-sin Hweshio only wants to ask permission from his teacher, Tat-mo Cauwsu, so that he is allowed to educate Sung-jie, even though they are not bound by the teacher-student relationship.

Their journey was not too fast, but in the end they had arrived at Siauw-lim-sie. Tat-mo Cauwsu was also pleased to accept the mother and child.

Hearing Auwyang Toanio’s story about the fate of his family, Tat-mo Cauwsu who had received them in his samadhinya room, had clasped a pair of his hands. The haunted and majestic priest, with his thick mustache and beard, praised the greatness of the Buddha.

"Don't let Hujin (mistress) be bound by the fire of revenge, which will burn yourself," said Tat-mo Cauwsu. "Let Hujin not educate this child in such an atmosphere, and do not ignite a spark of revenge on Hujin's child, it can certainly make the child himself burnt by the fire.

“Most likely, if the intentions of his heart controlled by his vengeance do not get the proper channeling, it will make the prince of Hujin suffer and miserable. Omitohud! The Buddha has given a ray of virtue and mercy, stay away from all deeds that can drag us to hell! ” And Tat-mo Cauwsu sighed.

Auwyang Toanio has looked down. This woman has not been able to accept the full meaning of Tat-mo Cauwsu's words, because it has been her determination, to save Sung-jie from the hands of the Im-mo-kauw people looking for a clever and highly skilled teacher to educate her son, in order to have high intelligence.

And it is hoped by Auwyang Toanio, her son will be able to avenge the hurt of her husband, who became the father of her son, who was destroyed at the hands of the people of Im-mo-kauw.

It is true that Auwyang Fung Tang's death is not known for sure, but for the most part, the chance of life is no longer there for Auwyang Fung Tang. Because when Auwyang Toanio invited Sung-jie to join Tong Miauw Liang to get away from their house, at that time Auwyang Fung Tang was surrounded by a very large number of Im-mo-kauw people, and also indeed Auwyang Fung Tang even when it can still provide resistance, tokh in a severely injured state.

Tat-mo Cauwsu sighed again he looked at Sung-jie with a look of compassionate eyes, he asked. "Son, aren't you interested in purifying yourself to demand a peaceful and quiet life as a pastor?"

Sung-jie couldn't answer right away, he just glanced at his mother, while Auwyang Toanio was also watching him. The two looked at each other for a moment, but finally the little boy had bent his legs, kneeling before Tat-mo Cauwsu, he said.

"I hope that Taisu will guide Sung-jie, so that he can repay father's heartache!"

Tat-mo Cauwsu sighed.

"Omitohud! Omitohud! Siancai! Siancai. Do you know, son, if you study martial arts just to be used later to take revenge on your heart and take revenge in your heart, won't that torture yourself?

"And do you know, son, by always following your grudge, it means that you have forgotten many things, namely virtue and justice, because at any time, of course you are only influenced by your grudge!

"How stupid a human being who wants to be controlled by the fire of revenge and hurt. You will always be desperately struggling to learn your skills just to be used later to get revenge.

"Thus you have forgotten many things such as virtue and other noble deeds, which are actually far more valuable than the matter of personal grudges themselves, because you can still do many things that can bring good luck to many people.

Sung-jie was surprised to hear Tat-mo Cauwsu's words like that, he was still too young, but he guessed that he must have said something wrong, so he said.

“If indeed Sung-jie spoke wrong, please Taisu provide an explanation. Sung-jie begs to be guided and guided!”

Tat-mo Cauwsu smiled, he said in a patient and loving voice.

“Son, you are still too young now and there is not much you can think about and accept for the mind of a child like you to digest. It's just that Lolap wants to tell you that so that you can live well this time, don't think about heartache or other unpleasant matters that have befallen your family!

“Now you can live in this Siauw-lim-sie temple, under the guidance of my student, Wan-sin. And if indeed you are an adult later, where you begin to understand the affairs at that time Lolap will invite you to talk again about the disaster that has befallen your family! "

Wan-sin Hweshio heard his teacher's words like that, so he was happy, because indirectly Tat-mo Cauwsu had allowed Wan-sin Hweshio to guide Sung-jie, and allowed the mother and daughter to live in Siauw-lim-sie. Immediately Wan-sin Hweshio gestured for the mother and daughter to pay respects and say thank you.

Auwyang Toanio invites Sung-jie to kneel in front of Tat-mo Cauwsu to express their thanks. Then they resigned.

But before leaving the meditation room, Tat-mo Cauwsu still had time to give Wan-sin Hweshio a little hint. So that while educating Sung-jie, Wan-sin Hweshio must be able to open the child's mind, so that he can galvanize the child well so that he has a broad mind, is not short-sighted and is only influenced by his revenge.

Wan-sin Hwesbio kept his promise and then resigned.

During their stay in Siauw-lim-sie, Auwyang Toanio and his son obtained a room behind the temple. They mother and child helped to take the water transported from the side of the mountain at the waterfall, to be taken to the water reservoir at the temple. Taking firewood and Auwyang Toanio himself also helped to cook the food of the Siauw-lim-sie pastors.

Sung-jie if in the afternoon received religious guidance and education from Wan-sin Hweshio where Sung-jie received a fairly high education from Wan-sin Hweshio, because he had been able to grasp the meaning and meaning of every Buddha's words taught by Wan -sin Hweshio.

After a year of living in the temple, Wan-sin Hweshio began to teach the basics of Siauw-lim-sie martial arts. Similarly, Sung-jie or Auwyang Sung, began to study Ginkang and the art of simple punching, as the first basis on which he had to cultivate himself first before receiving a heavier lesson than the lessons of martial arts Siauw-lim-sie.

To the delight of Wan-sin Hweshio, Sung-jie is a very bright child and has really good talent. What was suspected at first did not go wrong and the boy was indeed a very good material for studying Siauw-lim-sie's martial arts.

Tat-mo Cauwsu who received Wan-sin Hweshio's report on the development and progress that Sung-jie had achieved, was overjoyed as well. Only Tat-mo Cauwsu has insisted that Wan-sin Hweshio try to be able to guide Sung-jie well. So that the child is not a tiger cub that acquires wings, which will only cause unrest among Kang-ouw, will even bring the bad name of Siauw-lim-sie

Wan-sin Hweshio kept his promise, because he too was determined to guide Sung-jie to the best of his ability, especially in matters of religion, which every day, in the afternoon, Sung-jie had to study for two hours. Even if he does not shave his head and become a priest, the child will still be nurtured in his soul and mind, so that he will not be influenced by the heretical.

Doing so will certainly lead Sung-jie to a good, straight and virtuous path. On the question of revenge and resentment of Sung-jie's father against the people of Im-mo-kauw was never alluded to by Wan-sin Hweshio.

Because the priest meant that if Sung-jie was ten years old or more, then the matter would be discussed again with the child, to open up Sung-jie's mind. So as not to be influenced by mere vengeance.

Indeed, the issue of being hurt with Im-mo-kauw will one day be resolved and must be taken care of by Sung-jie. But of course you have to find the people involved.

And even that is not just to avenge, but for the good of mankind in general, where the people of Im-mo-kauw are low and rotten human beings who always commit ungodly deeds and all kinds of crimes they have committed such as murder, rob and rape, so that Im-mo-kauw is an association of Liok-lim (green jungle) people.

So if in the future Sung-jie is looking for them to destroy, it will not only be accompanied by resentment and hurt, but to carry out his duties as a human being who attaches importance to honor and virtue. But Wan-sin Hweshio also realized that he had a big responsibility.

If he is wrong in imposing mobilization on the child, so that later the child only obeys his heart, it means that among Kang-ouw there will be a small riot, which will be caused by Sung-jie.

Therefore, Wan-sin Hweshio in giving instructions to Sung-jie, is much more careful than if he gave instructions to his students who have indeed shaved their hair.

So far, Wan-sin Hweshio has accepted eight disciples. They consist of people who are not the same age, namely some who are more than twenty years old, but there are also those who are only a dozen years old. But getting special attention is Sung-jie.

Day after day, month after month, and year after year have passed with certainty and permanence, until two more years have passed, during which Sung-jie, though not officially a disciple of Wan-sin Hweshio, tokh he received far more special guidance from official students of Wan-sin Hweshio.


Wearing a long green shirt, and thick shoes, it looks like someone is walking at a slow pace outside the village of Shiung-kua-cung, a not-so-big village. For a moment, the person had looked around him.

The long, wide and seemingly oversized shirt covered his entire body, but when it was blown by a fairly strong wind when the person stopped under a shady tree, it was immediately seen that the person's condition was rather extraordinary, namely his pair of hands were empty where his sleeves were. fluttering lightly. Because that person does not have two pairs of hands.

His thin face was elongated, his hair was not combed so neatly. There was a strand of hair that fell over his forehead and also with eyes that didn't shine at all, that person had looked around him in a very mournful manner.

He has been wandering for more than two years without any direction and purpose, especially with such a disfigured condition, without having both hands, where he is looking for two people whose tracks are completely unknown. But during that time he did not succeed with his efforts.

His mustache and thin beard moved slowly and were blown by the wind and his large and long, green shirt fluttered. Several times this person had taken deep breaths with a face that was still mournful.

After being silent for a while, this person finally continued on his way again he stepped slowly into the village.

The village is small and has a not very dense population, only occasionally does he come across the villagers. This person has approached a tea shop.

The owner of the teahouse turned out to be an old woman who was probably over sixty years old, in very poor condition. When he saw the face of this guest, he was immediately greeted with a friendly smile.

“Please Toaya…….. please have a seat!” he said welcome with a very friendly attitude. “Does Toaya want some tea? We have tea from Wang-ciu which smells great!”

The man in the green robe nodded slowly, sitting in silence. The old woman, the owner of the tea shop, had prepared a warm cup of tea and a cup in front of the man, and the guest nodded to the woman, her mouth pointed at the pot, as if asking the old woman to pour the tea for him.

The old woman who owned the shop was surprised at the attitude of this person, who was the only guest at that time. But he was a friendly man, so he asked.

“Is something missing, Toaya…….?!”

The man with the thin mustache shook his head slowly, his mouth turned back towards the teapot, his mouth made a sound, "'uh, uh, uh, uh," several times.

Turns out he's a dumb person who can't talk. And he meant by pouting that mouth, so that the owner of the tea shop helped him pour the tea into the cup, then that person also had his mouth opened to his two arms, where the sleeves of his robe were moving empty.

The owner of the tea shop immediately found out that his guest was a disabled person. Besides being dumb, he also doesn't have both hands.

With a feeling of pity and compassion, the owner of the tea shop had poured the tea into the cup, in fact he had lifted the cup of tea closer to the guest's lips. The guest had nodded as if also wanting to say thank you, he had sipped the tea, and had consumed a cup.

The old woman added the tea to the cup, then placed it in front of her guests. With pity, the old woman asked.

“Indeed ........ is Toaya traveling to this village looking for an acquaintance or. friend?!"

The person nodded slowly. And he moved his mouth slowly, as he wished with that expression of his mouth, the old woman could catch what he meant.

The woman had noticed. It was difficult for him to grasp the person's intentions. But after repeated repetitions, finally from that person's expression, the old woman asked.

“Is Toaya going to order food?!”

The guest shook his head.

"So what?!" asked the old woman increasingly confused.

The guest had said “aah, uuh, uhhh”, but the old woman didn't understand either.

At that time, the old woman had taken a chair and sat in front of her guest. Since there were no other guests, he could serve this one patient patiently. Meanwhile, the man in the green robe, whose condition was blemished, had begun to move his mouth.

Finally the woman has also been able to grasp the meaning of the movement of the mouth of this guest.

“Does Toaya want to borrow stationery?” asked the old woman, asking so, she had also glanced at her guest's sleeve, which was empty.

In his heart he thought, how could this guest borrow a writing utensil, when he did not have both hands. But the guest had nodded.

In order not to disappoint this guest, the old woman had gone into the inner room, she brought out the stationery, then placed it in front of her guest.

The old woman had also scrubbed the tub, and then opened the pit. When ready, the guest gave a signal for the pit (Chinese stationery) to be placed or more accurately tucked in his mouth. When the old woman slid the pit in the mouth of her guest, immediately the pit was bitten.

It turned out that this guest had written using his mouth. In this way, it is indeed much easier to know the intentions of the guest, because by writing on paper, he can express his heart's intentions. The guest had written on the paper in not very good letters.

"Do you know about two people named Auwyang Toanio and Sung-jie ?!"

The old woman thought for a moment, then she replied. “Yes, yes, in this village there is indeed a child named Sung-jie, but there is no one named Auwyang Toanio…… Is Toaya looking for that child?!”

The face of the man in the green robe without both arms had nodded with a beaming face, then he wrote again.

“Please take me to see that child…!”

The old lady nodded, she was willing to help her guest. "Okay......" he said. "Let me take you to meet the child. They live not far from my shop, only four houses apart!”

The guest writes on paper thanking him, and then follows the old woman to the house of the child named Sung-jie.

There is indeed a boy named Sung-jie, a twelve-year-old boy. But when he saw the child, the man in the green robe shook his head to tell the old woman that the child was not what he meant.

The old woman was pensive for a moment, until finally she said. "Apart from this boy, there is no other boy named Sung-jie in this village!"

With a gloomy face, the person wearing the green robe has returned to the old woman's shop, while the old woman is still patiently accompanying her. The guest had written again on the paper,

"Or does the lady know about Im-mo-kauw ?!"

The old woman said. “Im-mo-kauw? That name is the first time I heard .........! ”

The guest sighed again, he had nodded, and wrote again.

“Madam please take my money in my pocket, to pay for this tea that I have been drinking……”

The old woman had reached into the man's shirt pocket, and immediately took out a few tails of silver.

"How many?!"

wrote the guest again.

"Only three cie," replied the woman.

"Take one tail ........."

write the man again on the paper.

“This is too much, Toaya. Too much more!” said the old woman.

But the visitor had been shaking his head and gesturing for the old woman not to refuse his gift. While the rest of the money from the guest has been put into his pocket again by the owner of the tea shop.

With a sluggish step, the man in the green shirt had left the liquor stall, his demeanor so lethargic, his face sour and radiating grief.

The old woman who owned the tea shop just stood in front of her shop watching the departure of her disabled guest who had to be pitied.

It turned out that the man who kept the long mustache and beard, with the long green robe and a pair of stumped hands and a gagu, was none other than Tong Miauw Liang, who had been tortured by Tok-liong-pian Kwee Cai In.

Indeed, after failing to meet Auwyang Toanio and Sung-jie accompanied by Say-ong-kiam Kwie-bun Hosiang. Tong Miauw Liang immediately returned to his Tong-kak Taisu temple, and then said goodbye, as he was looking for the trail of Auwyang Toanio, who was thought to have been kidnapped by the Im-mo-kauw people.

For more than two years Tong Miauw Liang traveled, but he did not get the results he wanted. He still can't find the trail of Auwyang Toanio and also his son Sung-jie.

The more he thought about it, Tong Miauw Liang became more and more sad. He as a classmate of Auwyang Fung Tang, whom he suspected had perished at the hands of the Im-mo-kauw people, had been asked for his help to protect his wife and son.

Not only did he fail to protect, so Thiam-sim-kiam's sword was separated from Auwyang Toanio's hand, he also did not know where the mother and child were. While he himself has now become a crippled human being, who is dumb and does not have both hands anymore.

Tong-kak Taisu had offered him, Thiam-sim-kiam's sword ready to be returned if only Tong Miauw Liang managed to meet the person meant by Auwyang Fung Tang, someone he had to meet in Kang-ciu. But so far, no one has been found by Tong Miauw Liang, as Auwyang Fung Tang meant!

Because of that, he has left Kang-ciu and wandered. In order to find the traces of Auwyang Toanio and Sung-jie. Tong Miauw Liang has traveled to various villages and cities. The result remains nil.

When Tong Miauw Liang wanted to leave the small village, and when he arrived at the door of the village, he was suddenly confronted by someone, namely a man of large stature, has a cruel face with his top clothes open, so that his muscular chest is visible, In his hand he gripped a rusty machete. The person jumped out from behind a fairly dense group of trees, he too had shouted.


Tong Miauw Liang watched the tall man with cold eyes.

“Hemmm, do you love soul or property? If you really don't want to go to Giam-lo-ong, quickly hand over your belongings! ” snapped a fierce -faced man with a rusted machete pointed in front of Tong Miauw Liang's face.

Tong Miauw Liang saw that the person who was blocking him, who was certainly a robber, was a tall person, but judging by his movements, he did not have any significant intelligence. “Uh uh, uh, uh,” from Tong Miauw Liang's mouth there were voices like that, because he was speechless.

The robber laughed heartily in a loud voice, he said in a loud, shrill voice.

“Hahahaha, a fool! Well, you give up your possessions, I want to have mercy on you, to free you from death. "

But Tong Miauw Liang shook his head and shook his shoulders, he wanted to mean that he didn't have any valuable possessions or things.

But the robber had said savagely.

“You don't want to give the things? Or do you want me to search?!”

But Tong Miauw Liang kept shaking his head repeatedly and then he had moved his shoulders again, then turned his body to leave the place.

"Hey, where are you going?!" snapped the big tall robber in a savage voice and his rusty machete had moved, slashing towards Tong Miauw Liang's shoulder.

Even though both of his hands had been cut off and his tongue had been cut off so that he was dumbfounded, Tong Miauw Liang was able to dodge swiftly. The agility of his legs didn't diminish at all, and at that moment the machete had grabbed past his shoulder, and it seemed he had jumped to the side, then moved his right leg to kick the robber's wrist.

The movement made by Tong Miauw Liang was very fast, so that the robber did not rush to pull back his machete, which had been shaken by Tong Miauw Liang's kick.

The robber, who was tall and big, was also surprised to see the fast and powerful movement of Tong Miauw Liang's feet, because at that time he did not expect that this dumb person could kick his wrist.

However, he was only stunned for a moment, then angrily. He had let out a very loud thud and his machete had snatched again quickly going to slam towards Tong Miauw Liang's neck.

But Tong Miauw Liang quickly dodged to the side, he had kicked his opponent's waist again.

But this time as the robber was getting ready to face his opponent's kick, he had jumped so nimbly, where his hand had moved again his machete had snatched back towards Tong Miauw Liang's waist.

Tong Miauw Liang let out a voice, “Ah, ah, uh, uh” then he had jumped very high, two more spears. Tofu had kicked both of his legs with a chain kick, even about right on the robber's head, which at that moment his eyes became flickering. His machete had slipped from its grip and his body was clumsy on the ground.

When he crawled up, he saw that Tong Miauw Liang was walking to leave the place. Tong Miauw Liang completely ignored him. At that time the robber himself did not understand why the dumb person had such agile movements.

At first he thought the gagu man was a very soft victim, but in reality he had to be kicked up to seven rounds.

Tong Miauw Liang continued his journey without paying attention to the robber, because Tong Miauw Liang realized that the robber was just a robber who had no meaning, maybe just a land crocodile in the village. Because even though he used the rusty machete as his weapon, in fact the robber did not have the knowledge or skill to play with his weapon.

Tong Miauw Liang traveled slowly and after reaching a dozen lies, he rested again. At that time he arrived near a moor, where the grass grew quite tall. He approached a tree, and sat sharpened under the tree.

With a sad heart, Tong Miauw Liang is still thinking about where he should look for Auwyang Toanio and Sung-jie. If indeed he has not been able to find the traces of the two men. even if he had to travel ten years or more, he would certainly do. Because of that he has decided to keep looking for the two people.

While Tong Miauw Liang was sitting prostrate in that place, under the wind that hit his face, and he also saw the grass that was fluttering in the wind, from his right, behind a fairly large tree, seemed to be walking towards someone. Tong Miauw Liang looked at the person, who was wearing a yellow shirt.

And, after the man, who was a man over thirty years of age, drew a long sword around his waist, stood near Tong Miauw Liang, watching Tong Miauw Liang for a while, he rebuked him. "Were you the one who beat Sie-toa?"

Tong Miauw Liang stood up, he spoke. "Ah, ah, uh, uh" and shook his head. That is, he wanted to state that he did not understand what the man in the yellow shirt meant.

While the man in yellow was laughing coldly, he said blandly. "Hmm, you're right! According to Sie-toa's description, you are indeed a dumb person and I see that you don't even have hands, which means you are a flawed person, which should be of no use. So for Sie-toa to be powerless to knock you down, it is a strange and extraordinary thing!”

And after saying that, the man in yellow had shown a ruthless attitude. "Now I want to ask you, won't you give up your money and things?!"

Tong Miauw Liang immediately understood that this man in yellow was definitely the friend of the robber he had knocked down not too long ago. And maybe this man in yellow is going to take revenge on him. But Tong Miauw Liang remained calm, he just shook his head.

"Fine, apparently you really want to play with me or are you pretending to be stupid?!" said the man in yellow, his hand quickly drew his sword, where it seemed that his sword was shining brightly, dazzling the eyes.

“Are you going to hand over your money and belongings or not? Or is your neck about to be separated from your body!”

As he snapped, his sword was pointed at Tong Miauw Liang's neck. That made Tong Miauw Liang step back three steps, saying, "Ah," ah, uh, uh "and then about to turn his body to leave the man in the yellow shirt.