Hurricane In Siauw Lim Sie Chapter 03

Volume 03

MING-KANG Hweshio who knows himself is unlikely to escape, so desperate. He had hit the handlebars of the car. The two horses that were pulling the carriage had swayed to lift both legs of their respective faces, while whimpering once loudly, then leaping forward to attack his two friends Tok-liong-pian Kwee Cai In.

The two men let out exclamations of surprise, for they had been so suddenly lunged at by the two horses. And it seems very difficult for them to escape.

But the only way for them to escape, was to leave their respective horses. The two of them jumped down very nimbly, and it was their two mounts that the carriage hit.

Instead of playing with anger, Tok-liong-pian, knowing that his right hand had pulled out a long whip, at the end of which was a skull. This whip is indeed a bit special, because the whip can not only be used to whip the opponent and can also involve the opponent's weapon, it is also true that the human skull at the end can be used to punch blood vessels.

Thus, the special whip of Tok-liong-pian's weapon was a very powerful whip. What's even more extraordinary, from a pair of small human skull eyes, can emit a very fierce poison vapor!

Every time he moved this whip, which was circling and snatching back and forth, it was clear that the whip was like a dragon that was circling here and there. Because of that weapon, Kwee Cai In has received his nickname as Tok-liong-pian whip the Venomous Dragon.

With a very agile movement, it seemed that Tok-liong-pian had jumped closer to the car, his long whip snatched very quickly towards Ming-kang Hweshio's head. The skulls of the human head, which were as small as half a fist, had struck with great force.

Ming-kang Hweshio knew the danger was snatching towards his head. He tilted his body to avoid the attack, then quickly his two hands pulled on the horse's bridle, so that the carriage continued to run fast as well, at that time the two horses that pulled the carriage were like raging and raging.

Tong Miauw Liang and Auwyang Toanio became very anxious and worried, while Sung-jie, the little boy, also became scared.

“Mother, the carriage could overturn if it was rushed like this!” said the boy.

"Yes, yes, you calm down son!" said the mother comforting her son, and Auwyang Toanio hugged her son tightly. At that time, it seemed that Auwyang Toanio had blocked his bundle in his left hand, he also turned to Tong Miauw Liang, he said.

"If circumstances force me, I will jump out of this car together with Sung-jie ........!"

Tong Miauw Liang was shocked. "That's very dangerous, because even if you can escape from this train, you will still fall into the hands of that Tok-liong-pian!"

“But I guess if I did jump around a corner they wouldn't have seen it! Well, you see, didn't Tok-liong-pian and his people run ahead of our carriage?!”

Tong Miauw Liang hesitated. At that time Ming-kang Hweshio had indeed seen that Tok-liong-pian Kwee Cai In and his accomplices had overtaken the train. They ran at the front, and they meant that after running so far they would block him in a calculated way so as not to get hit by the carriage, for Ming-kang Hweshio seemed desperate and mad.

Ming-kang Hweshio complained, because if he ran the carriage to the front, then surely in the future some chance Tok-liong-pian's large number of people, dozens of people, would be able to knock him down, and could harm him. Therefore, Ming-kang Hweshio intended to turn the carriage around.

But when the priest glanced at him, he saw that behind the carriage there were also two of Tok-liong-pian's accomplices who were following along. Ming-kang Hweshio silently complained.

At that moment, Ming-kang Hweshio seemed determined, he ran the car faster as well, and at that time the car slid as if out of control. When the carriage had slid even closer to the Tok-liong-pian group and his friends, who had been waiting for the carriage to arrive by lining up at the side of the road, Ming-kang Hweshio took out his Bok-khien hammer, he used his sharp tip. to pierce the tails of the two horses.

It's just that the two horses pulling the carriage were in great pain, and had pranced, then like a frenzy they had rushed forward out of control. The train was pulled very fast, no matter at that time the road was very slippery and was covered with snow.

Toan Miauw Lang and Auwyang Toanio complained. Seeing this, of course, they could get hurt, because soon the train would surely overturn, because it was out of control. While the old carriage coach. Clinging tightly to the railing of the carriage, his face was pale, because he was terrified.

But as the train passed near the line of Tok-liong-pian and his comrades, it appeared that some of Tok-liong-pian's accomplices had moved their hands, throwing needles and some other secret weapon. The rain of secret weapons had nothing to do with Ming-kang Hweshio.

But what was unfortunate was the two horses, when Ming-kang Hweshio speeded with his hands and the gusts of his two hands protected his body from being struck by the secret weapon, the fallen secret weapon had actually turned back partially into the bodies of the two horses pulling the carriage.

Because of the great pain, the two horses were getting madder, running like a demon possessed, and the carriage was drawn stronger and faster. But only half a lie, the carriage overturned, because one of its wheels had hit a rather large rock and was covered by quite a thick snow, so that the carriage overturned and was dragged by the two horses which could still run some distance.

Finally the two horses had fallen and then tried to get up. But the two horses were not mad anymore, just stood still and neighed slowly.

Tok-liong-pian and his friends have also come hunting. Ming-kang Hweshio had jumped down when the train wanted to overturn, so he didn't get slammed.

The pity was that the coachman, Sie Toan, who had been thrown into a pile of snow, was then crushed by the carriage and dragged, so that when the two horses had crawled to their feet, it was Sie Toan who remained under the carriage, not breathing anymore, had died. .......

While Tong Miauw Liang and Auwyang Toanio and Sung-jie, were thrown back and forth when the car overturned and was dragged by the running of the two horses. But they want to suffer only small injuries, not endangering the soul. Moreover, Auwyang Toanio hugged his son tightly when the carriage was dragged by the horses that were galloping.

"Get everyone out of the car!" snapped Tok-liong-pian who was still stuck in his horse's back, his whip still stuck in his hand.

Tong Miauw Liang realized that it was impossible for him to put up a fight because Ming-kang Hweshio's more shrewd intelligence was also powerless against the Tok-liong-pian coming forward to gang up on him. Together with Auwyang Toanio and Sung-jie, Tong Miauw Liang had crawled out of the carriage.

His hand seemed to block his lump. Auwyang Toanio while hugging Sung-jie had also blocked the bundle containing Thiam-sim-kiam's sword.

Auwyang Toanio's face was pale, while Sung-jie hugged his mother tightly in fear. This boy seemed to be horrified to see so many people with cruel faces and creepy facial expressions and strange shapes.

Ming-kang Hweshio, who at that time was in a rage because he knew he could no longer escape the encirclement of Tok-liong-pian and his people, reached into his robe pocket again. He threw four round objects that were like eggs, which immediately exploded and spread a thick smoke, smoke that smelled fragrant and contained poison that worked very well.

Tok-liong-pian and his accomplices who knew the danger of the poison, had quickly stepped aside. But this opportunity was used by Ming-kang Hweshio to get rid of himself.

One of the two tow horses of the carriage was released and then he jumped onto the horse's back, which ran as fast as he could to get rid of it!

Tong Miauw Liang and Auwyang Toanio just watched blankly. They don't think Ming-kang Hweshio is a coward.

Tok-liong-pian who saw Ming-kang Hweshio run away, he laughed coldly, but did not chase after him. Then with a sharp look in his eyes, Tok-liong-pian stared at Auwyang Toanio.

“Take out Thiam-sim-kiam!” he snapped.

Auwyang Toanio shook his head. "I don't know what you mean by Thiam-sim-kiam ........!" he replied.

“You don't pretend to be stupid! Or do you really want us to search ourselves ?! ” Tok-liong-pian snapped again. "Take out Thiam-sim-kiam and leave ........ you can leave this place safely ........!"

Auwyang Toanio kept shaking his head. "I don't know what Thiam-sim-kiam is!" he said sticking to his denial.

Tok-liong-pian had laughed coldly, he glanced at a friend who was beside him, a tall man with a face that had a machete cut on his face. he said.

“Take that Thiam-sim-kiam!”

"Good!" replied the scarlet face, and immediately jumped down from the horse.

Tong Miauw Liang could not remain silent seeing that the man was approaching Auwyang Toanio, immediately Tong Miauw Liang stood crosswise in front of Auwyang Toanio while his hand was ready to block the handle of his sword.

"Do not disturb us!" said Tong Miauw Liang in a loud voice. “If you really have business with Ming-kang Hweshio, don't you after failing to catch the priest and want to disturb us! We are poor people who don't have anything, don't have much money, it's useless for you to rob us!”

“Hm, we don't need your money or your possessions! If indeed you are short of money on the way, we are also willing to give you a hundred or two hundred tails. But what we want from you is to leave Thiam-sim-kiam's sword, and after that you may leave this place without us bothering you!" said Tok-liong-pian.

And immediately he said to the coded -faced man. "Carry out the order!"

"Good!" responding to the person on his face there were marks of scars from a sharp weapon. Her body had also moved, jumping forward. His moving left hand would push Tong Miauw Liang to the side, while his right hand had moved very quickly to grab the lump in Auwyang Toanio's hand.

Instead of irritating and worrying Tong Miauw Liang, he quickly pulled out his sword, which was used immediately so it was pulled out of his socket. The beam of the sword flashed at the chest of the coded man.

The movement made by Tong Miauw Liang did not have much effect on the coded man, because very quickly his left hand that had been pushing had changed direction knowing that he had punched Tong Miauw Liang's wrist, and wanted to snatch Tong Miauw Liang's sword.

Although Tong Miauw Liang's skill is not as good as his suheng's or Ming-kang Hweshio's, but he is not a weak person. Seeing his wrist about to be pierced, he had pulled back his sword, which was pointed and knowingly stabbed into the stomach of the codet-faced man.

The stab was indeed a quick and deadly stab for the coded-faced man, so he let out a startled cry and quickly moved to the right.

Auwyang Toanio took advantage of the opportunity to have jumped back a few steps and had pulled Sung-jie's hand away. So that the lump was spared from the snatching of the coded -faced person.

The coded-faced man seemed to be angry and curious, so regardless of Tong Miauw Liang next to him, after successfully avoiding the sword stab, he knew that the coded-faced man's body had crashed into Auwyang Toanio.

Auwyang Toanio couldn't avoid being hit by the coded man, so his body was knocked over, followed by Sung-jie.

At that time, the lump was blocked loudly and forcefully by the codet-faced person, so that Auwyang Toanio screamed loudly.

Tong Miauw Liang did not stay silent, he jumped very fast to stab with his sword. But as the sword snatched towards the back of the coded man, a strong and sharp wind blew from behind him.

At that moment, Tong Miauw Liang also knew that from behind he grabbed the assault attack, so he could not continue his stab, he just dodged to the side while canceling his stab. Tok-liong-pian's whip seemed to have snatched past over his head, only a few dims apart.

Apparently Tok-liong-pian who saw Tong Miauw Liang about to stab the codet-faced man, had used his whip to attack. And the attack he made was not a light attack, because it had caused a very strong wind of attack.

Thus, it has made Tong Miauw Liang fail with the intention of stabbing the back of the coded man.

At that moment, it was very clear that the coded-faced man had pushed Auwyang Toanio and Sung-jie's bodies. Then his agile body, carrying the bundle he had seized, jumped on the back of a horse and ran his horse as fast as possible to leave the place.

While Tok-liong-pian and his other accomplices had turned their horses and ran their riding horses quickly towards the codet-faced man away carrying a bundle of Auwyang Toanio.

Auwyang Toanio had exclaimed. "That sword ........ that sword!"

Tong Miauw Liang set foot on his feet, his body squirming very fast wanting to catch up.

But Tok-liong-pian and his men had fled their horses quickly.

Tong Miauw Liang complained, because if the mustika sword was captured by Tok-liong-pian, their efforts to protect the sword would be in vain. While Auwyang Fung Tang himself to meet death at the hands of the people of Im-mo-kauw only to keep the sword from falling into the hands of the enemy, but has now been captured by Tok-liong-pian, and his people.

Tong Miauw Liang saw that one of the horses of the two chariot horses was still there, he ran to untie the horse from the chariot, because Tong Miauw Liang in his confusion intended to chase Tok-liong-pian and his men.

But as soon as Tong Miauw Liang jumped on the horse's back, he heard a terrible scream from the direction where Tok-liong-pian and the others had fled their horse. Tong Miauw Liang had run his horse to follow, as soon as he saw four of his friends Tok-liong-pian in the middle lying on a pile of snow with a groan.

Meanwhile, Tok-liong-pian and the rest of his men had jumped down from their horses while holding their weapons, besieging someone.

Tong Miauw Liang who arrived at the place quickly saw, one of the four people lying on the snow covered the face of the codet. And the bundle that had been snatched from the codet's face by Auwyang Toanio, had moved to block the person who was being surrounded by Tok-liong-pian and his friends.

Tong Miauw Liang asserted the man, who turned out to be a thin pastor in a yellow robe and mustache and a curly beard, a pointed nose and bluish eyes. That was a haunted and gallant pastor.

"Say-ong-kiam, you hand over the bundle to us and we won't bother you!" said Tok-liong-pian in a loud voice. "We also don't care how long you've ruined these four of our friends!"

The priest, called by the pronunciation of Say-ong-kiam (Sword of the Lion King), had uttered an air-conditioned voice. His demeanor was very calm, his bluish-blue eyeballs glared around the place, then responded.

“Say-ong-kiam never vomits back what he has swallowed! Hemmmmm, roll yourselves, before my sword speaks for blood! ”

Tok-liong-pian Kwee Cai In seemed to be very angry, he exclaimed while moving his whip which snatched very quickly towards the blue-eyed priest.

"You're too busy Say-ong-kiam, you think we're jealous of you, huh? Accept these three attacks of mine ........! ”

The pastor was not silent, when the whip came, he just tilted his body, the whip had passed beside his arm. When Tok-liong-pian's whip flipped over to his waist, it would involve his waist, Say-ong-kiam with a very agile movement had stretched his body.

Both of his legs remained in place, only his body slammed back so quickly, that Tok-liong-pian's whip had snatched past over his stomach. And when the whip was over, Say-ong-kiam's body stood up straight again.

"Tok-liong-pian Kwee Cai In, I have given you the opportunity to keep your head! But if you are stubborn and insist on fighting for the sword of Thiam-sim-kiam, I think the skull of your head will say goodbye to your neck ........! ”

While saying so, with his left hand still blocking the bundle he had grabbed while his right hand pulled out a sword. It does not seem to be a random sword, because it is gleaming and the head of the handle of the sword is engraved with a lion, made of gold!

"Well, please go ahead if you really want to throw free souls!" said Say-ong-kiam again in a cold voice, "It's not in vain for Siauw-ceng Kwie-bun Hosiang to receive the nickname Say-ong-kiam!"

And after saying that, the priest, who turned out to be Kwie-bun Hosiang, raised his sword which was crossed in front of his chest. Say-ong-kiam he received was an honorary nickname for him, because his sword was really great and his sword knowledge was also extraordinary.

If it is faced with ordinary sharp weapons, it is not impossible that Say-ong-kiam's sword will be able to cut off the opponent's weapon. Say-ong-kiam's sword science is also a sword science that is difficult to match.

At that time, Tok-liong-pian Kwee Cai In was apparently impatient, because by snorting several times, his whip had moved repeatedly to grab Say-ong-kiam or Kwie-bun Hosiang repeatedly. The wind roared as the whip snatched some of Kwie-bun Hosiang's deadly limbs.

But Kwe-bun Hosiang was not afraid to face Tok-liong-pian's whip attack, because with a single whip, his sword had also moved to dazzle his eyes, flashing to grab some deadly parts of his opponent's body. With strange moves and movements and the sword stabs, pierces and cuts crosswise, or by twisting.

Thus, it was clear how the whip and the sword had slapped each other would threaten the safety of the souls of their opponents. But these two people apparently have a balanced skill, because after going through a few moves, it is still not seen who is desperate between the two.

For a martial arts expert, the course of the battle has shown that Say-ong-kiam's true skill is above Tok-liong-pian's skill, because if Tok-liong-pian uses a whip that helps him more because the range of the whip is still very far. , in contrast to the sword which can only reach very close range.

Thus it seems, although they are balanced, but the fact is that Say-ong-kiam won on the wind. In such a situation. Say-ong-kiam Kwie-bun Hosiang doesn't stay silent or just squint or attack blankly. Several times he almost managed to stab the thighs and shoulders of his opponent, forcing Tok-liong-pian to always play with his back.

After a few more moves, Tok-liong-pian shouted at some of his friends, so that they immediately came forward to help him. With such a slap in the face, Say-ong-kiam is indeed under the wind, but Kwie-bun Hosiang still gives a persistent resistance, where he has attacked with deadly stabbing moves,

Tok-liong-pian along with his friends intensified their attacks. It was then that Say-ong-kiam seemed to be besieged from all directions, Say-ong-kiam himself felt that in fact if their fight continued like that, it would be himself who would suffer losses.

Therefore he has intensified his attack and tried to finish and finish the fight in a short time. But due to the ingenuity of Tok-liong-pian and his friends are not low, in addition to the fact that their number is also very large, so that by itself Say-ong-kiam finally fell under the wind.

Especially he had to protect against Auwyang Toanio's bundle, which contained the mustika sword of Thiam-sim-kiam that was being fought over.

But Say-ong-kiam was not exhausted, for he had twisted his sword as fast as a spinning wheel. He protected his whole body with the beam of his sword, so that not a drop of water could possibly penetrate his defense.

And in the middle of twisting his sword like that, Kwie-bun Hosiang had moved the bundle in his left hand, knowing he had piled on Tok-liong-pian.

Tok-liong-pian who did not expect to be greeted by the large enough lump, which snatched towards his face, quickly twitched. But by the time he squirmed by jumping to the left, Kwie-bun Hosiang's sword had worked and "cep!" the sword stuck in Tok-liong-pian's arm, so that Tok-liong-pian let out a cry of pain, jumping back a few steps.

Say-ong-kiam Kwie-bun Hosiang himself, as soon as he managed to stab Tok-liong-pian with his sword, immediately grabbed the bundle with his left hand, which he grabbed again firmly. Thus, it was immediately seen that Say-ong-kiam managed to turn his sword over and over again, snatched the opponent's weapon attack, then repeated the trick again, slashing his bundle at one of his opponents and accompanied by a stab.

By attacking like that, Say-ong-kiam Kwie-bun Hosiang managed to make his opponent a mess.

And when he got the opportunity, Say-ong-kiam while stabbing his opponent who was on the right, had set his foot, his body soared four more spears.

"Now I don't have time to mess with you guys, we'll see you later!" and then Kwie-bun Hosiang had deployed his ginkang, he had run very fast, leaving the place.

Tok-liong-pian cried out fiercely in anger. "Chase!" Then with one hand holding the wound in his left arm, he jumped in pursuit.

Tok-liong-pian's friends had also chased. Some jumped on their horses, to catch up using their mounts.

But Say-ong-kiam Kwie-bun Hosiang had run very fast, like the wind. Even though he was chased by a horse, he was still able to separate himself at a considerable distance.

Tok-liong-pian who witnessed this, became even more curious, he had put all his remaining strength into pursuing it. While two of his friends, who were riding horses, were in front of him. And the two friends of Tok-liong-pian managed to shorten the distance between them and Say-ong-kiam.

When they were separated by a dozen spears, the two friends of Tok-liong-pian had reached into their respective shirt pockets, pulling out secret weapons.

By using the power of internal energy, the two of them have piled the secret weapon on Say-ong-kiam.

Say-ong-kiam was able to dodge the shurikens, but because he had to dodge like that, his movements were hampered, and his two pursuers had arrived only three spears apart!

At that time, the two friends of Tok-liong-pian had accompanied them with their secret weapons, so that Say-ong-kiam really could not escape again and was chased by them.

At that time, Say-ong-kiam was very angry, he shouted fiercely.

"You're really looking for success ........!"

Following his words, Say-ong-kiam instead of running away again, his body soared into the air, kicking his two pursuers. Say-ong-kiam's body floated in midair lightly, and his hand gripping the sword moved very fast, the sword slamming into the throats of the two pursuers.

But the two friends of Tok-liong-pian are also not careless people, because they have high intelligence as well. Thus, though shocked to see such stabs snatching at him, yet they tried to avoid it by dropping themselves each hanging on the horse's belly.

Because Say-ong-kiam Kwie-bun Hosiang's sword movement was very fast, it couldn't be helped that the two men were injured in the arms, with a "bret, bret!" sound. twice, immediately saw the clothes on their arms had been torn by the blade of Kwie-bun Hosiang!

Kwie-bun Hosiang had run away from them. The two pursuers did not continue their pursuit, because both had seen that the priest's swordsmanship was indeed very high and difficult for them to serve.

Tok-liong-pian and his friends had arrived at the place where their two friends were, who at that time were sitting stunned on the backs of their respective horses. But Say-ong-kiam was no longer visible, he had taken away the bundle containing the Thiam-sim-kiam sword they were fighting over.

"Keep chasing ........ no matter how Thiam-sim-kiam we should be able to snatch from the bastard priest!" shouted Tok-liong-pian Kwee Cai In in a voice full of great anger.

As he shouted so, he also stamped his horse, which ran very fast, to chase Say-ong-kiam. His friends immediately ran with their horses quickly to catch up.

Tong Miauw Liang who had arrived at the place was holding his horse back, he hesitated. If he kept chasing, of course he wouldn't be able to face Tok-liong-pian with his friends, nor would he be able to match Say-ong-kiam.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, Auwyang Toanio and Sung-jie were waiting for him in the back. Finally, Tong Miauw Liang decided to just return. He ran off his horse wearily.

When he arrives at the place where Auwyang Toanio and Sung-jie are, he sees the mother and child sitting in the snow in silence. Auwyang Toanio's face looked grim, while Sung-jie, who still didn't understand the matter, looked around with a wondering heart, wondering what had just happened, where the people had been fighting.

Indeed, lately Sung-jie has often witnessed people fighting, such as his father being beaten by Im-mo-kauw's people, as well as at the inn and earlier in the battle that took place between Tok-liong-pian and Ming -kang Hweshio, then there was a battle between Tok-liong-pian and Say-ong-kiam.

These were all events that made this child not understand why people always had to fight. And what made him even more clueless was why his mother and he, along with Tong Miauw Liang, the uncle, were always being chased by these people.

But Sung-jie didn't get any information from her mother that could make her understand, because her mother just said. "Nothing, nothing!" And this child is getting more and more clueless.

"Too bad Toanio, the sword has fallen into the hands of the blue-eyed priest ........ he is a priest who has the skills that are above Tok-liong-pian, I can not afford to chase him ....... .! ” explained Tong Miauw Liang to Auwyang Toanio remorsefully.

Auwyang Toanio has wiped away the tears, he said with a very sad heart.

“Never mind, the most important thing now is that we must continue our journey to reach Kang-ciu as soon as possible….. Maybe there is someone who can help us……! Didn't Ming-kang Hweshio say that in Kang-ciu will await the True Dragon and its people who will protect us!"

Tong Miauw Liang sighed.

“Regarding Ming-kang Hweshio, we still doubt his sincerity, because recent events show signs that Ming-kang Hweshio is also aiming for Thiam-sim-kiam's sword……! Hmm, the same goes for the True Dragon, I doubt that he will not be the one to protect us, instead he will be the one who can harm us!”

Auwyang Toanio sighed, he said while pulling Sung-jie's hand.

“If I leave it to Toako, what should we do, as long as Sung-jie can be protected and doesn't experience anything that could harm her……!” said that until there Auwyang Toanio had hugged his son.

Tong Miauw Liang sighed, he said then after thinking for a while.

“In my opinion Toanio, it would be best if we didn't have to meet the True Dragon. We are still heading to Kang-ciu, when I get there I will investigate secretly. But we also have to try so that our arrival is not known to anyone......

"This is what we need to do, because if our arrival in Kang-ciu is known by people who are after Thiam-sim-kiam's sword and those people suspect that Thiam-sim-kiam's sword is still in our hands, then, it will provoke trouble for us!”

Auwyang Toanio agreed with Tong Miauw Liang's opinion, he just nodded, because Auwyang Toanio had already trusted Tong Miauw Liang to arrange everything, so that mothers and children could be saved. That's right, using only one horse the three of them have traveled.

For two days they made a very tiring journey, until they finally arrived at the outskirts of the Kang-ciu area. At that time, Tong Miauw Liang had thought of something, he said.

"It would be nice if Toanio and Sung-jie stayed in this place in a resident's house, for a temporary ride. Meanwhile, I will go to Kang-ciu to investigate what really happened and who we should meet according to Suheng's message ........

"That's why, with Toanio taking a ride with Sung-jie at a local resident's house in this place, of course I can carry out a more flexible investigation!"

Auwyang Toanio agreed with Tong Miauw Liang's suggestion because Auwyang Toanio also knew that if she was a mother and child together with Tong Miauw Liang, it would make Tong Miauw Liang not free to investigate. Most importantly, indeed, Tong Miauw Liang, in addition to having to protect them, also had to face those who were their enemies, the number of which and which party was not yet known.

Thus, Tong Miauw Liang had come to the house of a resident of the place, asking that Auwyang Toanio and Sung-jie be allowed to stay a few days there.

Tong Miauw Liang gives the reason to the host, a middle-aged man, that he wants to buy merchandise to Kang-ciu and entrust Auwyang Toanio who is recognized as his wife and Sung-jie as his son, to the host. Of course don’t forget Tong Miauw Liang has given five silver tails to the host.

Tong Miauw Liang's request was accepted, and even Auwyang Toanio and Sung-jie were treated with respect. After entrusting Auwyang Toanio and Sung-jie, Tong Miauw Liang continued his journey to Kang-ciu.

To reach the Kang-ciu crowd center only a dozen lie apart, then soon Tong Miauw Liang had arrived in the middle of the Kang-ciu crowd center. He approached a fairly large two -story inn, and asked the waiter for a room.

After copying clothes and resting for a while, Tong Miauw Liang came out of the inn, to start his investigation. Kang-ciu is a very busy area, because the area is divided into six cities and dozens of villages.

Only the center of the crowd of Kang-ciu is centered in the city of Man-su-kwan, a city located in the middle of the Kang-ciu area. Tong Miauw Liang naturally saw that it was difficult for him to immediately find Ming-kang Hweshio, Say-ong-kiam or also Tok-liong-pian with his friends. Thus, he was simply pacing around the city.

Tong Miauw Liang has decided, today too he will tour the entire Kang-ciu district, to investigate all the issues he has been experiencing lately along with Auwyang Toanio and Sung-jie.

Auwyang Fung Tang who was raided by the Im-mo-kauw people who were presumed to have been destroyed, was only due to the sword of Thiam-sim-kiam. Meanwhile, if it is true that the Thiam-sim-kiam sword is still in the hands of Auwyang Toanio, it is clear that the soul of Auwyang Toanio is also threatened with death. Sung-jie did the same.

Although now the sword of Thiam-sim-kiam has fallen into the hands of the priest Say-ong-kiam, but in the end still the people who are aiming for the sword will go after Auwyang Toanio and Sung-jie, where the soul of the mother and her son will remain threatened because of it.

Suheng Tong Miauw Liang, Auwyang Fung Tang had indeed ordered them to go to Kang-ciu, because according to Auwyang Fung Tang in Kang-ciu there would be people who could help and protect them.

However, Auwyang Fung Tang did not have time to explain who could be asked for help, because at that time Auwyang Fung Tang was in great desperation under the pressure of the Im-mo-kauw herd.

Tong Miauw Liang himself didn't know where to start his investigation, so he just walked around the city.

When Tong Miauw Liang was standing at the east door of the city, at which time he was confused about where to find the person Auwyang Fung Tang meant. That's when he saw from in front of him walking a bald-headed priest with blue eyes and hanging on his waist a long sword that glowed gleaming. The priest turned out to be none other than Say-ong-kiam Kwie-bun Hosiang!

Tong Miauw Liang's heart tightened, he quickly hid near the wall of a resident's house, coincidentally Say-ong-kiam did not see him, so that in the future Tong Miauw Liang could follow the priest from a considerable distance.

Say-ong-kiam had headed south, he walked without ever looking back so that Tong Miauw Liang had more freedom to follow the priest. But even so Tong Miauw Liang did not dare to follow the priest too closely, because he knew that the priest had intelligence far higher than his intelligence.

It's just that Tong Miauw Liang was surprised and wondered where the priest would go. He tried not to lose track of the priest.

After being in front of a temple, Say-ong-kiam Kwie-bun Hosiang had knocked on the temple door, he looked around for a moment and when the temple door opened, he slipped in, the temple door was closed again.

Since this was Tong Miauw Liang's only chance to investigate all the events he had experienced and also concerned with the safety of Auwyang Toanio and Sung-jie, so he was so determined, immediately jumped on the temple wall, he slipped inside. The situation in the temple was very quiet and peaceful, not a single pastor was seen.

Tong Miauw Liang had sneaked into several rooms, until he finally hid himself behind a silk curtain when he saw two priests approaching. Apparently the two priests who were between the ages of thirty were temple stewards.

They were talking in a low voice, one of them was saying.

“Temperature has accepted Say-ong-kiam's arrival. According to Suhu, if Say-ong-kiam really brings what he wants, then we will be the door to a university that has no equal……!”

"Yes, but besides that, we must also try to be careful and the Thiam-sim-kiam sword affair that Suhu wants is not widespread, because if the affair spreads among Kang-ouw, it will inevitably provoke a lot of trouble for us, because people will come here. -Kang-ouw people who also want the sword ........! ” said another pastor.

His friend nodded in approval. Then their conversation became more vague, because the two of them had walked farther and farther and finally disappeared in a circle.

Waiting longer and longer in his hiding place, then Tong Miauw Liang came out to sneak into another room. He investigated every room, until finally when he came to the window of a large room that seemed to emit light from within.

He found out that in the room was the blue eyed Say-ong-kiam who was conversing with an old priest, over sixty years old. Tong Miauw Liang was being very careful, because he had prevented Say-ong-kiam and the old priest from being found out, who of course had high intelligence, and it was clear he would be in trouble.

Therefore, he had acted very carefully, Until his footsteps were very slow. He tried not to make the slightest sound either.

Tong Miauw Liang managed to peek into the room, he saw Say-ong-kiam handing the Thiam-sim-kiam sword that he had stolen to the old priest.

“Susiok!” Say-ong-kiam said at that time, "With this Thiam-sim-kiam sword, of course the door of our college will be able to be raised even higher...!"

The old priest didn't answer, he just greeted the sword, which was pulled out of its skeleton and then looked at it carefully.

“Hemmmm……” slowly snorted the old priest, the Susiok, after watching Thiam-sim-kiam for a while, he also put the sword in his frame and placed it near his feet.

"Is Susiok satisfied?" asked Say-ong-kiam then.

The old priestess had frowned. “Yes, indeed Thiam-sim-kiam is what I want, to perfect my training…… but, having Thiam-sim-kiam's sword in my hand means that we have invited many opponents who will soon come to visit us. ……!”

"Why so Susiok?!" Say-ong-kiam asked cluelessly and watched the pensive old priest frown at the sword.

“Since they generally know that you are my disciple's nephew and with Tok-liong-pian knowing that Thiam-sim-kiam fell into your hands, it is clear that he will mobilize his men to look for your traces, as well as investigate here!

Not to mention the Kang-ouw people who heard that the sword fell into your hand, will certainly look for your trail here ........! ”

Say-ong-kiam smiled, he said in a somewhat arrogant manner. “Even if they come here, what can they do?” he said. “Hmmm, with Susiok, of course I can take it easy against them……!”

That time, the old priest had sighed again and said.

“Kwie-bun, you have indeed done a good job, this Thiam-sim-kiam sword you have successfully obtained…… Therefore, now I want to convey to you, if my training has been completed, then Thiam-sim's lesson -kiam-hoat I will leave everything to you……!”

Say-ong-kiam's face lit up. “Thank you Susiok……!” he said excited not playing.

Say-ong-kiam knows that Thiam-sim-kiam-hoat's swordsmanship is an extraordinary swordsmanship, which has incredible prowess. Coupled with the Thiam-sim-kiam sword which is very suitable for use in carrying out Thiam-sim-kiam-hoat moves!"

"Now go you rest first!" said the old priest, “You must be tired having traveled quite a distance without resting…… I will learn the usefulness of this sword!”

Say-ong-kiam nodded, after paying his respects to the old priest, he had resigned. The old priest sat cross-legged in silence watching Thiam-sim-kiam lying in front of him, until finally he said.

“A miraculous sword with a history…… I don't know how many victims have fallen because of you……!”

After muttering so, knowing that the pastor's hand had been whipped, he had drawn the sword, the light of the sword seemed to flicker very fast, the cold wind was blowing in the room. Apparently the old priest used the skills of Thiam-sim-kiam-hoat knowledge that he had, the movement of his sword was so extraordinary, that it fluttered like a dragon that was raging in the ocean!

Thus, it was evident that the old priest's swordsmanship was indeed extraordinary.

At that time, Tong Miauw Liang was seen just peeking behind the window in astonishment. How amazed and horrified he was to see such a great flashing sword.

If he really had to fight with the old priest, and the old priest used his swordsmanship, obviously no more than three of Tong Miauw Liang's moves would fall in his hands!

While Tong Miauw Liang was stunned like that, suddenly the old priest finished his swordsmanship training with his closing move, issued a loud cry, his hands spread out, suddenly the sword was turned with the hilt outside and the tip of the sword in his chest.

That time he was facing his back to the window and when the shouting stopped, his hand moved to bring the sword, which slid through his armpit, slid into the wood of the window, right beside where Tong Miauw Liang was lurking!

Tong Miauw Liang's spirit seemed to fly, he was shocked beyond words, when he saw the sword swooping into his eyes. But he had not yet had time to pull his head, at that time the sword had stuck in the wood of the window!

"Come in ........ why have you just been lurking there? Do you really want to drag Bell in ?! ” muttered the old pastor in the room in a patient voice, still standing behind the window.

Tong Miauw Liang actually wanted to turn around to escape from that place, but immediately he thought, if the old priest chased after him, he would definitely be shot and of course he would be arrested too. So finally, he reluctantly stepped closer to the bedroom door.

"Come in!" the old priest had said from inside his room.

Tong Miauw Liang pushed open the door which immediately burst open.

The old priest watched Tong Miauw Liang who was closing the door at that time, then he pointed at the round mat for. Tong Miauw Liang sat there Tong Miauw Liang didn't say a word either, he sat there.

The old priest had sighed and walked back and forth for a while, until finally he sat down on the round mat that had been his seat earlier. With eyes that flashed a sharp light, the old priest had been watching Tong Miauw Liang, until he finally asked in a slow and patient voice.

"What's your name?"

"Tong Miauw Liang........!" menyahuti Tong Miauw Liang.

"Hemmmm, you're the first person to come here!" said the old pastor. "Since I received this Thiam-sim-kiam sword from my student's nephew, Kwie-bun Hosiang, you are the first person to appear in front of Bell (old priest) ........! Does your arrival have anything to do with this Thiam-sim-kiam sword ?! ”

Tong Miauw Liang nodded.

"Yes ........!" he replied, nodding his head.

"Are you sure you can participate in fighting over this sword, because Bells see, that your intelligence is not yet high!" said the old priest again.

“Indeed Boanpwe didn't mean to fight over the sword, just came to take the sword back……!” replied Tong Miauw Liang.

“Take home this sword?!” asked the old priest, furrowing his brows.

Tong Miauw Liang nodded.

"Yes, because the sword originally belonged to Suhengku ........" replied Tong Miauw Liang.

"This sword belongs to your suheng ?!" the old pastor asked, "Aren't you confused by such a statement?"

Tong Miauw Liang shook his head. "The sword does belong to my suheng, when it will be seized by Tok-liong-pian, then it has been seized by Say-ong-kiam Kwie-bun Hosiang, who is Locianpwe's nephew. Therefore, if Locianpwe doesn't mind, I'm going to take the sword home! ”

"Hmmmm........!" snorted the old priest, “So this sword was snatched by Kwie-bun from your hands?”

Tong Miauw Liang nodded.

The old priest was silent, he watched Thiam-sim-kiam's sword, then watched Tong Miauw Liang for a while, until he finally sighed, he said.

"All right, then who is your suheng, who you say is the owner of this sword?"

"Suheng Boanpwe is named Auwyang Fung Tang ........!" responded to Tong Miauw Liang.

Fung The pastor's face changed, then he said. "Hemmm, I think she's Auwyang ........!"

"Does Locianpwe know about my suheng ?!" asked Tong Miauw Liang.

The priest nodded slowly.

“Who doesn't know Auwyang Fung Tang, the swordsman who is said to have extraordinary intelligence among Kang-ouw! Hemmmm, Bell has heard that Thiam-sim-kiam is in the hands of Auwyang Fung Tang, but Bell has not heard the story from my student's nephew.

"If you don't mind, can you tell me all the events that happened until Thiam-sim-kiam finally fell into the hands of Kwie-bun, my student's nephew?"

Tong Miauw Liang immediately told everything, about the arrival of the Im-mo-kauw people who wanted to seize the sword, who had finally raided Auwyang Fung Tang. And also finally Auwyang Fung Tang asks him to save Auwyang Toanio and Sung-jie, his wife and son, who are ordered to be invited to Kang-ciu. Because of that, he tries to protect Auwyang Toanio and Sung-jie.

But on the way, on the way to Kang-ciu, the Im-mo-kauw people chased and managed to find their trail. Thian-san-ngo-hauw, Sim Toako and Sim Jieko, who are later chased by Ming-kang Hweshio.

Then Ming-kang Hweshio who had been pushed and knocked down by Tok-liong-pian, and likewise Tok-liong-pian and his friends were powerless to prevent Say-ong-kiam from taking Thiam-sim-kiam.

Hearing Tong Miauw Liang's story, the old priest sighed deeply. he said.

"If that's the case, it means that this sword went through a bloody road, and just arrived in the hands of Bell ........!" Several times the old pastor sighed again, his face sour.

“However, did Tong Siecu know, this Thiam-sim-kiam actually has a real master, who is the only person entitled to this sword?!”

Tong Miauw Liang watched the old pastor with a sword. "Who is that Locianpwe ?!" Tong Miauw Liang asked later.

“He's an extraordinary freak, he's a man of extraordinary intelligence and has withdrawn from the world of Kang-ouw for a dozen years. Thus, the Thiam-sim-kiam sword has been passed down to someone.

"And at all, Bell did not think that the sword of Thiam-sim-kiam could be in the hands of your suheng, Auwyang Fung Tang. Also Bell didn't know, somehow Thiam-sim-kiam's sword could fall into his hand ........

"Because if you want to say that Auwyang Fung Tang managed to snatch it from the hands of that very highly intelligent stranger, it is clearly not possible. Because even though Auwyang Fung Tang's intelligence is very high, it is not possible for him to match the intelligence of that strange man ........! ”

After telling the story up to that point, the priest took another deep breath.

"And Bell, although he did not dare to say that Bell's skill was above Auwyang Fung Tang's skill, the fact was that Bell was not a match for the strange man. Therefore, it means that the sword fell into the hands of Auwyang Fung Tang in a rather unusual way. Doesn't Tong Siecu know how the sword fell into your suheng's hand? ”

Tong Miauw Liang sighed as he shook his head,

"Boanpwe only heard Auwyang Suheng's story that he had never used the sword since he had the sword, so he only kept the sword in good condition. But Boanpwe did not think that in the end Auwyang Suheng would have to accept death in disappointment and curiosity at the hands of the Im-mo-kauw people who robbed him and only because of this sword ........! ”

And again Tong Miauw Liang sighed deeply.

"But according to your story, when you and Auwyang's wife and child left the house, Auwyang Fung Tang was still fighting with the Im-mo-kauw people ........ So he was not necessarily destroyed by the people. Im-mo-kauw, a possibility could have happened where Auwyang Fung Tang could have escaped from the siege of his opponents, considering his skill, it is as good as that of Bell! ”

Tong Miauw Liang took a deep breath, he was silent for a while, and finally muttered.

"However, when we left him, Auwyang Suheng's condition was badly injured, while his opponents were many. In fact, the longer the Im-mo-kauw people come, the more likely it is that Auwyang Suheng can escape from them, obviously very slim ........! ”

"Hmmm!" snorted the old priest, while keeping an eye on Thiam-sim-kiam's sword. "Indeed, if this heirloom sword is in the hands of someone who has half-hearted intelligence, of course it will only bring accidents and disasters to himself and his family. Hey, hey, I don't know how many people have fallen victim to that sword……!”

Tong Miauw Liang watched the old pastor, then he said in a low voice.

"Locianpwe is Locianpwe willing to hand over and return the sword to Boanpwe, so that Boanpwe can hand back the sword back to Auwyang Toanio, Auwyang Suheng's wife, because she is the one who has the right to own the sword. In fact, we are heading to Kang-ciu, according to Auwyang Suheng's message, we have to hand over this heirloom sword to someone, it's just ........ it's just ........ "

Tong Miauw Liang did not continue his words, because he was hesitant to continue his words, and he had been watching the pastor.

Whereas the old priest had been watching Tong Miauw Liang for a while, only then did he say with a slow shake of his head.

"It's a pity that it's not possible for Bell to do that ........ Tong Siecu must know, if this Thiam-sim-kiam sword arrives, Bell hands it over to you, returns it to Auwyang Toanio, surely a greater disaster will befall his wife Auwyang Fung Tang and his son.

"Doesn't Tong Siecu want to think further, with the sword of Thiam-sim-kiam in Bell's hand, of course the disaster that should have befallen Auwyang Toanio and her son has been eliminated. Because the people of Im-mo-kauw and also the people of kang-ouw who want this heirloom sword will look for the Bell ........! ”

Tong Miauw Liang was getting restless. At first he intended to soften the old priest's heart by telling the truth about the incident, in the hope that the priest would return the sword. But who knows, the old priest has rejected it.

It was true what the old priest said, in the absence of the sword of Thiam-sim-kiam in Auwyang Toanio's hand, disaster could have been avoided by the mother and child. But do the Kang-ouw people want to understand that the heirloom sword is no longer in Auwyang Toanio's hands?

Tong Miauw Liang sat pensive with a confused heart, utterly confused. To seize the sword using force, of course he couldn't do it because there was no way he could match the old priest.

But to approve the priest's wish that he not try to interfere in the Thiam-sim-kiam sword issue again, to leave this temple empty-handed, this is what Tong Miauw Liang did not want. Indeed, Tong Miauw Liang's intelligence is not as great as Auwyang Fung Tang's.

When they study together, indeed Auwyang Fung Tang has a little advantage over it, that is, in addition to being intelligent, also has talent and good bones. Thus very quickly Auwyang Fung Tang was able to inherit all the skills of their teacher and also finally get training that very quickly reached the peak of perfection.

While Tong Miauw Liang himself is a bit slow every time he receives a lesson from his teacher, that's why he is left far behind by his suheng. It's just that Tong Miauw Liang has a clean, honest and hard soul.

Any work that has not been completed, even if it has to take a very long time, will be endeavored to be completed properly. It was his stubbornness and determination that made Tong Miauw Liang even though he was a bit slow in accepting every lesson from his teacher, yet the teacher liked him and loved him.

Now, getting such a complicated affair, Tong Miauw Liang did not want to back down. Although he knew that he was not the old priest's rival, but to leave this temple empty -handed, he did not want this. He had been silent with a hard mind.

The old pastor had seen Tong Miauw Liang's attitude and behavior, he smiled patiently, he said.

“Tong Siecu, do you still want to take this sword back?”

Tong Miauw Liang did not immediately respond he was worried to answer immediately. But his head finally nodded. "It's my duty ........!" said Tong Miauw Liang later.

“And it has been my duty as well, to protect Auwyang Toanio, the wife of my suheng, along with her young son, to arrive in Kang-ciu safely. In addition, they also try to protect so that the sword of Thiam-sim-kiam remains in their hands, waiting until we manage to meet the person meant by my suheng ........! ”

“So what Tong Siecu means?!” asked the old priest.

"If indeed I failed to carry out my duty, Thiam-sim-kiam's sword fell into the hands of others, and Auwyang Toanio and her son had a disaster, it would certainly make me uneasy.

"How will I be responsible to my suheng if we meet in the Hereafter ........? And my suheng will obviously die with his eyes wide open because he is not calm watching all this! ”

Hearing Tong Miauw Liang's words, the old pastor nodded patiently, he said kindly.

"Bell does know Tong Siecu's difficulties, but besides that, Tong Siecu needs to know, that what Bell is doing, indirectly actually brings good for Auwyang Toanio and his son!"

Tong Miauw Liang had raised his head to look at the priest for a while, then he said in a hesitant voice.

“But Locianpwe, indeed in this matter there are several issues that Boanpwe has not yet clearly understood. Thus, of course Boanpwe couldn't say anything about the Thiam-sim-kiam sword affair.

“Because Boanpwe only knows that he has to protect my wife and son, including the Thiam-sim-kiam sword. And the fact is, of course Boanpwe couldn't possibly take it for granted if Thiam-sim-kiam's sword had to be stolen by someone from Boanpwe's protection." Connect again.