Hurricane In Siauw Lim Sie Chapter 02

Volume 02

MING-KANG Hweshio at that time had said in a cold voice. “You have such high intelligence, but unfortunately you help lowly humans, what a pity! really dear!”

While saying so, Ming-kang Hwesio also did not remain silent, because he had retaliated by attacking his two opponents every time he managed to avoid or shrink from the attacks of Sim Toako and Sim Jieko, so Ming-kang Hwesio always accompanied by retaliatory attacks.

Unusually, the roaring energy of the lwekang was so great, that Sim Toako and Sim Jieko had to avoid themselves repeatedly. Their bodies fluttered amid the roar of the wind blowing each other.

Their way of fighting is not the usual way of fighting, because if one of them is careless and attacked, it will surely make them seriously injured. And also the bones all over them would most likely break, so they could become crippled humans.

Therefore, several times Sim Toako also had to withdraw his punch, if at that time Ming-kang Hweshio had retaliated by hitting him hard, then if Sim Toako continued his punch, they would be injured together, which also means that it made Sim Toako suffer injuries in in, if only the two forces that have the power of the giant collided with each other.

That's why Sim Toako always avoids the clashes of their power that force him to pull home his punch.

Ming-kang Hweshio himself had now fought relentlessly, for he had attacked in succession and very fast, besides the Lwekang force he used had never diminished in strength.

The waiter, also Thian-san-ngo-hauw who witnessed the battle, was bewildered. Especially Thian-san-ngo-hauw, because they witnessed a truly amazing battle.

If compared to their ingenuity, then Thian-san-ngo-hauw acquired the ingenuity of Sim Toako, Sim Jieko and Ming-kang Hweshio did win one level from them. At that time, Ming-kang Hweshio had exclaimed while laughing.

"Tong Loyacu, I have promised you, that I want to repay the kindness of Tong Loyacu. Now pay close attention, Pinceng will beat these two lowly humans! ”

After saying that, Ming-kang Hweshio suddenly stopped attacking, his body leaned forward, along with that, suddenly his palms pushed very hard.

Sim Toako and Sim Jieko did not expect a change in the way their opponents fought, even to their surprise, the thrust of Ming-kang Hweshio's palms was not great, the wind of his thrust roared and snatched terribly, so made Sim Toako and Sim Jieko have to jump back four steps backwards, to avoid the blow.

Ming-kang Hwesio didn't want to get there, because he had let out a loud shout, accompanied by the fact that his hands seemed to have moved to push hard again.

"Weeerrr," the wind of the thrust of his palms hit Sim Toako and Sim Jieko.

The two of them now had no chance to escape, because it seemed that they were both forced to fend off the onslaught by force, that is, by using their inner strength as well, pushing forward, three powerful forces collided with each other, a loud clash was heard. very loud.

Ming-kang Hweshio's body swayed but didn't back down, while Sim Toako and Sim Jieko had shifted half a step.

Sim Toako and Sim Jieko's faces seemed to turn pale and red alternately, until finally they both let out a thunderous bang. They stumbled again while moving both their fists. Apparently Sim Toako and Sim Jieko were ashamed of themselves had been shifted by Ming-kang Hweshio's impulse, from embarrassment to anger, and now they had attacked using all the power of lwekang energy they had.

At that time, Tong Miauw Liang was seen standing still, because his whole body was injured. He did feel pain in his wounds but finally after standing still for a while.

With slightly flickering eyes, that's when it seemed that Tong Miauw Liang had turned his body, to go to Auwyang Toanio and Sung-jie's room, to see their condition. Auwyang Toanio's face turned pale when he opened the door for Tong Miauw Liang and Sung-jie had woken up from his sleep.

The boy was wondering to his mother, the commotion of what was going on outside, and why his father had not come to travel with them. Auwyang Toanio himself when Tong Miauw Liang knocked on the door of their room, was shedding tears non -stop, crying regretting their bad fate.

Tong Miauw Liang had comforted Auwyang Toanio, that they did not need to worry anymore, because now there was a Kui-jin master helper, who helped them. Thus they will certainly be spared from disaster at the hands of the people of Im-mo-kauw.

At that moment, a loud thud was heard from Sim Toako, who at that time was shouting with a loud voice like lightning, striking Ming-kang Hweshio with an unusually strong movement. Because in a state of kalap, Sim Toako has rushed to complain to Ming-kang Hweshio.

Sim Jieko didn't keep quiet, because he had snapped as hard as Sim Toako, the blow he did was very great. Thus Ming-kang Hweshio became besieged in two directions by two giant powers.

Ming-kang Hweshio was not afraid to face such an attack, both his hands knew that they had been pushed left and right, so he immediately responded to the onslaught of the two opponents fiercely against hard.

“Buukkkkk! Buukkkkk! ” twice a loud bang was heard, followed by the bouncing of Sim Toako and Sim Jieko's bodies. The two men had been thrown as far as two more spears.

Apparently Ming-kang Hweshio has used his lwekang and energy savings.

As such, the two Sim brothers have bounced back with suffering wounds inside, albeit not severe. That was because the energy in them was shaken, by the onslaught made by Ming-kang Hweshio. While Ming-kang Hweshio had been tapping his Bok-khien gently, he had also said.

"Omitohud! Omitohud! It's really regrettable, that Pinceng had to lower his hand violently injuring both of you…… but this is for the good of the human soul too!”

SimToako and Sim Jieko had been watching with wide eyes. In fact they were very curious, and were about to charge again to battle Ming-kang Hweshio. But they felt their breath suffocating.

Therefore, they did not immediately lunge again, but stood in their respective places with a very cruel attitude.

Ming-kang Hweshio has clasped both his hands, he said. "By looking at Pinceng's dirty face, please lift your legs from this place, don't force Pinceng to lower your hands even harder, so as to ask for a life sacrifice!"

Sim Toako and Sim Jieko had snorted. Even Sim Toako has said.

"Good!! We will certainly come looking for you one day........ heemmmmm, now indeed we can't do much, in fact our business has been neglected by you! This matter won't end here, Ming-kang Hweshio!!”

And having said so, Sim Toako had signaled to Sim Jieko they then had to rotate their respective bodies to leave the inn.

Thian-san-ngo-hauw who saw Sim Toako, Sim Jieko will leave the place, has also come out of the room, after hiding Ming-kang Hweshio. They also intended to leave, feeling that they would not gain any advantage if they continued the battle with the pastor.

Ming-kang Hweshio was silent, he didn't prevent Thian-san-ngo-hauw from leaving, he just smiled. After everyone had passed, Tong Miauw Liang went downstairs to thank the pastor.

Ming-kang Hweshio smiled he said. "Don't Tong Loyacu say that, didn't Pinceng ever say that Pinceng would love to repay Tong Loyacu's kindness if he had the chance! And now, there is indeed an opportunity, so Pinceng is not wasting it……”

"But indeed Siauwte feels indebted to Taisu, without Taisu our souls would have floated….. Those lowly humans do want our souls!" said Tong Miauw Liang.

Ming-kang Hweshio shook his head slowly.

"Even though they want your soul, if fate has not determined that, of course it can't happen, where their wish will not be fulfilled. As is happening now, when Tong Loyacu is threatened, isn't it a coincidence that Pinceng is........!

“Hmmmm, they are Im-mo-kauw people. Obviously they are not good people, so Pinceng also doesn't hesitate to help and help Tong Loyacu!"

Tong Miauw Liang sighed, he said.

"Earlier Siauwte quickly heard that Taisu was on a duty to protect someone... If I may, would Taisu not mind telling me, who is the person who is being protected by Taisu?".

Ming-kang Hweshio sighed, then said. "Indeed, the person who needs to be protected by Pinceng is Tong Loyacu ........!"

“W…… what?!” asked Tong Miauw Liang in surprise, because he did not expect to get such an answer.

Ming-kang Hweshio sighed again then said again.

“Tong Loyacu, you don't need to be surprised, because indeed Pinceng has received orders from someone, who Pinceng cannot name right now, that that person has asked Pinceng to protect Tong Loyacu along with Auwyang Toanio and a small child who was with you. , that is Sung-jie……!”

Tong Miauw Liang became even more astonished. He was surprised and very strange, because this priest could clearly know that he was with Auwyang Toanio and Sung-jie. What was even more surprising was the person who had ordered Ming-kang Hweshio to protect himself as well as Auwyang Toanio and Sung-jie.

Who is that person, who Ming-kang Hweshio doesn't want to be named? At that time Tong Miauw Liang had said hesitatingly.

"If Taisu doesn't mind, can Taisu tell you, who is the person who asked Taisu to protect us?!"

Ming-kang. Hweshio smiled as he shook his head,

“Too bad I can't explain it……!” he said. “Pinceng also believes, of course it is not that important to Tong Loyacu, knowing that person's name is not that important when compared to your safety in order to arrive at Kang-ciu safely……!

"It's a pity, Pinceng can only meet you now, if you did meet a few days before, of course you do not need to worry and covered with fear, besides, you do not need to be hurt like now, Tong Loya!"

Knowing that Hweshio did have difficulty mentioning or telling the name of the person who had ordered him to protect Tong. Miauw Liang with Auwyang Toanio and Sung-jie, Tong Miauw Liang also did not urge him. Meanwhile, Ming-kang Hweshio had kept his Bok-khien and then asked him.

“Can Pinceng meet Auwyang Toanio? There is something that Pinceng wants to tell him ........! ”

Tong Miauw Liang nodded, he also invited Ming-kang Hweshio to Auwyang Toanio's room. Auwyang Toanio who heard that Hweshio was their helper, quickly Auwyang Toanio knelt down to thank him.

Ming-kang Hweshio has stepped aside, he doesn't want to receive respect from Auwyang Toanio.

"Don't let Toanio do that, don't worry," he said. "Stand up Toanio, there's something Pinceng wants to convey to Toanio ........!"

Auwyang Toanio was standing with his heart wondering what this pastor wanted to convey. Therefore, Auwyang Toanio was just watching the pastor.

Ming-kang Hweshio didn't speak immediately, it was just that this pastor had ripped his robe pocket, he took out something. When the item was shown, it turned out that a small flag, made of red silk, and flagged in the shape of a triangle, depicted a dragon circling on a cloud.

"Sin-kie (Magic Flag) is a mustika object, if you do hold this flag, and in a state of danger, you can use it, because this flag will certainly be able to escape you from the threat of death ........! ” explained the pastor.

Tong Miauw Liang and Auwyang Toanio looked in surprise with sharp eyes at the flag. They do not even know what the benefits and advantages of the flag.

"Of course you're not sure?" Ming-kang Hweshio said later, smiling when he saw the attitude of Auwyang Toanio and Tong Miauw Liang. "Indeed, this Sin-kie is a heritage flag that has influence in five provinces ........ If indeed this flag is in your hands, it is very likely that danger will turn into luck ........!"

After saying so, Ming-kang Hweshio handed the flag to Auwyang Toanio he also extended his words again.

"And all this of course for the sake of your son Toanio, namely Sung-jie, I hope you will be safe along the way! About the events of the death of your husband, Toanio, has Pinceng know clearly.

“Indeed, that is the accursed and outrageous act of Im-mo-kauw! But if you have arrived in Kang-ciu, of course you will know the problem clearly, why Pinceng accepted the task to protect you! Well, now Toanio accept this flag! ”

Auwyang Toanio had greeted the small -sized and triangular -shaped flag. Then he kept it carefully in his pocket.

Tong Miauw Liang himself has said. "Taisu, if I'm not mistaken, that's the symbol of the True Dragon ........ is that true, Taisu ?!"

Ming-kang Hweshio looked at Tong Miauw Liang in surprise, but finally he smiled. "Tong Loyacu's eyes are so sharp ........!" he said.

"It is true, that the flag belongs to the True Dragon Locianpwe!"

Tong Miauw Liang was so excited. The True Dragon is the only figure in the martial arts jungle who is very good at it. As far as the story that spread among Kang-ouw, that the True Dragon is an incomparable figure, there is no opponent, because the True Dragon is really a very powerful hero.

He is also famous for his magic. Then what has he got to do with Ming-kang Hweshio, and why did he order Hweshio to protect Tong Miauw Liang, Auwyang Toanio and also Sung-jie.

But Tong Miauw Liang did not dare to ask much, because he was just waiting for the pastor's statement. At that time, Ming-kang Hweshio said in a patient voice.

"Indeed, the True Dragon intends to protect you directly, but there is an important matter that may or may not be resolved by him, therefore the True Dragon has ordered me to protect you, to represent him! And that task is indeed not an easy task, because frankly we must admit that Im-mo-kauw is an association that has members consisting of great men of great intelligence.

"If Thian-san-ngo-hauw, Sin Toako and Sim Jieko are the ones who occupy the eighth floor in Im-mo-kauw. Therefore, if it is from the seventh, sixth, fifth, fourth levels, they are certainly much better than Thian-san-ngo-hauw and his two friends ........! Hemmmm but Pinceng has decided to keep protecting you, even though Pinceng knows, that the Im-mo-kauw people from a higher level will come to be our enemies ........! ”

Tong Miauw Liang sighed.

"Indeed, when the Im-mo-kauw people harmed my suheng, Auwyang Fung Tang, I was powerless to help him, because at that time I realized that my skill was not enough to match them. Therefore, I can only help him by getting rid of his son and wife, so that they can be saved, while Auwyang Fung Tang, my suheng, has been destroyed at the hands of the Im-mo-kauw people.

"But they, the Im-mo-kauw people do not want to let us go, because they really want our souls, they clearly do the pursuit! Fortunately, now there is Taisu who has protected us, thus, of course we are much calmer under Taisu's protection ........! ” And after saying that, Tong Miauw Liang seemed to take a deep breath.

Ming-kang Hweshio has also sighed, he said.

"Although Pinceng is not good at dealing with the Im-mo-kauw people, but somehow I can't deny that the Im-mo-kauw people have high intelligence and not necessarily Pinceng can deal well. Yet Pinceng was determined to perform the task given to him by the True Dragon to the best of his ability!

And if indeed Tong Loyacu and Toanio didn't mind, it would be wiser if we travel now, because the sooner we arrive in Kang-ciu, the better. Because the True Dragon has promised, as soon as you arrive in Kang-ciu, there will be people who will protect you, so there is no need to worry about the threat of the Im-mo-kauw people.

Auwyang Toanio hesitated, considering the bad weather and the cold air that pierced his bones and marrow. While Tong Miauw Liang thinks the proposal from Ming-kang Hweshio is good.

Because by doing so, it means that the pastor wants to get them out of this place as soon as possible, before the people of Im-mo-kauw can return to this inn in greater numbers, which will certainly be difficult for them to deal with,

"All right!" said Tong Miauw Liang later. "If Taisu really thinks it's better than if we really have to stay one night here, it's better, we better get out of this place, as soon as possible, we just follow every instruction Taisu."

Ming-kang Hweshio nodded.

"Pinceng is waiting outside while you're cleaning your bundles!" said Ming-kang Hweshio.

Auwyang Toanio has also realized, the sooner they get out of this inn and arrive in Kang-ciu in the next few days, of course their safety is more assured. Indeed, her husband, who had passed away before he breathed his last, still had time to order them to go to Kang-ciu immediately.

That’s why Tong Miauw Liang took Auwyang Toanio and Sung-jie on a trip as fast as possible. After preparing their bundles and Tong Miauw Liang found outside the car, urging She Toan to continue the journey again.

The driver objected. He wants to spend the night in this village.

Although Tong Miauw Liang had promised additional wages for the driver, the driver still refused. Until finally Tong Miauw Liang ran out of patience.

"Do you want me to force you to cut your wrist first ?!"

The driver was so shy, because he had seen that Tong Miauw Liang was not an ordinary person. The same goes for Ming-kang Hweshio. at that time the pastor just watched the driver in silence.

Finally the chauffeur had nodded, he prepared his carriage with a long, short, non -stop grunt.

Thus, under the heavy snow, the group, Tong Miauw Liang has continued their journey.

Auwyang Toanio has been carrying Sung-jie, where the boy has been wondering why they always have to travel in such a hurry. Auwyang Toanio can only say that they have important business that must quickly arrive in Kang-ciu.

He did not explain the real question. Because this lady was convinced that her son, who was so young, would not understand the situation, even if she told him about it.

At that time, Ming-kang Hweshio had also joined the car. The journey they traveled was very difficult, because it was not uncommon for the wheels of the train to sink into the snow, so that the train was very difficult to advance.

In such a situation Sie Toan always grumbled cursing his horse. Even so, the tokh had to Sie Toan must strive to be able to run his car, in order to continue their journey.

The night was dark, but under the help of the whitening light of the snow, it did not bring any difficulty for Sie Toan. Only the piles of snow and the coldness of the air, which had made Sie Toan shiver unbearably and exhausted.

Indeed, he meant to ask Tong Miauw Liang, that they stop at a village, to rest, and rest for one night. In order for his energy to be available, he recovers and his fatigue is reduced.

But Tong Miauw Liang still urged Sie Toan to continue their journey without stopping, because indeed Tong Miauw Liang wanted to reach Kang-ciu as soon as possible. Ming-kang Hweshio along the way was more silent listening to Auwyang Toanio's story about the events that brought death to her husband, Auwyang Fung Tang, at the hands of her people Im-mo-kauw.

Auwyang toanio recounted, how that night, a dozen Im-mo-kauw people had come to their house. Her husband, Auwyang Fung Tang quarreled with them, until finally a battle ensued.

But the ingenuity of the Im-mo-kauw people could not match the ingenuity of Auwyang Fung Tang, but due to their large number, and Auwyang Fung Tang was alone, after fighting overnight, finally Auwyang Fung Tang was seriously injured.

The people of Im-mo-kauw also had many who were able to be destroyed by Auwyang Fung Tang, but their number did not decrease, but increased in number as well, because in the following times there had come even greater heroes from Im- mo-kauw.

At that time, Tong Miauw Liang visited Suheng's house, so he witnessed the event. He has helped his suheng to face the Im-mo-kauw people. But Tong Miauw Liang's ingenuity is still far below Auwyang Fung Tang's ingenuity, therefore, he is desperately under the ravages of the Im mo-kauw people.

Auwyang Fung Tang, who saw that his party was in an unfavorable position, ordered Tong Miauw Liang to save his wife and children, namely Auwyang Toanio and Sung-jie. He also ordered that the sword in his library room, an heirloom sword be saved as well.

Thus, alone, Auwyang Fung Tang had urged his opponents, to see them in a decisive battle between death and life.

Like a wounded dragon, Auwyang Fung Tang went on a rampage by using his sword. Therefore, Tong Miauw Liang was able to escape by asking Auwyang Toanio and Sung-jie to get rid of themselves.

They used two horses that were rushed very hard under the heavy snowfall. But the horse was probably too tired, which Tong Miauw Liang rode with Sung-jie, had suffocated to death.

Using only one horse, the three of them fled continuously where their journey was carried out very slowly with three riders on its back,
making the horse unable to run fast, especially when it was snowing very hard, the roads were slippery and also many hills -Snow hills in small shapes that interfere with travel.
After being able to escape for more than fifty lies, at last on the way they met a horse-drawn carriage, which was empty and without passengers.

So they rented the horse-drawn carriage, to continue the journey to Kang-ciu. Once again, the driver of the car, Sie Toan, rejected Tong Miauw Liang's wish to rent his car, because he was on his way to return to his hometown to visit his wife's child.

But Tong Miauw Liang had urged him, with a huge paycheck. Eventually the chariot driver was attracted, he accepted the urging of his passengers, so immediately Sie Toan fled his car towards Kang-ciu.

However, the journey was not easy, very difficult, because of the continuous snow. After all, Song Miauw Liang always insisted that the car run away very quickly. Tong Miauw Liang invited Auwyang Fung Tang. According to Aawyang Fung Tang, there they will be able to be helped by someone. Indeed, Tong Miauw Liang was always surprised, guessing who the person Auwyang Fung Tang meant was, because at that time under the intense attacks of his opponents, Auwyang Fung Tang did not have time to say who the person they had to meet was.

But now after meeting Ming-kang Hweshio, only then can Tong Miauw Liang guess, of course the person that Auwyang Fung Tang meant was the True Dragon. But that was just his touch, he wasn't so sure, because Ming-kang Hweshio himself didn't want to tell the real situation. Only the pastor promised to protect them. Ming-kang Hweshio, after hearing Auwyang Toanio's story, took a deep breath.

"Somehow Auwyang Fung Tang's condition now, is he still alive or has he been destroyed at the hands of the Im-mo-kauw people?" whispered Ming-kang Hweshio.

Auwyang Toanio also sighed while shedding the tears that had been shed since earlier.

"According to my guess," said Tong Miauw Liang, who spoke, "Auwyang Suheng must have perished at the hands of the Im-mo kauw people because by the time we left, Auwyang Suheng's condition had been severely injured, and he was still surviving in the face of adversity. his opponent. I'm sure, Auwyang Suheng will certainly not want to give up to be captured by the people of Im-mo-kauw. After we managed to escape, of course Auwyang Suheng has risked his life! ”

Ming-kang Hweshio sighed deeply, his face sour, "Sweetheart, sweetheart!" said this pastor. "A figure of the martial arts jungle who has such great intelligence as Auwyang Fung Tang Taihiap, must have perished in such a disappointing way!" murmured this pastor. "And his killing was also at the hands of lowly people like the people of Im-mo-kauw."

Tong Miauw Liang took a deep breath. Indeed, the suheng was previously a martial arts figure who was highly respected by the people of the martial arts jungle. His intelligence is so high, Auwyang Fung Tang is so brave.

In contrast to himself who has several levels of skill below his suheng, then Auwyang Fung Tang is a mighty warrior who is difficult to compare.

If now Auwyang Fung Tang can be harmed by the people of Im-mo-kauw, that is because he was raided by his enemies who numbered in great numbers. And besides, even if he had to throw away his soul, he would not have died disappointed, because he, of course, had succeeded in destroying dozens of his opponents.

The carriage had slid very slowly, for the snow had not subsided, but had become heavier and heavier, where the snow had fallen very violently, causing the streets to be filled with hilly piles of snow, impeding the journey of the chariot ..... ...

The bodies of Auwyang Toanio, Sung-jie, Ming-kang Hweshio and Tong Miauw Liang were shaking from left to right incessantly, due to the shaking of the carriage pulled by the two horses, mainly due to the many snowdrifts. Sie Toan had also tried to choose a path that avoided the heavy snow. This is to facilitate the passage of the train.

But indeed, Sie Toan's difficulties were not small, with the snowfall that was getting heavier and heavier. This has made the snow-covered road not only slippery, but also difficult to pass, as well as weather disturbances and the cold and very bad air.

However, in a forced situation, in addition to a large wage several times more than usual, also under the threat of Tong Miauw Liang who would cut his hand if the driver did not want to continue their journey, then Sie Toan has controlled his car as much as possible.

Indeed he had been working as a car chauffeur for forty years, by himself he was a very experienced chauffeur. But now, he has no power to resist the influence and power of nature, so that his chariot runs like a crawler, like a mere snail, where both horses often slip and also step with very slow action, can not run as it should.

One night one day they traveled without rest. What really sucks is Sie Toan, who's getting really tired. Until finally he could not stand the time until he arrived at a small village, Sie Toan insisted that he wanted to rest one night in the village.

Tong Miauw Liang and the others also couldn't press any further, let alone the coachman had said.

“If indeed Mr Tong wants to take my hand, then tail me helpless to keep traveling. To be honest, if I were to force myself to keep controlling the train, of course we could be in the wrong, where the train was not controlled by my current situation! I need to sleep for just one night, tomorrow we continue our journey again……!”

Tong Miauw Liang and the others agreed reluctantly. They also understand the state of the coachman. Meanwhile, Ming-kang Hweshio himself said, if the coachman's condition was forced to continue, after all the trip could not be carried out quickly, one of the coachmen fell ill and would add to their troubles.

Tong Miauw Liang took a room with Ming-kang Hweshio in an inn, while Anwyang Toanio and Sung-jie took another room, which was located next to each other.

That night, Tong Miauw Liang talked a lot with Ming-kang Hweshio, especially about the development of Kang-ouw's world. And also about the Im-mo-kauw association, which is an association that is now expanding its wings and power, by influencing the various doors of colleges and martial arts streams, the jago-jago who liehay influenced them in various ways to enter the Im-mo- you as a member.

"According to my hearing, the Kauwcu from the association was a strange man, who never saw his face because apart from rarely going out wandering in the jungle, he also always wore a mask to cover his face. Thus, it is very rare for people to know what the Kauwcu of Im-mo-kauw is like, they only know that the Kauwcu of the association are tall and thin and have very high intelligence.

The ones who always settle affairs outside Im-mo-kauw, are his men, and they also consist of people who have great intelligence and liehay where their Kauwcu can be said to rarely intervene to solve the problems that occur in Im-mo -kauw ........! ”

While explaining so, Ming-kang Hweshio took a deep breath. “Too bad,” continued Ming-kang Hweshio after a moment of silence.

“All the actions and actions carried out by the Im-mo-kauw people are rotten acts that are outside the appropriate line. They always commit crimes and not infrequently, they do various degrading acts, because some of the members of the association are Liok-lim figures (Green Jungle, criminals) who generally have a vicious and cruel nature!”

“Earlier Taisu said that the leader of Im-mo-kauw was a tall and tall man and his face was always covered by a protective cloth, so that very few people could see his face. Then, doesn't anyone know what the name or title of Kauwcu Im-mo-kauw is?!”

Ming-kang Hweshio nodded. "There is still confusion regarding the name and title of Kauwcu Im-mo-kauw. Because there are people who say she is she Mo, but there are also those who say she is she Thio or she Wang. I don't know which one is right. There is only one uniformity among Kang-ouw, regarding the Kauwcu title of Im-mo-kauw, namely Loa-jiu Giam-ong (King of the Hereafter with Hot Hands)"

"The title is extraordinary," said Tang Miauw Liang.

Ming-kang Hweshsio nodded.

"Yes, just like his title, then he does have palms that contain death that always destroys his opponents or victims in a very terrible way! However, because he rarely appears, within Kang-ouw's circle, because of that, it is also rare for people to clearly explain the level of intelligence that Loa-jiu Giam-ong possesses."

After saying that, Ming-kang Hweshio watched Tong Miauw Liang for a while, he said again. "Tong Loyacu, there is indeed something that Pinceng wants to ask Tong Loyacu, and hope Loyacu answers it frankly ........!"

Tong Miauw Liang was surprised to see the hood of the priest, he nodded quickly.

"In front of Taisu, I don't think there is any need to hide!" he replied. "Say what Taisu wants to ask!"

"When Loyacu brought Auwyang Toanio and Sung-jie left Auwyang Fung Tang's house, did Loyacu bring an heirloom sword ........ called Thiam-sim-kiam (Earth Center Sword)?"

Tong Ming Liang nodded. He confirmed that they carried the sword.

"That is an heirloom sword which according to Auwyang Toanio's statement is an heirloom sword belonging to her husband. However, surprisingly enough, my Suheng never used the heirloom sword.

"Similarly with Auwyang Toanio's statement, he said that his husband had never used the Thiam-sim-kiam heirloom sword once. I don't know why Auwyang Toanio didn't mention the reason. But what is clear is that the heirloom sword is very dear to Auwyang Suheng and also he always says that the sword is someone's deposit."

"Yes, indeed Pinceng has heard about the Thiam-sim-kiam sword, and indeed the Im-mo-kauw people are hostile to your suheng because they are after the mustika sword!"

“That's a matter that I don't know about clearly, because Auwyang Toanio himself doesn't know yet what kind of enmity exists between her husband and those Im-mo-kauw……!” replied Tong Miauw Liang.

"Can Pinceng take a quick look at the mustika sword which is said to be the greatest mustika sword in this world?" Ming-kang Hweshio asked again.

“That sword is held by Auwyang Toanio. If Taisu really wants to see it, let me go get it to borrow from Auwyang Toanio!” saying that Tong Miauw Liang had risen from his seat.

Ming-kang Hweshio nodded with a beaming face, he also thanked him.

But when Tong Miauw Liang stepped near the door, it was at that time that someone spoke in a very low voice from outside the window. “Don't trust the venomous tongue of that rotten priest……!”

Tong Miauw Liang and Ming-kang Hweshio were taken aback, both of them immediately jumped up and prepared to face something. Meanwhile Ming-kang Hweshio had nimbly blown off the lighting flame on the table.

In the darkness in such a room and the moonlight that seemed to seep into the room through the window, another voice came from outside the room, which was bright enough to be the soft voice of a woman.

"Don't you believe the statement of that bald head bastard, he is a rotten priest...!"

Ming-kang Hwesio wasted no more time jumping over to the window, his hand already moving against the shutters until it burst. He hit like that, also to prevent the butt attack from outside. And when the shutters opened, Ming-kang Hweshio jumped out, his movements very nimble.

Tong Miauw Liang had jumped out of the window. But his movements weren't as swift as Ming-kang Hweshio's because of the scars all over his body, which had dried up tightly, so it was painful to move with excessive force.

When Ming-kang Hweshio and Tong Miauw Liang arrived outside, in the garden of the inn house, which was full of Yang-liu and Hay-tang trees (turquoise spectabilis), they saw no body either. Only the darkness of the night and the shadows of the trees move.

In addition, piles of snow filled the surrounding area. Even though the snow had subsided by that time, the air was still bone-chilling cold.

Ming-kang Hweshio was curiously curious, he had jumped near Yang-liu's trunks, which were all around the place covered with piles of snow. The liu trunks he had moved, with his hands engulfed by the enormous power of the lwekang, so that the snow that filled the trunks of the trees fell.

But there is no one hiding among Yang-liu's trunks. Ming-kang Hweshio was very curious, at that time he was still looking around the place, until he jumped over the wall of the inn's yard, to see the situation outside. At that time, all around the place only white was visible.

Tong Miauw Liang approached the priest. had followed him out. “Strange, where is that person hiding?” muttered Ming-kang Hweshio in annoyance, he still seemed very curious.

Tong Miauw Liang also didn't understand, why that person had such agile and fast movements, in just the blink of an eye had disappeared from that place. At that time it was easy to see, because the surroundings were only white, and if someone was hiding, it would be easy to see. But in reality, the person who had spoken was nowhere to be seen.

On top of the snow pile there were some footprints, but then they were not visible when they arrived near the foot of the wall of the inn. And so outside the inn, the footprints were no longer visible.

Tong Miauw Liang had invited Ming-kang Hweshio to return to their room. But this priest was apparently still curious, had jumped on the roof, he was watching around the place. But there is nothing to suspect. Still filled with question marks, the two of them had returned to their rooms.

But just then, as Ming-kang Hweshio and Tong Miauw Liang sat down, they heard someone say again in a soft voice, a woman's voice.

"You don't believe that bald priest, he's a rotten human, Thiam-sim-kiam's sword must be protected well...!"

Ming-kang Hweshio and Tong Miauw Liang were surprised, both of them had jumped out the window again. And this time their efforts were not in vain, because they did it much faster than before, then immediately a shadowy figure flashed to the right of the inn.

Near that place, behind the curved wall of the courtyard, there was a fairly high snow mound, a figure dressed in white clothes, wanting to hide himself in that place. Ming-kang Hweshio who was irritated and curious stomped his feet, his body had shrunk so nimbly, so that he could arrive at that place very quickly, while his right hand had been speeding to attack with an empty air punch, the wind of his blow hit the back of the figure.

But the figure, which turned out to be a girl with a healthy red face and a very beautiful beauty, only flicked with her index finger, the wind blows made by Ming-kang Hweshio had been annihilated, and at that time her body had jumped away nimbly jumping over the wall of the yard. the inn. The movement is very agile.

Ming-kang Hweshio was stunned for a moment his punch power was extinguished in such an easy way, he chased after him. However, after two or three lies he chased after her, apparently he had lost track of the girl.

After searching around the place, Ming-kang Hweshio finally returned to the inn with his heart filled with curiosity.

Tong Miauw Liang, whose injuries all over his body had not fully healed, did not follow suit and just waited in the courtyard of the inn.

Seeing that the priest had returned. Tong Miauw Liang immediately asked the result of the priest's pursuit.

“He was able to dodge…… That girl's Gin-kang sure is rather extraordinary!” said Ming-kang Hweshio. "Hmm, I don't know who he is?"

Tong Miauw Liang was also confused, he didn't know if the girl was a foe or a friend, and were his words a whisper or a joke?

However, with events like this, and considering the importance of Thiam-sim-kiam's sword, Tong Miauw Liang did not dare to be reckless anymore, and he refused to borrow the sword from Auwyang Toanio to show the priest, even though this priest had indeed helped him.

As for Ming-kang Hweshio himself, ever since that happened, he didn't ask to look at Thiam-sim-kiam's sword, but sat down with a frown on his face. Tong Miauw Liang, after accompanying the priest to talk for a while, finally lay down to sleep.

The next day, when the sun shone weakly and it didn't snow like yesterday, Tong Miauw Liang with Auwyang Toanio, Sung-jie and Ming-kang Hweshio continued their journey. This time the chariot was able to travel quite quickly.

And Sie Toan was quite happy and refreshed, because all night he had been able to sleep well, so his spirit and energy recovered. While escaping his carriage, even this coachman is always whistling to sing a nursery rhyme from Kang-lam.

But just as the carriage had traveled a dozen lies, suddenly from the front galloped a horse with dark brown hair. The horse ran very fast, as if ignoring the very slippery road covered with snow.

The rider on the horse turned out to be a young man dressed in siucai, maybe twenty years or more. As he passed the carriage, he had turned his head with a smile. The three of Tong Miauw Liang with Ming-kang Hweshio and Auwyang Toanio became suspicious.

But walking two more lie, suddenly from in front of them has run again a horse very quickly, where the horse has golden yellow hair, the rider is a middle-aged woman, dressed in black. When he passed the carriage, the middle-aged woman turned around and smiled. Of course this added to Tong Miauw Liang's suspicion, he whispered to Auwyang Toanio.

"We must be vigilant, apparently we are being targeted by a group of robbers!"

Ming-kang Hweshio also nodded in agreement as he added Tong Miauw Liang's words. "Yes, we must be vigilant, regardless of which faction they are!"

Just as Ming-kang Hweshio said that, from behind them came the sound of galloping horses, and the young man in white clothes seemed to have run back his horse heading in the same direction as them. As he passed Tong Miauw Liang's carriage, the young man had turned his head and smiled again.

Tong Miauw Liang was even more convinced that the young man dressed in siucai and the woman in black must have had bad intentions. Surely they were spies who were usually sent by their leader to keep an eye on the “stuff” that was about to be robbed!

"Surely we will meet obstacles in the near future!" said Tong Miauw Liang slowly to Auwyang Toanio. “You take good care of Sung-jie...!”

Auwyang Toanio nodded, he hugged Sung-jie in his lap and tightly gripped the bundle containing the Thiam-sim-kiam mustika sword. It seems that Auwyang Toanio is not calm and is very restless.

“They must be robbers…… we don't need to scream!” said Ming-kang Hweshio. "Let Pinceng beat the robbers later if they dare to disturb us!"

But just as Ming-kang Hweshio said that, in front of them, near a bend in the thick snowy hills, there was the sound of people laughing loudly. The sound of laughter that seemed to also vibrate around the place, was followed by his loud, loud words.

“Ming-kang Hweshio you bastard priest pretending to be a pious priest protecting someone who is in trouble, but actually you are a bastard-eyed priest……! We know that you are after the Thiam-sim-kiam sword, to be taken secretly. Hahahahaha!”

Ming-kang Hweshio changed his face, he looked out of the carriage window. At that time Sie Toan had restrained the carriage's run because in front of them, at the corner there were dozens of horsemen, sitting on white hairy horses, who stood in the front, was a short fat man, with a wide forehead and wide eyes.

He is a person who has a cruel face and eyes that emit a very cruel light.

“Tok-liong-pian Kwee Cai In ?!” exclaimed Ming-kang Hweshio when he saw the man.

"Right! Indeed, now Tok-liong-pian (Whip of the Venomous Dragon) Kwee Cai In wants to ask you for directions, Ming-kang Hweshio!" replied that person with a mocking attitude, his voice was very loud.

He too had jumped down from his horse, his movements very agile, so agile, as if a dry leaf falling on a pile of snow did not make a sound.

Ming-kang Hweshio's face turned unsightly.

"Are you aiming for Thiam-sim-kiam ?!" reprimanded Ming-kang Hweshio as he jumped out of the car.

“And indeed as I expected, that Tong Loyacu faced many obstacles, where many rotten and lowly people like you were after that sword! There's no point the True Dragon has ordered me to protect Tong Loyacu, because it's true that there are humans like you that the wind snatches away from the sword……!”

"You do not pretend to be pious and pious, in fact you yourself want to seize and own the mustika sword! Why do you have to pretend to be the helper of that she Tong person? Why did you not immediately intervene to seize the sword of Thiam-sim-kiam?

"You think I don't know that you will intervene to seize Thiam-sim-kiam's sword when you arrive at Kang-ciu, where your accomplices have gathered!"

Ming-kang Hweshio's face changed violently, he snapped fiercely.

"Don't talk nonsense. Look at the attack!” While yelling like that, Ming-kang Hweshio's body has slapped his hands flying simultaneously, his right hand will grip his opponent's shoulder, Tok-liong-pian and the other hand will hit Tok-liong-pian Kwee Cai In's chest.

But Kwee Cai In calmly stood watching the priest's attack, he waited until the priest was close to the target, that's when he sped up with his right hand, howling a very strong wind.

Ming-kang Hweshio's body that was charging forward, so as if being blocked by an invisible force, the priest almost bounced off.

“Ming-kang Hweshio,” Tok-liong-pian said in a cold voice. “You don't have to sell a joke in front of us! We already know your stripes, already know who you are, and what do you want by pretending to be pious and helping the she Tong man?”

And after saying that, Tok-liong-pian laughed coldly a few times.

While the friends of Tok-liong-pian, who were still sitting on the backs of their horses, which consisted of all sorts of people and strange facial shapes, some looked with blind eyes and some on their faces had scars that transversely between his eyebrows to his jaw.

They generally had faces that, savagely, at that time had given off Ming-kang Hweshio's mocking laughter. scary one. Ming-kang Hweshio's face turned even more red.

He did know who Tok-liong-pian was, however, he didn't want Tok-liong-pian to keep talking, because Ming-kang Hweshio was worried that the she Kwee's secret would be exposed. That's why he immediately attacked again with intense and barrage of punches.

But Tok-liong-pian did not remain silent, because he had also received blows from Ming-kang Hweshio. Each time Ming-kang Hweshio attacked, he would either dodge it or destroy it, which was followed by a great counterattack. As such, the two have been involved in combat for several moments.

Tong Miauw Liang and Auwyang Toanio had watched the battle unfold with restless hearts. They saw that Tok-liong-pian's skill was very high, a skill that was really difficult to match by Ming-kang Hweshio.

As a person who has martial arts knowledge, of course Tong Miauw Liang knows by looking at some of the moves from the two people's battles, that Ming-kang Hweshio's intelligence is still below that of Tok-liong-pian's. At that time, it was clear that Tok-liong-pian had attacked Ming-kang Hweshio with such great urgency several times, that the priest simply backtracked and dodged.

And when one time, after dodging Ming-kang Hweshio tried to attack his opponent. Tok-liong-pian Kwee Cai In has snorted a cold laugh, he said.

"I think we've had enough of fighting ........!" and accompanied by his words, knowingly Cai In's body flashed with great agility, and both his hands were working.

After all he had managed to grip the shirt on Ming-kang Hweshio's back, accompanied by a cry. “Go away you roll, rotten priest……!”

Ming-kang Hweshio's body had been tossed into mid-air, drifted as far as three more spears and then collapsed covered in snow, rolling several times. When he got up, that's when he seemed to be standing with a flushed face and a grimace.

Apparently the throw made by Tok-liong-pian caused him to feel excruciating pain in his chest. Tok-liong-pian had said in a sweet voice.

"If you don't get out of the way quickly, don't blame me, who won't hesitate to smash your bald skull...!"

Ming-kang Hweshio, who knew that he was no match for Tok-liong-pian Kwee Cai In, had looked on in annoyance. But powerless to attack again, because if Kwee Cai In's accomplices intervened to beat him up, that would be even worse.

“All right! But frankly, before leaving, I want to tell you, that my duty to protect Tong Loyacu and Auwyang Toanio with their son, is on the orders of the True Dragon! Or do you not want to face the True Dragon ?! ”

“Hmmm, you're trying to bully us with that rotten name True Dragon? Hahahahaha. I don't care about True Dragons! What I order, you get out of the way!”

Ming-kang Hweshio's face turned bright red, but he knew he was helpless. He had clasped his hands together the moment he had reached into the pockets of his robes, and suddenly with such a saluting gesture, his hands moved.

Tok-liong-pian did see Ming-kang Hweshio's movement but he had not yet taken action, at that time several black, egg-sized round objects had been slid towards Tok-liong-pian. Kwee Cai In guessed that it was a secret weapon, he waved it with his sleeve.

But in the end he was surprised by himself, not to mention his sleeves could snatch the round objects, an unexpected event happened. The three round objects had exploded in the middle of the air, emitting a very thick smoke, which enveloped around the place, emitting a fragrant smell.

Tok-liong-pian was shocked, he jumped back while shouting.

"Beware of poisonous smoke .........!" and he, with his friends, retreated further.

Ming-kang Hweshio didn't waste the opportunity, he had slid to Sie Toan's side, took over the reins of the carriage he stomped and the horse was rushed at great speed, the wheels of the carriage rolled with a thunderous sound through the pile of snow.

Tong Miauw Liang and Auwyang Toanio were taken aback, they stayed silent worriedly. There have been two events that have made Tong Miauw Liang doubt this priest Ming-kang Hweshio because, like what happened at the inn, where Tong Miauw Liang seemed to receive a whisper from the strange girl whose actions were covered in question marks, that Ming-kang Hweshio is not a good human being and is aiming for Thiam-sim-kiam's sword, pretending to help Tong Miauw Liang and Auwyang Toanio and their son.

But in fact, this pastor was also aiming for the mustika sword that he wanted to seize if there was an opportunity. And now Tok-liong-pian also said the same thing about Ming-kang Hweshio's intentions.

In fact earlier, Tong Miauw Liang had seen Ming-kang Hweshio's suspicious attitude, who could not refute Tok-liong-pian's accusations. So now Tong Miauw Liang couldn't fully trust the priest.

If before it was true that Tong Miauw Liang had rubbed Auwyang Toanio to keep his sword in his bundle better and never take it out during the journey and now when the car is run over by Ming-kang Hweshio holding the handlebars of the car. Tong Miauw Liang again rubbed Auwyang Toanio so that the mistress, in addition to taking good care of her child, also had a sword.

"According to what I saw, even this Priest is not a good human being!" said Tong Miauw Liang.

Auwyang Toanio just nodded, being overwhelmed with anxiety. What's more, now that Ming-kang Hweshio is like a coward, where he has run away from the train very quickly without paying attention to the train, the train will surely overturn because of it.

Meanwhile, Tok-liong-pian who watched Ming-kang Hweshio wanted to escape with the car and all its passengers after avoiding the smoke that contained poison that had been released by Ming-kang Hwesio. Immediately he made a chase.

They rode the horses deftly, the horses could be rushed quickly, so in a short time the carriage was overtaken and surrounded by the people. Ming-kang Hweshio himself saw the situation as very threatening, not to mention he made a decision and was stomping the reins of the carriage, so that the horse that pulled it could run faster.

Tok-liong-pian had exclaimed in a loud voice.

“Ming-kang Hweshio, quickly stop and get off that carriage! Or indeed we will immediately cast a cruel hand on you!”