Hurricane In Siauw Lim Sie Chapter 01

Volume 01

The me is for the flower,
The flower is for the me,
The me and the flower are equal,
Poems written based on feelings of sadness,

Priests used to talk about samadhi,
Dogs fighting in front of windows.
Slaves from the singing alleys of Lien Ce,
Kiang-su's fake paintings,
Former snail slime, rat droppings and lazy servants,

Mistakes in choosing the words of love,
the three-legged antique Tripot (Chinese incense made of bronze)
Stone dawat (to destroy Chinese ink) from the Sung dynasty,
The wavy sound of the Sung tree (Pinus), The
sound of the rustling of river water.

The arrival of a priest who understands the secret of brewing tea,
A Ci-couw who comes with fragrant wine,
Talking between wife and concubine,
Sword hanging between Mou Tan and Mei Hoa, Fragrant spread throughout the
room ....

AMONG the heavy snowfall, a chariot pulled by two brown-haired horses was seen crashing into a curtain of snow and a roaring wind. The air was so bad and cold that it pierced my bones, but the car had run so fast, though once in a while the wheels of the car had to be buried in a mound of snow and the driver of the car, who was probably nearly sixty years old, had to struggle to push his car.

The windows of the carriage were covered by pink silk curtains and fluttered by the whistling of the wind this winter. Every time the train was stopped by a mound of snow, from the window of the train appeared the head of a man in his forties dressed luxuriously, and keeping a mustache and beard that grew thin, but rather long dangling, from which he had always unveiled a colored curtain. pink accompanied by his words.

"Can't you travel faster, Sie Toan?"

"Be patient, be patient we travel in such bad weather! We shouldn't travel, if indeed one day, we can go through twenty lies, it can be said to be good ........! ”

The elderly car driver always answered.

Apparently the fuss shown by the passengers of the car he did not like.

"If we can reach Kang-ciu in five days, I will add twenty silver tails to your wages!" promised the male passenger.

Although he said to the driver of the car in a loud voice, but there was a look of anxiety and worry on his face. I don't know what he was worried about, because he definitely only wanted the train he was riding in to travel much faster.

"Twenty silver tails is really big, but if my horses die of cold from exhaustion as well, then my carriage is broken, then who will replace it?" answered the driver of the car. "And Mr. Tong, don't worry like that, if in five days we haven't been able to reach Kang-ciu, at least we're only one or two days late ........!"

The thin-mustachioed passenger took a deep breath, then released his grip on the pink curtain, he also threw himself in the seat in the car while muttering softly, not very clear what he was saying.

In front of the man with the mustache, there was a very beautiful woman, but the situation at that time was very tangled, with hair that was not combed neatly and then the pale one radiated grief. His arms around a four -year -old boy, who was fast asleep at the time, fell on his lap.

"Can't the chauffeur travel faster, Toako?" the woman asked the man with the mustache in front of her.

The Toako shook his head as he sighed again he said.

"It's a pity that nature doesn't protect us either, so it snows so hard for days ........ The driver is powerless to run his car faster, because he is worried that his car will be damaged and his horses will die. due to fatigue and cold. I'm powerless to urge him. Indeed, the road is very difficult to be covered by snow mounds that are sometimes high up in the hills ........! ”

The woman in front of the man had sighed again, her face radiating a deeper grief, her hands rubbing the boy's head on her lap. Then he muttered softly.

"If we fail to reach Kang-ciu for five days, it will be difficult for us to escape death ........!"

Toako didn't answer, he seemed to be thinking hard. Until finally he said in a hesitant voice.

"Auwyang Toaso, I don't think even those people can catch up with us quickly, considering the journey they have to take is the same as we are now, where it's not easy to run away on horseback too fast when it's snowing like this ....... .! ”

The woman, Auwyang Toaso sighed again.

"Pity Sung-jie at such a young age must suffer. We have traveled for a dozen days without a break. This child is too tired. And not to mention if those who want our souls succeed in chasing it means Sung-jie faces a threat that is not small. For me, death is not an important issue, but what about Sung-jie !? ”

And Auwyang Toaso had sighed again and again, with a pale face and radiating grief. In fact, from both corners of his eyes, clear tears were dripping, flowing down from his cheeks, and then falling on the shoulders of the child who had fallen asleep on his lap.

Auwyang Toaso wiped away the tears that fell on the child's back, smoothed the child's blanket, and then he sighed again as he continued his words.

"My husband, namely Suhengmu as well, has been killed in a very tragic way ........ such heartache and curiosity cannot be left alone. However, now Sung-jie's safety is also threatened. If we mothers and children have a disaster, causing Sung-jie to perish at the hands of that person, then who will repay our hurt and curiosity ?! ”

And having said so, whose words seemed to be addressed to himself. Auwyang Toaso was sobbing.

The boy who had fallen asleep on his lap writhed, but the boy did not wake up, because he had fallen asleep again.

The man with the long thin mustache sighed in grief, but he did not know with what words to comfort Auwyang Toaso.

The train had started moving forward again, apparently Sie Toan, the driver of the train, had been able to overcome the difficulty and managed to get rid of the snow mound, so that the wheels of the train could roll again. The train moved forward but not fast, and at that time the snow was still falling quite heavily ........

Shaking her body which often tilted to the left and to the right, Auwyang Toaso still hugged the boy who fell asleep on his lap. At that moment, Auwyang Toaso stopped crying, he sat stunned for a moment, with his right hand rubbing the boy's head.

Then after sighing, his left hand took something from his bundle. He drew out a sword, the sheath of which was beautifully engraved. He watched the hunter for so long, until finally he drew his sword with his right hand. The sword emitted a gleaming ray, and at that moment Auwyang Toaso said in a low voice.

"This historical sword will tell everything to Sung-jie later. Hopefully this time we mothers and children can escape from the hands of those rotten humans ........ ”

And Auwyang Toaso had put the sword in its sheath.

Toako was a man with a long mustache, just watching the behavior of the woman in front of him. He watched with a face that reflected deep sorrow.

Indeed, they had been traveling in such a hurry for a dozen days, and even when the weather was so bad, they still traveled. Even after struggling to persuade Sie Toan, the driver of the car, to approve their wishes, they traveled in such bad weather, when the snow was raging violently and falling very hard. With a very large salary, the driver of the car has agreed to travel in such a great snowfall.

By dusk, the carriage had reached the surface of the village of Sun-mo-cung, where they stopped, to find an inn to rest. One day they traveled, only able to travel twenty lie more, and the distance they had managed to travel was in fact quite a distance, given such bad weather and bad roads, piled up by piled-up snowy hills.

But for Auwyang Toanio, the result that has been achieved by the driver, who managed to travel as far as twenty lie more today, even disturbed the lady's heart. He considered the chauffeur to be too slow to run the car, so that they did not succeed in making the journey he desired, which was as far as expected.

Auwyang Toanio has stayed at a small inn that houses the Kwang-lauw brand, which means radiant inn. who wants to be interpreted as a ray of fortune. But the fact is that in the inn, the light of the light is very gloomy and also very dirty. It was then that the waiter seemed to have served them indifferently, reluctantly and very slowly.

But after Auwyang Toanio presented him with two silver tails, the waiter seemed to gain new energy, regardless of the cold weather piercing his bone marrow, he had worked very nimbly, even while laughing happily, and had great respect for his guest. At that moment, it appeared that the man with the thin mustache, the Toako had ordered some kind of food, which was then prepared by the waiter quickly.

They took two rooms, which was a not so big room. However, the condition of the room was quite clean, because after being given a gift, the maid cleaned the room well, so even though the rooms were not good rooms, they were still more comfortable to live in in bad weather and the air was so cold. The belongings of Auwyang Toanio and Toako were not many, they only had three bundles.

In addition, they were carrying a small bundle, which looked very heavy and contained money. When he was in the room, Auwyang Toanio laid the little boy down, then covered him.

The bed is a stone bed, but under it there is a fireplace hole, so it can bring a warm feeling for the child.

Only then did Auwyang Toanio straighten his bundle, in order to remove a trap of his clothes. He had changed his clothes and then sat cross-legged facing the flame of a lamp whose flame was flickering gloomily, lying in the middle of the table.

Soon, Toako had visited his room. This Toako invites him to talk.

But it seems that Auwyang Toanio is very tired, until finally this Toako has recommended that Auwyang Toanio just sleep, in order to restore his spirit.

"If your health is disturbed, of course it will be troublesome for us on the next trip, Auwyang Toaso," said the Toako later, when he was about to step out of the room. “You should rest well, because you were very tired all the way back……!”

Auwyang Toanio just nodded yes.

The Toako had headed to the basement where he ordered wine. Then while daydreaming, he slowly drank his wine.

The air is very cold, so drinking wine can warm the body. Meanwhile, Toako's mind was wandering, reminiscing about a terrible and heart-wrenching event that recently happened, where Auwyang Toanio's husband finally had to throw away his soul under the beating of several of their enemies.

And this Toako who happened to be visiting Auwyang Toanio's family, so he was able to escape Auwyang Toanio and his only son from the pursuit of Auwyang Toanio's enemies, who actually wanted to destroy Auwyang Toanio and his son, Sung-jie. While this Toako is thinking of a way how he can escape Auwyang Toanio and Sung-jie from the pursuit of his enemies, who must be chasing them.

Suddenly he heard the slow knocking of the Bok-khie wood, but the rhythm of the usual Bok-khie knocking by a Buddhist priest, was very calm. Also at that time people were heard saying in a patient and slow voice.

"The air is so cold and the weather is also very bad, does anyone feel sorry for Pinceng ........?"

Seen at the entrance of the inn stood a pastor with a thin, tall body and a bald head. The pastor is probably only forty years old. His robe was yellow but shabby. It was Hweshio who knocked the Bok-khie stick.

The Toako had watched to look down to continue drinking.

For a moment, then a waiter approached the hweshio with a sour face and both hands clasped on his chest, apparently the waiter was also cold.

“When the weather is so bad, when the guests are cold and unhappy, how can you expect alms? Go Taisu, don't bother me….. I'm cold, if I have to serve you a poor priest, woah, woah…… I could freeze to death without getting any results!”

But the Hweshio wasn't angry at the maid's harsh words. In fact this priest had smiled in a very patient manner, and then he said in a slowly friendly voice.

"Toako, of course I don't want to bother you. You work here, you earn a clear salary Pinceng does not dare to disturb your rice bowl. But Pinceng only expects donations and compassion from the guests at this inn! ”

The maid shook her head, she said in an irritated voice. “In such bad weather, how could we possibly have a large number of guests at our inn, we only received one or two guests. If you really bother them by asking for alms, they will certainly not be happy and leave our place. It means indirectly, Taisu has made things difficult for us…… Our inn will surely be empty because of that……!”

The Hweshio smiled, he tapped his Bok-khie wood several times, until he finally said in a patient voice.

"If Toako did say that, of course Pinceng did not dare to bother any longer. But there, there seems to be a philanthropist who is sitting contemplating, can I go and ask for a donation from him ?! ”

The waiter turned to Toako, who was looking down while enjoying his wine. And after watching for a while, the waiter turned back to Hweshio, he laughed cynically, he said.

“You always have a very sharp eye and can recognize things well! Heemmmm even earlier I have received a fairly large gift from the lady who became his traveling companion........ If you really want to ask for alms just to eat, then go........! But remember, if you don't give it, don't be too fussy, because if the master is not happy and invites his friend, the lady with the open hand, I will lose, because tomorrow I will not receive gifts from him again."

The pastor nodded several times with a smile, in fact he had said. "Thank you, thank you for the kindness of Toako ........ I certainly will not cause a riot in your place .........!"

The waiter did not answer, he had moved near the fireplace, in order to warm his body. And he just watched Hweshio approach Toako.

The Hweshio had arrived in front of the Toako, smiling, the pastor clasped a pair of his hands and bowed his body slightly, paying respect. And as he waved his pan-uh (bowl to ask for donations), the Hweshio had said kindly.

"Loyacu, by looking at you the light of the Buddha, of course Loyacu won't mind if you donate a tail or two to Pinceng, the poor priest...!"

In fact, Toako hadn't paid any attention to Hweshio since before, because he himself was being distracted by his affairs. Earlier, he only glanced at the pastor and did not watch him anymore. But now the pastor has approached him and asked for donations from him. People also ask for donations in a good way.

Hence, the Toako had reached into his pocket, taking out the crushed money, perhaps as heavy as half a tail of silver, given to the priest.

"Thank you! Omitohud! Siancai!” said the priest, saluting and smiling kindly. “Loyacu's kindness is certainly not in vain…… The Buddha will certainly be your umbrella, Loyacu, so that on the way Loyacu will certainly be safe and arrive at his destination without anything. A person with a noble and generous heart like Loyacu, of course, will forever be under the umbrella! Omitohud! Omitohud!"

The pastor had put the money in his pocket, then said again to Toako. “If Loyacu doesn't mind, can the lame know the name of the honorable Loyacu? This is to remember Loyacu, for your kindness ........! ”

Toako turned to watch the pastor. Frowning, he finally took a deep breath.

“What is the meaning of a name? Isn't it more of an act? Suhengku has a very famous name in the martial arts jungle, his name can be said to have been known and respected by the people all over Kang-ouw. But he also got an accident and death because of his name too! Then, what does a name mean? ”

Hearing Toako's words, the priest's face changed for a moment, but he smiled, clasping his hands and praising the Buddha's greatness.

"Loyacu is wrong with this view, not always a famous name like Suheng Loyacu, which Loyacu said earlier received disaster from the name. It depends on the person carrying the “name”……! Evil or good, cruel or compassionate, the nature of a person, it will be engraved on his name! If someone has a cruel, evil and delinquent behavior, his name is engraved on all of them. On the other hand, if a person does noble things, is valiant and always does compassionate work, those actions will bear a good engraving on his name, forever. The person will die of old age, but his name will remain, live forever, live on with the qualities engraved in it! Therefore,

The Toako sighed again. "I'm she Tong," Toako replied. My name is Miauw Liang. And I think what I have donated is good that Taisu doesn't need to remember too much, because that's a gift that has no meaning at all ........! ”

The priest smiled. “Tong Loyacu said that, that what Loyacu had given to Pinceng was meaningless, but on the contrary, for Pinceng who received the donation, the benefits were enormous! According to Pinceng's vision, Loyacu seemed to be in a state of grief. Can Pinceng know what business is troubling Loyacu, maybe Pinceng can help him repay Loyacu's kindness!”

Tong Miauw Liang shook his head slowly, he said slowly after watching the pastor for a while.

“That matter is too difficult to talk about, forgive Taisu, forgive……!”

The priest smiled, he was not offended that Tong Miauw Liang didn't want to talk about his troubles. In fact this Hweshio seemed to understand Tong Miauw Liang's predicament, where he had said,

“Okay Tong Loyacu, although not now, who knows maybe in the future, Pinceng can have a mate to meet Loyacu again and have the opportunity to repay Loyacu's kindness…… Siancai! Siancai!”

And after saying that, the Hweshio has turned around, he has walked slowly towards the waiter, he said with a smile.

“Toako, thank you for your permission to let me ask for alms at this inn! However, unfortunately there is only one guest like Tong Loyacu, if not, of course today I can get even more donations……!”

"Ah, it seems that Taisu is a greedy and greedy pastor ........!" said the waiter jokingly.

The priest quickly shook his head.

“No, not greedy and greedy, no……!” he said seriously. "Indeed Pinceng is carrying out a task, a task that is quite noble but can't be told to you right now, Toako...... because Pinceng has a duty to protect some human souls...!" And having said that the priest had clasped his hands together, saluted, and left.

The waiter just laughed.

That Hweshio, after leaving the inn house, didn't leave immediately. He had been standing in front of the inn for a long time, and had been watching the snow which was falling quite heavily. Only occasionally does his hand tap his Bok-khie wood.

At that time, from a distance there were several horsemen, who ran their horses not too fast, because the road was slippery. After coming close, the priest saw, it was five horsemen.

What's even more remarkable is that the five of them had tall, sturdy bodies and ruthless faces. At that time, they had arrived near the priest, in fact the five had jumped down from their respective horses and had shouted at the priest.

"Where's the waiter ?!"

The priest laughed, he said. “I'm taking shelter from the blizzard, and of course Pinceng doesn't have the money to take shelter in the inn. Where is the servant who wants to serve Pinceng?”

Answered like that, the person who reprimanded the pastor became shy. But four of his friends had invited him into the inn. Even one of them had shouted loudly and rudely.

“Waitress! Where's the waitress! ”

The maid, who was warming herself in front of the fireplace, when she heard the shout, rushed out. Seeing that the five newly arrived guests were mean-faced people, the servant quickly greeted their horses with fear and respect.

"Give our horses enough food," said one of the five guests.

The servant agreed, and had brought the five horses to the stables. But after taking a few steps, one of the guests shouted again.

“Hey waiter, is it in this place that a car is pulled by two horses? The passenger was a middle -aged man with a thin and long mustache, with him there was a lady whose face level was quite beautiful, carrying a four- or five -year -old boy? ”

The maid was stunned for a moment, but finally nodded. “Right…… they stopped here instead! Are they friends of the Toayas”!”

The faces of all five of my guests were beaming, they seemed delighted. One another looked at each other, some of them even shouted.

"Very nice!" and without answering the maid's question, they had stepped into the inn.

While the waiter just looked confused, until finally grumbled. “Like a deaf person! He who asks, he who wants to know, after I told you, like dumb and deaf, asked not to answer!” And he led the five horses.

Meanwhile, the pastor was watching the servant with a smile. The Toako, Tong Miauw Liang, who had heard the sound of a horse's footsteps, who stopped in front of the inn had changed his face.

When he saw the entry of the five guests. He got up from his seat.

"Thian-san-ngo-hauw!" He exclaimed.

The five guests, Thian-san-ngo-hauw (Five Tigers From Thian-san) had seen Tong Miauw Liang, they laughed mockingly. Even one of them, Toa Hauw (the oldest Tiger) said coldly.

"Right! Indeed we are Thian-san-ngo-hauw. We told you, there's no way you guys can get out of our hands."

"Toako, why do you have to talk to him a lot ?!" reprimanded Toa Hauw's younger brother, Sam Hauw, in a cold and loud voice. He was a square -faced man, and he had already shown a cynical smile.

"That's right Toako, why do we have to talk a lot more with people like him. Hey people she Tong, where is the lowly woman with her child, that's "!" said Jie Hauw, the second tiger.

Tong Miauw Liang was indeed shaken at that time, but he quickly controlled himself, because he saw that only these five people had come. If only facing the Thian-san-ngo-hauw, Tong Miauw Liang did not feel stifled.

“You are urging us too much, after you cowardly and humbly destroyed Suhengku, now you are still urging us to destroy the wife and son of Suhengku! All right, today I Tong Miauw Liang will risk this piece of my soul for you ........ I want to see, what can you all do! "

Saying that, Tong Miauw Liang stood up straight, preparing to receive any possible attack on his five enemies.

Whereas Toa Hauw had said loudly, with a fierce mocking attitude. “You want to give a match to the five of us? Don't you want to give up nicely, huh? Should we use force to freeze you? ”

Tong Miauw Liang sighed, he was indignant and angry, mixed with grief as well. Because it had been his duty, to protect Suheng's wife and Suheng's son, even if it meant risking his life.

Indeed, Thian-san-ngo-hauw's intelligence is very high. The five of them have long set foot among the Kang-ouw, their names are revered by the people of Kang-ouw. The ingenuity they employed and relied on, was the kind of line that surrounded their opponents, once besieged by Thian-san-ngo-hauw, it was indeed difficult to break through to escape from their hands.

But Tong Miauw Liang was determined, he no longer thought about his safety and also did not care whether or not he could face Thian-san-ngo-hauw, because most importantly he must be able to protect Auwyang Toanio and his son. If it was under normal circumstances, even though Thian-san-ngo-hauw's intelligence was twice that of now, of course Tong Miauw Liang would not be jealous of dealing with them.

But now, he has a heavy task, which is to save Auwyang Toanio and her only son. If indeed he fails and is killed at the hands of Thian-san-ngo-hauw, so that Auwyang Toanio and Sung-jie are harmed by them, wouldn't that disappoint his suheng's hopes, which have been destroyed at the hands of his enemies!

Most likely, his Suheng, Sung-jie's father, couldn't be in his final resting place.

"Tong Miauw Liang!" said Sam Hauw in a very loud voice. "It is wiser if you give up kindly, because we certainly will not make it difficult for you! And if later our leader lets you go, we'll set you free! Most importantly, you must hand over Auwyang Toanio and her son! ”

Tong Miauw Liang shook his head slowly. "I'm not hungry to live! Despite having to meet death ten times at the hands of you bastards and cowards, I will not regret it! But I need to remind you, if today's affairs are known to the friends of Rimba Persilatan, you from Im-mo-kauw will certainly not be able to set foot on the Chinese mainland again ........! ”

Hearing Tong Miauw Liang's words like that, the five Thian-san-ngo-hauw laughed out loud, until their bodies shook because of it. Even Jie Hauw, the Number Two Tiger had said in a mocking voice.

"How strong are your words, she Tong!" said Jie Hauw in a loud voice. "Hemmm, also don't expect to be able to escape from us, because soon, our other friends will also arrive here soon!"

Tong Miauw Liang's face changed when he heard that, he also sighed in his heart. It seems that it is very difficult for him and Auwyang Toanio and Sung-jie to escape from the Im-mo-kauw people.

Because of that he became even more determined, he finally said with a bland attitude. “Well, if you really want to kill me, then go ahead…… I certainly won't let you down.”

And after saying that, Tong Miauw Liang got ready to strike. He had decided, should act as soon as possible before his friends from Thian-san-ngo-hauw arrived at this inn. Thank goodness if he can knock down these five tigers from Thian-san, so that he and Auwyang Toanio and Sung-jie still have a chance to escape from this place.

Thian-san-ngo-hauw apparently couldn't hold back their patience, and all five were upset to see that Tong Miauw Liang didn't want to give up on them. By uttering a loud "sring, sring" the five Thian-san-ngo-hauw drew their respective swords.

"Take out your weapon !!" said Toa Hauw in a cold voice.

Tong Miauw Liang shook his head, he replied. “I will serve you with my bare hands……!”

Tong Miauw Liang said so, because it was no longer possible for him to take the sword that was in the room. If he did go get his sword, wouldn't Thian-san-ngo-hauw have a chance to break away, some of them would hurt Auwyang Toanio and Sung-jie? Because he thinks like that, Tong Miauw Liang is determined to serve his opponents empty-handed.

Go Hauw, the fifth tiger, the smallest among Thian-san-ngo-hauw, apparently already impatient, he let out an exclamation.

"Look at the sword ........!" where his sword stabbed very quickly into Tong Miauw Liang's throat. While Sam Hauw had also cut Tong Miauw Liang's waist with a very fast movement, his flashing sword snatched as fast as lightning.

Tong Miauw Liang, of course, did not want to remain silent in accepting such an attack. He destroyed Go Hauw's stab by taking two steps back, then tilting his body to avoid Sam Hauw's sword. Tong Miauw Liang's movement is very agile. But Toa Hauw, Sam Hauw and Jie Hauw had also jumped around him, they also attacked with a series of stabs.

Recently, Tong Miauw Liang was able to serve him to squirm or avoid every stab of his opponent, but in the end, after a dozen moves, he was desperate. Every stab from his opponent made Tong Miauw Liang have to desperately dodge or squirm, and had several times in his back and thighs injured by the stab of his opponent's sword.

Tong Miauw Liang, regardless of the wound, which was also bleeding profusely, continued to rage against his opponents like a wounded dragon. He has used Kong-beng-kun's punch, an empty punch, where he has tried to push his opponent with both palms or fists.

For twenty moves Tong Miauw Liang can still defend himself. But after that he was desperate. Even his body had been given several wounds by his opponent, even though they were not deadly, yet it was still due to the wound that Tong Miauw Liang's agility was reduced. Tong Miauw Lang secretly complained, because he saw that maybe in a dozen more moves he would collapse at the hands of his opponents.

And this really confused and disappointed him. Confused because if he was demolished and destroyed at the hands of his opponents, then what about the fate of Auwyang Toanio and Sung-jie? Dari is also disappointed, because he is not able to face Thian-san-ngo-hauw's riots.

At that time, Auwyang Toanio, who heard a noise in the front room of the inn, had left his room. But seeing the battle going on there, where Tong Hauw Liang was dying to resist Thian-san-ngo-hauw's assault, Auwyang Toanio quickly returned to his room and locked the door with a pale face. Auwyang Toanio realized what it all meant.

If Tong Miauw Liang failed to face his opponents, it would be difficult for him and Sung-jie to avoid death. What worried Auwyang Toanio, he saw that Tong Miauw Liang was already injured all over his body, the wounds were oozing terrible red blood……

While closing his eyes on the door leaf, Auwyang Toanio prayed to Thian, begging that Tong Miauw Liang could face his five opponents, while tears were streaming down Auwyang Toanio's eyes. And then this lady, with grief and despair, approached bed, hugged Sung-jie who was fast asleep at the time.

Tong Miauw Liang's situation was in serious jeopardy, in a few moments he would certainly be overthrown by his opponents.

From a distance came the sound of running horses, and soon two horsemen had stopped in front of the inn.

The waiter, who was frightened, did not dare to come out to welcome the new guests. His body was shivering and although it was very cold, the servant character also did not dare to stay by the fire.

"Waiter!" there was a scream from outside, the sound was shrill like the sound of a broken kecer.

The servant had screamed in fear not daring to go out, until there was another loud and vicious scream, so that although frightened, the servant nevertheless came out to welcome the new guests.

It turned out that the two guests were two short, fat men. His height is not limited to the chest of the waiter. But the faces of these two were cruel and one of them when he saw the servant had left, shouted at him. “Are our five comrades inside……?!”

When he said up there, his friend seemed to hear something, he said "Toako, listen ........ in this inn like there is a battle ........ is it possible that they have managed to find traces of people she Tong itu ........ ”!”

The first man, Toako, had listened for a moment, he heard a crack and the roar of a sword. Immediately nodded.

"That's right, Ngo Hauw is inside!" Then he handed his horse to the servant, his message. "Take good care of our horse!"

"Yes, yes ........!" responded to the frightened waiter with a shivering body. While the two short men had rushed inside with a light motion, the Toako had also exclaimed. "Ngo-hauw Heng-te, we have also come ........ did you manage to find the trail of that she Tong person ........"! "

Thian-san-ngo-hauw beamed, they were indeed pushing Tong Miauw Liang and had the upper hand, because in a few more moves they could knock down their opponent. Now hearing that his two friends were coming, they were overjoyed.

Tong Miauw Liang himself complained, his hopes were dashed to escape from them, because even facing Thian-san-ngo-hauw he couldn't break through the encirclement, he was badly injured like that, and would soon be overthrown. Especially if you add new opponents.

Tong Miauw Liang desperately moved a pair of hands and feet, he was also determined to pit his soul to perish together with his opponents. However, Tong Miauw Liang's efforts were not successful, because instead of him being able to push his opponents, he had received several more stabs, resulting in more injuries to his body.

The two short people did not immediately join the battle.

Laughing, they just watched, intermittently exclaiming. "Very nice. Very nice. Very nice!"

"Sim Toako, Sim Jieko!" shouted Toa Hauw in a loud voice. "You see, she Tong people who don't know from this choose better to die than to live. We have given him the path to heaven, he even chose the path to hell ........ Hahahahahaha! ”

"Watch out for the sword!" The last words were addressed by Toa Hauw to Tong Miauw Liang where his sword had slid very fast, roaring in a strong wind.

Tong Miauw Liang tried to avoid, but failed, his thigh was stabbed, his body staggered, so that eventually he became on his knees, standing with one leg bent. With a situation like this, of course soon he will be able to be harmed by his five opponents.

"True!" shouted Sam Hauw echoing Toa Hauw's words. "This She Tong person apparently wants to own and covet Suheng's ex -wife. Hahahahahaha! ”

Instead of playing on Tong Miauw Liang's anger by making a thunderous shout, he jumped while pushing with both his hands. He no longer pays attention to Jie Hauw and Sam Hauw's sword strikes, but he attacks to die with Sie Hauw.

Surprisingly, Tong Miauw Liang's reckless attack caused Sie Hauw to jump backwards while moving his sword with the intention of threatening to cut off Tong Miauw Liang's hands. The movement was very fast. But Tong Miauw Liang apparently no longer cared about his safety, because he had continued the attack with both hands, because he was thinking of dying with Sie Hauw.

At that time Sam Hauw, Jie Hauw and Ngo Hauw along with Toa Hauw had let out a snap, their swords snatching with a very fast motion, stabbing into various parts of Tong Miauw Liang's limbs, Thus, if indeed Tong. Miauw Liang at that time grew wings and could fly so he could not escape the death that threatened him, because from various angles the edge of the sword slid snatched at him.

Sie Hauw himself was also convinced that, even if he was hit by Tong Miauw Liang's hands, he would eventually be able to cut off the stumps of Tong Miauw Liang's hands, therefore, he did not try to avoid himself again.

In a situation that greatly threatened the life and safety of Tong Miauw Liang, at that moment a very patient cry was heard.

“Omitohud! Omitohud! Love the souls of living beings ........! ”

Then there seemed to be a very agile shadow, also black light, followed by the sound of "triiing, triiing, triing!" several times, because of the sword of Toa Hauw, Jie Hauw, the Hauw Ngo Hauw were repulsed by a hard object like iron.

Similarly, Sie Hauw's sword, which had come loose from its grip, flew at the runner, because the sword that threatened to cut off Tong Miauw Liang's hands had been centipede by the figure so that it bounced and broke free from Sie Hauw's grip.

Not surprisingly, Sie Hauw and his other siblings, because the power of the fingertips from the body figure turned out to be great. With one such sentil he was able to fly Sie Hauw's sword from its grip.

Of course, such sentilan contains the power of Lwekang's energy which is not a terrible game. And also, the clash of hard objects that drove away from Toa Hauw, Jie Hauw, Sam Hauw and Ngo Hauw, was a very strong clash, because in addition to their swords vibrating, the four Tigers of Thian-san had felt how their palms each- each is very painful and painful.

The five Tigers from Thian-san had jumped back with their faces flushed red and their eyes wide-eyed. Meanwhile, the two short-bodied people who had just arrived, who were friends of Thian-san-ngo-hauw, namely Sim Toako and Sim Jieko, looked surprised and angry.

Apparently, the person who flashed between them was none other than the priest who had been standing on the porch, who had been scolded by Thian-san-ngo-hauw. The pastor, who seemed to be a bit impatient with the idiots, turned out to have Lwekang's surprising energy.

While the priest had clasped his hands together, he praised the greatness of the Buddha several times, he said.

"Omitohud! Omitohud! Why did it have to be such a gang attack? Don't you see that Mr. Tong is to be pitied? Look at his condition, his body has been injured like that, blood has been pouring from his wounds…… ai, ai, where are your feelings of humanity?!”

Although his words reprimanded, but hweshio's voice was very patient, he was also smiling.

But Toa Hauw, who was covered in anger and curiosity, had erupted in anger. "Fucking pastor, you don't know how to dare to interfere in our affairs huh ?!"

“Every human being is afraid to face death, if he can, of course he wants to live in this world. This is a fact that is hard to deny. But for Pinceng, if it is destined to die at this age, of course there will be no regrets for Pinceng, because Pinceng feels that Pinceng has lived long enough in this world!

"It's just that why are you harassing Mr. Tong? Wouldn't the five of you be embarrassed if this was known to the friends of the martial arts jungle? Aren't you, who I heard nicknamed Thian-san-ngo-hauw will be the laughing stock of the brave people in the world of martial arts ?! ”

Responded like that, Thian-san-ngo-hauw grew angrier.

While Tong Miauw Liang had seen the pastor who was his assistant master, it was Hweshio who had previously been given a donation of almost half a silver tail. Before he could say thank you, Hweshio said in a soft and patient voice as he turned to look kindly at Tong Miauw Liang.

“Tong Loyacu, you have been mistreated by those shameless lowly humans. Pinceng had promised Tong Loyacu that Pinceng was always willing to repay Tong Loyacu's kindness, so it was a coincidence. Now there is a good opportunity like this where Pinceng can certainly repay Tong Loyacu's kindness! Now Tong Loyacu doesn't need to worry or be afraid, later let Pinceng teach such people a lesson!”

Tong Miauw Liang watched the priest for a while, then said “Taisu……!”

But just as Tong Miauw Liang said so, it seemed that the pastor had turned to Toa Hauw, he said.

"You Thian-san-ngo-hauw are actually in Kang-ouw are human beings who have quite famous names. But why, today Pinceng is so unlucky that Pinceng's eyes have to witness such a lowly act? Ai ai, it really makes my heart dissatisfied! Now Pinceng really wants to ask, do you all want to lift your legs to leave this place, or does Pinceng really need to play some moves with you ?! ”

Instead of playing with Toa Hauw's anger, he stood up with his body shivering to hold back his anger, it felt like he was about to explode to curb his anger. So after that the pastor said, he answered in a harsh and very loud voice.

“I want your skullcap, you bastard priest! Now state your title first, so that you will not die without a name!”

The priest smiled patiently, he said. “If I heard correctly, Pinceng just heard that you are Im-mo-kauw's people! Is that true?!"

"True!" replied Toa Hauw. “If you already know, why do you still dare to be so rude, bastard pastor? Or do you no longer love the bald skull of the pelontos ?! ”

The priest smiled. “Pinceng is Ming-kang Hweshio, and will forever cherish this bald head of Pinceng. Because precisely by having a bald head like this, Pinceng can worship and can read Liam-keng. Thus, of course Pinceng really loves Pinceng's bald head. Because of that, you can't arbitrarily want to kill Pinceng's head lice……”

And after saying that, Ming-kang Hweshio smiled patiently, he did not show any anger or fear at all. In fact he had looked at Thian-san-ngo-hauw and Sim Toako as well as Sim Jieko alternately with sharp eyes brilliantly friendly once.

Hearing that this hweshio is Ming-kang Hweshio, who is quite famous in Kang-ouw's world, even though they have never met face to face, tokh has made Thian-san-ngo-hauw be much more vigilant. Sim Toako, meanwhile, had laughed out loud in a very loud voice.

"Very nice! Apparently we were lucky to meet Ming-kang Hweshio whose name is respected by almost all of Kang-ouw's friends! And it is our good fortune, that we will certainly be able to witness the supreme intelligence of a priest who is highly respected in the martial jungle like Ming-kang Hweshio……!”

And having said so, back Sim Toako had laughed out loud again in a voice that was, very loud, to vent his indignation and anger.

But Ming-kang Hweshio brought a calm demeanor, he said.

"Pinceng is only good at asking for alms, to get just alms. Therefore, if you see someone who has a noble heart and open arms like Tong Loyacu who wants to give alms to Pinceng or the like, of course it must be a pity if Tong Loyacu perishes in your hands.

"Because of that, Pinceng didn't just sit around and watch. Indeed, Pinceng and Tong Loyacu are not involved in any business, do not know each other, and do not have any relationship. However, with the reason that Pinceng said earlier, who couldn't just look at someone who has a noble heart and open arms like Tong Loyacu was destroyed by people, thus, making Pinceng have to act……!”

Toa Hauw, who could no longer restrain himself, knowingly set foot. His body lightly jumped on Ming-kang Hweshio. The flashing sword would stab Hweshio in the chest.

But Ming-kang Hweshio turned out to have amazing intelligence. As soon as the point of the sword snapped towards his chest, he had flickered and disappeared from Toa Hauw's sight.

Sam Hauw who was behind Toa Hauw saw that the priest had flashed to the right side of Toa Hauw with a very agile movement, then the priest moved his right hand to punch the path of Kiu-nam-hiat's blood on Toa Hauw's back, then did not throw another time Sam Hauw moved his sword to stab Ming-kang Hweshio's waist.

But this time Ming-kang Hwesnio did not avoid Sam Hauw's stab at all. His right hand kept sliding to grab Toa Hauw's waist, while his left hand had grabbed Sam Hauw's sword.

"Tuukkkkk!" Toa Hauw's back was able to be punctured, Toa Hauw's body staggered a few steps forward with a pale face. While Sam Hauw himself was shocked, because as soon as he intended to pull home his sword, he did not succeed because the sword was clamped very hard, not shaking at all.

“Well, now try to feel it, what if that person gets hurt……!” said Ming-kang Hweshio while stomping his left hand which was clamping Sam Hauw's sword.

The blow had caused Sam Hauw's sword to be confiscated, as Sam Hauw was powerless to protect his sword, which had been drawn very strongly.

At that moment, Sam Hauw was stunned and Ming-kang Hweshio's right hand had grabbed his sword. The wind from Ming-kang Hweshio's slap roared loudly.

And Sam Hauw when he woke up from his stunned he wanted to avoid, his movement was a bit awkward and late, because his chest was hit "bukkk!", Shouted very loudly, Sam Hauw's body had bounced into the air, he almost slammed, if not fast -Quickly bump into the air.

Thus, it was immediately seen how pale Sam Hauw's face was, he was curious and angry, besides holding back the pain in his chest.

If he hadn't been in a hurry to focus pure air on his chest, of course his chest bones would have been crushed by Ming-kang Hweshio. Because of that, for a while, even though he wasn't injured inside, Sam Hauw didn't immediately step forward again.

Ming-kang Hweshio had smiled at his patient demeanor, he said.

"If you really are urging Pinceng to put your hands down hard, chances are, Pinceng will beat you even harder! It's even wiser if you leave this place now! Aren't there words, a wise person can see the south?!”

It's not about the anger of Toa Hauw and the others. While Sie Hauw, Jie Hauw and Ngo Hauw had let out a snap, moved their respective swords and had stabbed Ming-kang Hweshio mightily.

They also launched their swords simultaneously, using deadly attack moves, aiming at the dangerous parts of Ming-kang Hweshio's body. Thus, Ming-kang Hweshio should not take lightly the attacks being launched by his three angry and curious opponents.

Therefore, Ming-kang Hweshio with a very quick movement has moved to the left, then jumped to the right, and knowingly rushed behind Ngo Hauw.

The move made by Ming-kang Hweshio really shocked his opponent. It is amazing that this pastor has managed to trace the blood of Tan-cu-hiat Ngo Hauw.

It stunned Jie Hauw and Sie Hauw for a moment, but they woke up as they snapped very hard, and attacked even harder, half -determined, stabbing with their swords.

Jie Hauw and Sie Hauw's attack was great, as their swords were vibrated until the tip of the sword turned into ten, targeting the deadly parts of the pastor's body.

At that time, Sim Toako Sim Jieko had seen everything that happened there, they secretly were also amazed by Ming-kang Hweshio's skill. Thus, it seems that Ming-kang Hweshio does have a name that is not empty.

After seeing Sie Hauw and Jie Hauw leap forward again, Sim Toako and Sim Jieko were worried that the two Tigers from Thian-san would be injured by Ming-kang Hweshio's hands, so they both jumped forward.

"Jie-sie Hauw Hengte, step back, give us a chance to get to know Ming Kang Hweshio!"

And Sim Toako wasn't just shouting, because as soon as his body sped forward his right hand also moved very fast, grabbing at Ming-kang Hweshio's shoulder. Sim Jieko also did not remain silent, so he jumped forward, a pair of hands in a row, snatching here and there.

The energy in Sim Toako and Sim Jieko turned out to be quite great, because Lwekang's power that they used caused a very strong roaring wind to hit Ming-kang Hweshio. Ming-kang Hweshio is secretly also surprised to see the great attacking energy done by these two new opponents.

Jie Hauw and Sie Hauw had indeed jumped back to the edge of the room, and at that time only Sim Toako and Jie Toako attacked the pastor in succession.

But Ming-kang Hweshio did not bother to deal with Sim Toako and Jie Toako, because he was surprised for a moment, after feeling the wind blows the two men was about to arrive, Ming-kang Hweshio had an amazing speed of twisting his hands in a row, and his hands it creates a great wind, which protects him.

Such a situation took place very quickly, in the blink of an eye five strikes had been missed by them, because by the time Sim Toako and Sim Jieko obtained the fact that their first attack had failed, they had followed with other blows.