A Deadly Secret

Tells the story of Tik Hun, a country boy who lives a quiet life with his teacher, Jik Tiang-hoat, and his teacher's daughter, Jik Hong. At the beginning of the story they were invited to attend the birthday celebration of Jik Tiang-hoat's elder brother, and that's where all the trouble started.

There are only two major conflicts in this story which, unlike the complex plots in the Chin Yung trilogy, are barely related to each other, each conflict has its own villain and female character. It almost felt like reading two stories. Strange.

The first conflict is related to the title of this book, the name of a swordsmanship that Jik Tiang-hoat and his two brothers and sisters fight over. This science is unique because the names of the moves are based on the lines of poetry. Unfortunately, I know nothing about Chinese poetry. If you know, of course you can enjoy it more.

In addition to swordsmanship, it turns out that Soh-sim-kiam also keeps another secret, so that other people in the martial world are also eyeing the silat book, along with the key to the theory.

The second conflict is Tik Hun's involvement with the evil Hiat-to-bun (Blood Golok Association), which causes misunderstandings so that the fighters think they are bad people too.
Author:Jin Yong

Table Of Contents

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Other Tittle : Pedang Hati Suci, Soh Sim Kiam, 連城訣